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#BP7 Swivel Bale M1 Helmet with Net and Scrim
Top condition U.S. M1 Helmet with swivel bale front seem steel helmet and Westinghouse liner with unpainted 'A' washers and appealing camo net with scrim.  This is a near mint likely unissued example with collector added scrim and ne that has been on there while and snugged down nicely.  If you're looking for super nice swivel bale M1 helmet this would be a great choice.  Perfect for a late war USGI mannequin or late war display.  $295 *On Hold*


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USMC M1 Helmet
Nice original USMC WWII helmet set.  This set has all the early USMC M1 helmet features, and it certainly appears to have seen some action.  The steel pot itself is a fixed bale with brass hardware, it has one stress crack which is pretty common with these. The liner is a Hawley, and has an early green buckle chin strap, the liner is a beat up from use and the fact these were made of paper.  The small chinstrap has one crack that has a piece of tape holding it on the back.  The helmet cover is an absolutely 100% guaranteed original slitted version, which are a lot tougher to find than the so called 'first pattern' variation, and this is the type that saw extensive use in WWII.  None of the components have any sign of post-war service, there has never been an EGA applied the cover.  The condition of all the components match, this is a somewhat salty set that will look great in any WWII collection. *Sold*

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USMC M1 Helmet with Desirable 'Slitted' Helmet Cover
Classic WWII USMC M1 helmet with fixed bales and desirable 'slitted' pattern USMC cover.  The base helmet is a nice M1 fixed bale with heat lot number 262A and original paint showing just a bit of normal service use and named to 'Pete'.  Standard WWII M1 helmet liner with green A washers, which is correct for the fixed bale M1 helmet shell.  The liner is missing the sweatband and has a slightly later black buckle liner strap suggesting it is likely a replacement for the earlier green buckle strap that the liner would have likely left the factory with. The USMC helmet cover is the most desirable type with slits and NO EGA applied.  This is the type of USMC helmet cover most accepted as seeing widespread WWII USMC service.  Interestingly, it appears the helmet cover has been slightly modified with typical USMC depot style stitching to reinforce where it was cut to allow the helmet straps to come through once installed on the helmet. This is the type of WWII USMC helmet and cover that everyone is after and would look good in any WWII USMC or headgear collection. *Sold*
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#PH1 3rd Infantry Division Painted M1 Helmet
Iconic and very scarce original 3rd Infantry Division painted M1 Helmet with early fixed bales and MSA Liner. The helmet originally surfaced in 1995 after being found by a young man in Italy. The young man who discovered the helmet carefully removed the overpaint from the insignia to reveal the wonderful insignia you see today.  These helmets were frequently repainted to cover up the dangerous white and blue 'targets' on the side. Both this helmet and liner received a layer of repaint, which was common for helmets going through multiple campaigns. This helmet has passed through multiple renowned collectors since 1995, names of which can be provided at the point of sale to the buyer. Very hard to find helmet with a great look and a lot of history! *Sold*

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#BP3 US M1 Helmet with Fixed Bales
Classic WWII US M1 helmet with early fixed bales and early green hardware.  The steel pot is a really nice M1 fixed bale with heat lot number 624B and original factory cork textured paint.  Standard WWII M1 helmet liner with green A washers, green hardware sweatband and green buckle liner chinstrap, which is correct for the fixed bale M1 helmet shell.  The liner has some initials on it which appear to be 'BK' (?) and the date 11-6-43.  Classic WWII M1 helmet that is pretty much essential for any serious WWII collection.  Very strong condition that has never been messed with and has seen just a bit of service use. *Sold*