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We purchase quality individual artifacts and entire collections. You will receive payment in full immediately upon us receiving the item(s). We will to travel to purchase collections. We make fair offers for authentic artifacts. 


For high-end collections and individual artifacts valued over $250 USD, we will consider offering consignment services. Here are the reasons why you should consider consigning with Combat-Relics Inc.


We offer competitive consignment rates. Rates are up front, with no additional buyer's or seller's fees except for the costs of shipping:

    Items $100 to $1000: 30%

    Items $1000 to $5000: 20%

    Items $5000 to $10,000: 15%

    Items over $10,000: 10% 


We have a background in military history, and we’re determined to describe your items properly with all relevant details. We have established a large network of historians and fellow collectors to help us when required. You don’t need to worry about us underselling your rare and special items; we put the work in to ensure a professional sale. 


We provide top tier photography services for every item. Collectors, historians, and museum curators need to see quality photos to make informed decisions. Poor quality photos turn away many prospective buyers, as typically buyers don't like to take chances – and this is also how desirable items end up selling under value on other venues. We have professional photography equipment with macro capabilities and studio lighting. We also have access to professional colour scanners for large maps and paper items. Your items will always be shown in high definition. We take additional photos of any item on request of prospective buyers if there’s an additional area they want to see.  


We're realistic and accurate with our prices, and we understand the current selling values of military artifacts. We are honest about what your item is worth and how long it may take to sell. We try to price your items so you get a good return on your investment, but also so that the item won't sit unsold. We will provide input on what an item should sell for; however, the prices for consigned items will ultimately be your decision. 

Please note: We do not deal with fakes or reproductions. Any questionable items will be returned. We go to great efforts to ensure only 100% original and properly described items are sold and displayed here. 

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