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#CD1075 Canadian Officer / Mounted Breeches
Original WWI Canadian breeches suitable for officers and mounted troops. Nicely marked with C broad arrow. Perfect to complete a Canadian Expeditionary Forces mannequin or display. Lightly worn and used condition. $350

#KK3 1st Canadian Infantry Works Battalion Collar Device
Original WWI 1st Canadian Infantry Works Battalion, CEF, collar device. Great condition with both lugs intact. Consignor reports this example recently surfaced in the United States. It has a nice patina and doesn't show any signs of cleaning. Background; The 1st Canadian Infantry Works Battalion was employed mainly in fortifications and road construction under the supervision of the Royal Engineers. Scarce. $400

#EC150 Royal Artillery Officer’s Peaked Cap
Original WWI Royal Artillery officers peaked cap. Impressive private purchase example manufactured in London to the highest standards by the famous Hawkes & Co Ltd. with the firms patented self fitting lining. The firm was founded in 1771 and still exists today, it is one of the oldest bespoke tailoring companies in the world. The firm is still located on Savile Row, a street known principally for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men. Inside the cap the maker maker mark is applied in gold, with additional patent information also present on the lining. The buttons holding the fine leather strap are the correct Artillery examples with crown and cannons, the artillery cap badge with motto is also original period applied and never removed, beautifully sunken in over time with the same light patina over everything that has never been cleaned. Excellent example from an officer in the branch that inflicted the majority of casualties in the First World War. $375

#CM2 Private Gerald Skinner, 78th Battalion, killed in action at Vimy Ridge
Original WWI Canadian grouping of Private Gerald Skinner of the 78th Battalion who was killed in action during the famous Battle of Vimy Ridge on 9 April 1917. This important grouping includes; the identification disc with original leather lanyard Private Skinner wore in battle, named 120mm bronze memorial plaque that is sometimes referred to as the "Dead Man's Penny" commemorating those who died in the war, Canadian Expeditionary Force death certificate, commemorative scroll, and very fragile British military cemetery scroll with the Private Skinner's particulars. Also included with the lot is a genuine period 78th Battalion cap badge with nice patina and damaged lugs, but ideal for a framed display with Private Skinner's items. There are also two bonus prints published by the Canadian War Museum that would compliment the grouping framed as part of a bigger display. This group can be researched in much more detail by the next owner. Excellent grouping to a Canadian soldier who paid the ultimate price at the famous Battle of Vimy Ridge "Let those who come after to see it, that his name be not forgotten". $850

#CD1072 Royal Canadian Dragoons Forage Cap
Original WWI era Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) coloured forage (peaked) cap for an NCM. Original cap badge with springbok (Small antelope) bounding and scroll inscribed “Royal Canadian Dragoons” as described under General Order 50, April 1908. The cap badge is period applied and well sunken into the cap with an even patina over everything. Seller reports the original owner was a Sgt with the RCD’s in the pre-WWI years, having joined the Army in 1912. He was then commissioned into the 42ndBattalion (Royal Highlanders of Canada) of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CEF) in 1917 and served overseas. A wonderful condition forage cap given the age that displays very nicely. $375

#CD1065 Canadian / British "Brodie" Combat Helmet
Original WWI Canadian / British MK1 "Brodie" combat helmet. Features the correct Commonwealth split rivets for the chinstrap bales. Near unissued condition, worn very little. There is a name written in pencil on the chinstrap indicating who it may have belonged to, we have not made any attempt to research it. First World War "Brodie" helmets are often in poor condition, this is an excellent example with liner that is fully intact. $425

#CD1065 CEF Medical Corps MK1 Brodie Helmet
Original WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Medical Corps MKI Brodie helmet. Excellent period painted and flashed example with original liner and remnants of mail home sticker with possible Regimental Number. The liner is still there but as is typical with these, there are some loose pieces. Nice helmet from an important branch. $450
#CD1070 Royal Flying Corps Pilot's Wings
Original WWI Royal Flying Corps pilots wings. Padded early example. The RFC was a small organization at the outbreak of the First World War in 1917, eventually growing to 4000 combat aircraft and 114,000 personnel in 150 squadrons by the end of the war. Consigner reports the wings came from Major Henry Daniel Lysons Royal Artillery / Royal Flying Corps who was later

Mentioned in Despatches at Dunkirk in WWII. He was a trained pilot in 1917 but crashed his aircraft in France shortly after arrival and then returned to the UK for more training. He returned to France as a rep in the Air Ministry. He then served in Iraq and India before WWII, and then Dunkirk and Greece before settling into some sort of work in Egypt. Great worn and uniform removed condition. $375

#CD1073 Ross Rifle / SMLE Sling
Original WWI Canadian / Commonwealth Ross Rifle / SMLE sling. Very good lightly used condition, the leather is still suppled with the original leather tongs to tie it closed. $100

#EC174 Revolver Ammunition Pouch 
Original WWI British / Commonwealth revolver ammunition pouch. Brown leather in used condition. Leather is still supple and the pouch is still functional. $40

#CD1071 Machine Gun Corps Cap Badge 
Original WWI era Machine Gun Corps cap badge. English made example. $25

#CD1065 90th Foot "J. Bailey" Crimea Medal, Sebastopol 
Original Victorian era Crimea Medal awarded to J. Bailey of the Scottish 90th Regiment of Foot (British Army). J. Bailey received the campaign medal by participating in the Crimean War of 1854-56 against Russia, where he earned the "SEBASTOPOL" clasp for being at the siege that lasted from 11 September 1854 to 9 September 1855. The medal is correctly period named with rim engraving "J. BAILEY" of the "90th REGT". J. Bailey would continue his service with the 90th Foot, during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 where he assisted in suppressing the Indian Mutiny at the Battle of Bithoor, where he was wounded on 16 Aug 1857. Bailey would have earned the Crimea medal, Indian Mutiny Medal (No clasp), and the Turkish Crimea medal over his military career. Included with the medal is a coin from 1954 featuring Napolean III, and two additional spare ribbons (For the Crimea and Turkish Crimea medals). The medal is in good uncleaned condition with lots of patina. Great medal to a soldier with an interesting history. $350

#EC36 WWI Canadian Army 1916 Pattern Dismounted Equipment Belt & Ammunition Pouches
Original WWI Canadian Army 1916 pattern dismounted equipment belt and two ammunition pouches (To hold stripper clips of .303 British-cal. ammunition). The Pattern 1916 dismounted equipment was issued to the Canadian Army 4th Division. The 4th Division used this pattern of equipment when they arrived in France, August 1916, until they were eventually issued British 1908 pattern web infantry equipment later that year. Both pouches are maker marked and 1916-dated. One is marked to Anglo Franco Saddlery Co. Ltd. in Montreal, Quebec and the other to J.W. in Simcoe, Ontario. The belt also has some maker's information and a 1916 date. The belt and pouches are in excellent serviceable condition with the leather still being in supple condition. This is a very rare set of WWI Canadian Army equipment. $425

#CD1062 Canadian Pattern 1916 Large Pack
Original WWI Canadian Pattern 1916 large pack. The interior of the flap features a nice large C broad arrow, faint makers information, and some kind of unit marking. The leather straps are mostly intact, there is just one break in one of the shoulder straps shown in the photo, it could likely be easily fixed for a mannequin display. The pack is untouched / never cleaned. Scarce pack. $150
#CD1054 Officer's Field Fork & Knife Set
Original WWI officer's field fork & knife set. The fork and knife are protected in a wooden sleeve. This set has seen considerable use and one of the wood handles is a bit loose, but overall, it is in good condition. The knife's blade is maker marked, and the set still slides together. Interesting set of utensils from the trenches. $95
#CD1052 Princess Mary Gift Fund 1914 Box
Original WWI Princess Mary Gift Fund 1914 box. It was Princess Mary's express wish that "every sailor afloat and every soldier at the front" should have the present. The gifts were devised in October 1914 and intended for distribution to all who were serving overseas or at sea, in time for Christmas 1914. This box is a nice original example with working lid, there are no contents. $95
#BS179 1894 Canadian .303 Ammunition Crate, Dominion Arsenal
This is an original Canadian .303 crate for Mk II ball ammunition, dated September 1894 by Dominion Arsenal (Quebec, Canada). This exceedingly rare crate represents the earliest stages of Canadian .303 ammunition production, and is the type that would have accompanied Canadian troops into the Boer War. Built to hold 1100 cartridges of .303 Inch S.A. Ball, it is in remarkably complete and untouched condition. The original paper labels are present and mostly intact with one carrying rope in place. This is the earliest example of a Canadian .303 ammunition crate that we are aware of in any collection. From a historical perspective, the .303 British rimmed rifle cartridge was first developed in Britain as a black-powder round and put into service in December 1888 for the Lee-Metford rifle - but in 1891 the cartridge was modified to use smokeless powder. The "Cartridge S.A. Ball .303 inch Cordite Mark II", commonly known as the Ball Cordite Mark II, was approved to Design RL9054 in July 1893 and shown in LoC Paragraph 7278 dated December 1893. It was manufactured in both Great Britain and elsewhere in the Empire and, although briefly replaced in 1897-99 by the hollow point ball rounds, once these were withdrawn the Ball Cordite Mark II was reintroduced and continued in service until replaced by the Mark VI in 1904. This incredibly early Canadian .303 ammunition crate would be nearly impossible to replace or upgrade. $1250
#CD1049 Combat Carried Trench Map from the Vardar Offensive
Original WWI combat carried 1:20,000 scale trench map from the Vardar Offensive of the Balkans Campaign at Pobreg, South West of Lake Doiran, on the Stojakovo Serbia-Greece border with trenches overprinted according to aerial reconnaissance on 3-5-18. Confidential edition issued for combat operations on 17-5-18 with enemy trenches, positions, terrain features, towns and borders.  Combat carried condition, well used and folded in the field wear some wear and soiling / staining. The only combat trench map from this region we've ever encountered. $250
#EC99 Canadian / Commonwealth Revolver Holster
Original WW1 Canadian / Commonwealth leather revolver holster with brass cleaning rod. Field used condition, possibly field modified closure strap, with darkened leather that was likely waterproofed with weapons oil. Interesting example that would mount nicely on a belt. $125

#BG12 Snider-Enfield .577 B.L. Ammunition Crate
This is an original ammunition crate from 1874 that contained cartridges of S.A. Ball Breech-Loading (B.L.) for the .577 Snider-Enfield B.L. rifle. The crate is maker marked with the Canadian DC diamond on the label. The crate is in excellent condition for its age, handcrafted from walnut with steel fittings, leather handles, and original carry ropes on each side. The quality is much higher than later crates, it has been very carefully crafted. The original label is still almost entirely intact on the top of the crate. Embossed into the wood on the end of the crate is “R(Broad Arrow)L” “IV” “1874”. An empty steel insert is still inside the crate. In addition to the factory markings, it appears someone has named the crate in period fashion, most likely an officer who used the crate to store or ship some personal belongings. The crate has one chip to the top piece of wood, exposing part of a screw. Overall, this is an excellent example of a very old Snider-Enfield ammunition crate. $775
#CD1040 CEF Souvenirs from arrival at Camp Bramshott
Original WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) souvenirs from arrival at Camp Bramshott in England. Grouping consists of seven postcards (unused) and a large silk featuring "The Maple Leaf Forever" "A Present from Bramshott" with English and Canadian flags.  All items are in excellent condition with just some yellowing from age. Background: Camp Bramshott was a temporary camp in Bramshott Common, Hampshire, England during WWI for the arrival of the CEF. Many Canadians passed through Bramshott on their way to front, and travelling home at the end of hostilities making it a historic CEF location. $50
#BG10 Canadian 198 Overseas Battalion "The Buffs" Cap Badge
Original WWI Canadian 198 Overseas Battalion "The Buffs" cap badge.  Nice uncleaned example with original lugs. Maker marked on the reverse in very fine lettering "F.W. ELLIS & CO". $75
#DW27 P08 Webbing Brace
Original WWI British / Canadian P08 "second issue" webbing brace with 2-inch Twigg buckle and brass tips for attaching to the pack or haversack. $20
#CD1016 Canadian War Medal Lieutenant C.H. Fox Canadian Railway Troops
Original WWI Canadian War Medal 1914-1918 named to "LIEUT. C.H. FOX" who served with the Canadian Railway Troops.  The railway troops were a relatively small branch and it's tough to find any items related to them. Included with the medal is the officers complete file pulled from archives, you will be able to learn a lot about the soldier from the file and do further research on this soldier who survived the war. $75
#BS67 1913 Cork Screw
Original WWI British issue cork screw. Maker marked and dated 1913 with broad arrow applied. Excellent condition, an interesting accessory to go with your WWI rations or liquor cans. Uncommon. $85
#CD1020 Canadian Soldiers' Song Book
Original WWI Canadian soldiers song book published by the YMCA. This booklet belonged to Alvin W. Brown (27679) of Weston, Ontario. Alvin was born 23-7-1892 and enlisted on 22 Sep 1914 with the 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders). Alvin used the back of the book to record where he went during the war. We haven't done any further research past what is presented here, but this has potential for a research project. This is a great personalized YMCA WWI song book that would be a great addition to your collection. $125
#CD1021 Khaki Comedy
Original WWI publication "Khaki Comedy" by Sergeant-Major Edward D. Rose published by The Howell Publishing Co. in 1918.  Publication contains military jokes and skits to boost the moral of soldiers at the front. Rare publication. $50
#CD1006 WARNER OBJ. SIGHTING SYSTEM - Special Regard to the Ross Rifle
Original WWI ere Warner objective sighting system book with special regard to the Ross Canadian Military Service Rifle. Includes information on the Warner sight and the Canadian sight, with illustrations. Rare and important publication in near mint condition. Bound with a suede cover. Number 9, presented to Mr. C.B. and published in 1915. As far as we know there is no other known surviving example of this particular publication. $200

#CD1043 Boer War Postcard from the Siege of Ladysmith
Original Boer War era postcard featuring a soldier commemorating The Battle of Paardeberg and The 120 Days Siege of Ladysmith, these were defining battles during the conflict and when the Boer's began to loose the initiative in the war. Nice example from this period that has been filled out and mailed home. $20
#CD1044 Western Contingent Arrives at Valcartier Postcard
Original WWI postcard showing the arrival of the Western Contingent of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) at Valcartier. Unused example taken home as a souvenir. $20
#CD1038 Britons All Silk Postcard
Original WWI "Britons All" silk postcard. These cars were "Sweetheart" items the soldiers would send home to their girlfriends or wives. This is a really nice example for your WWI collection that has been filled out and mailed home. $20
#CD1039 Happy Birthday Silk Postcard
Original WWI "Happy Birthday" silk postcard. These cars were "Sweetheart" items the soldiers would send home to their girlfriends or wives. This is a really nice example for your WWI collection that has been filled out and mailed home. $20
#CD1005 Christmas Greetings Silk for a Sweetheart from France
Original WWI "Christmas Greetings" silk postcard. These were "Sweetheart" items the soldiers would send home to their girlfriends or wives. This is a really nice example for your WWI collection, although undated it could be from around the time of the famous Christmas Truce. $20
#CD1004 1917 Silk for a Sweetheart from France
Original WWI early silk postcard from 1917 with French, English, and American flags. These were "Sweetheart" items the soldiers would send home to their girlfriends or wives. $20

#CD1001 1834-1934 Canadian Centennial Reunion Pin with Reunion Invitations 
Original 1834-1934 Canadian Corps reunion pin for the centennial in Toronto.  Also features the dates 1914-1934 as this reunion was put together by the association and would have been primarily WWI veterans. Included with the lot are other various invitations to 156th battalion re-unions for WWI veterans. Interesting lot found at an antique barn and never in a collection before. $30


#CD1067 1914 CEF "Mills" M1911 Pistol Rig
Original WWI Canadian 1914 CEF "Mills" pistol rig for the 1911 Government Model / M1911. Issued with the 1911 "Canadian Contract" pistols to officers of the CEF, used throughout the war and sometimes passed down to officers for additional service in WWII. Excellent set, complete with the original matching pistol belt and magazine pouch. Components are all "Mills" marked with standard nomenclature and C broad arrow stamps applied inside the holster flap, reverse of the magazine pouch, and faintly to the interior of the belt. The belt is named to "T.R. Jones." and a Major Thomas Roy Jones enlisted with the CEF in early 1915, this is the most likely original owner based on a search with Archives Canada, we haven't researched it past that. Excellent set, sometimes you can find the holsters on the loose but they are seldom complete with belt and magazine pouch making this set very rare. *Sold*

WWI Canadian / British MK1 Brodie Helmet
Original WWI Canadian / British MK1 Brodie helmet. Unissued condition and possibly never even worn. There is a faint name written in pencil on the chinstrap indicating who it may have belonged to, we have not made any attempt to research it. WWI Brodie helmets are often in poor condition, this is the best condition example we've handled so far. Still even has the original tag with instructions. *Sold*
Trench Map of Beaumont Hamel
Original WWI trench map of Beaumont Hamel, where the Newfoundland regiment was almost entirely wiped out. The map came out of an old collection, it has been folded and likely carried in combat. This is a true trench map with friendly and enemy trench positions marked and used for actual operations. *Sold*
#CD1037 CEF Medical Officer's Cap 
Original WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Medical Officer's cap worn by Dr. James F. Weir.  Untouched and complete in genuine worn condition with only a couple tiny moth nips under the fine leather chinstrap. Very nice original cap with great provenance and more research potential. *Sold*
#CD1008 No. 2 Construction Battalion Shoulder Title
Original WWI Canadian No.2 Construction Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) shoulder title. Multi-piece construction with solid original lugs. Background: No.2 Construction Battalion was raised in Nova Scotia and was one of two predominantly black battalions in Canadian military history, and the only Canadian battalion composed of black soldiers to serve in the First World War. The unit departed from Halifax, Nova Scotia, on board the SS Southland on March 28, 1917 and arrived at Liverpool, England, ten days later. Lacking the numbers to make up a battalion, the unit was reorganized as No. 2 Construction Company in May 1917, and attached to the Canadian Forestry Corps. By the fall of 1917, the unit was operating in the Jura Mountains of France, headquartered at La Joux. It was employed primarily in the production of timber for use by the Allied armies and repairing roads. The men of No. 2 Construction Battalion returned to Canada in early 1919 and the unit officially disbanded on September 15 of the same year. One of a kind, we are not aware of any other example and not even the Canadian War Museum has one of these. Aside from No. 2 Construction Battalion cap badges, other militaria from this outfit is basically non-existent. *Sold*

#DW2 British Army P08 Web Equipment Set
Original WWI British Army P08 web equipment set in excellent condition.  This complete set consists of waist belt, cross straps, ammunition pouches (left and right), small pack, entrenching tool carrier, entrenching tool, blue enamel water bottle with carrier and wool cover, excellent bayonet and scabbard for the Mark II Lee Enfield (Never sharpened or messed with), bayonet frog, and very rare bayonet frog attachment for the entrenching tool handle.  The components are all in excellent condition, with maker marks, broad arrows, and dates from 1917-1918. This is a superb set ready to be placed on a mannequin or part of a field gear display. *Sold*

#CD1007 Secret XIII. Corps Barrage Map 1918 Landrecies and Sambre-Oise Canal
Original WWI British 1918 XIII. Corps barrage map showing some famous battle sites including where the 25th Division crossed the Sambre-Oise Canal to capture Landrecies. This map shows the creeping barrage strategy. This is a genuine map used during combat operations. The map has been folded and well used, with some notes and markings period applied in pencil. *Sold*
#BS67 Broad Arrow Stamp
Original WWI British broad arrow stamp.  This little stamp is constructed from wood with the stamp itself made of brass to apply the ink.  It is nicely maker marked J.U. HALLAM, MANCHESTER and dated 1916, it also has a small broad arrow stamp on it. *Sold*
#CD1047 Private Purchase 1911 Leather Holster
Original WWI era private purchase 1911 holster with integral spare magazine pouch in leather.  This style holster is attributed to having been sold by London Armoury during WWI to Canadian and British soldiers privately purchase side arms prior to debarking for France.  The makers information for "HARRISON Ltd" is embossed on the belt loop, including their store address "68 Piccadilly" which is still standing under new ownership in London. This would be correct for a Canadian contract, British contract, or other Government Model 1911 from the WWI era. Superlative example, the best we have encountered of this variation showing just light use and perfectly preserved. *Sold*
#BS78 Chloroform Drop Bottle
Original British issue chloroform drop bottle for medics and surgeons, likely WWI but it could be as early as the Boer War period. Nicely marked on the top of the container with broad arrow. Bottle has no contents, it is empty. Excellent condition and very tough to find. *Sold*
#BS18 WWI Canadian Wool Blanket
Original WWI Canadian issue wool blanket in mint condition. Constructed of grey wool with appealing red and black stripes and chain stitched C broad arrow.  Impossible to upgrade, we have never seen another in this near mint condition. *Sold*

#CD1003 Canadian "Three Sons in Service" Sterling Pin
Original WWI Canadian "Three Sons in Service" sterling pin worn by the parents of three children serving in the CEF. Beautiful pin nicely marked "STERLING" maker mark "CS" in diamond, and "RD 1917" (Year of production). Clasp is in good working order. *Sold*

#BS58 Stretcher Bearer Arm Band
Original WWI Canadian Stretcher Bearer armband.  The armband has been painted or blanco'd white with ‘SB’ (Stretcher Bearer) stencilled in red over the white paint.  This example shows use and lots of patina. *Sold*
#CD1012 WWI Canadian Ross Rifle or Lee Enfield Leather Sling
Scarce WWI Canadian Ross Rifle or Enfield sling. Still complete with the original leather string. Perfect to complete a nice Ross Rifle or Lee Enfield.  Appears to be unit marked as well.  Excellent condition, would be nearly impossible to find better. *Sold*
#CD1022 CEF Royal Canadian Regiment (VRI) Flashed MK1 Brodie Helmet
Original WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) The Royal Canadian Regiment (The RCR) painted VRI flash infantry MK1 Brodie helmet. The VRI stands for Victoria Regina Imperatrix which is Latin for "Victoria, Queen and Empress". The base helmet has received a period coat of grey camouflage paint, and the stencil painted flash has been period applied consistent with other known original examples in advanced collections and museums. Missing the chinstrap and liner, these could likely be sourced from another donor helmet to be completed.  Extremely rare CEF flashed helmet from a desirable unit that will look great in any collection. *Sold*
#BS150 Canadian ID Bracelet - Sgt Mackie Barr Muirhead
Original WWI Canadian ID bracelet named to Sgt Mackie Barr Muirhead, No. 132143, 4 Bn C.M.G. Sgt Muirhead was from Renfrew, Ontario and attested on 31 August 1915 with the 73rd Battalion, Royal Highlanders of Canada, C.E.F. The 73rd Battalion was awarded the following battle honours, perpetuated by The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada: SOMME 1916, Ancre Heights, ANCRE 1916, ARRAS 1917, VIMY 1917, FRANCE and FLANDERS 1916-1917.  Sgt Muirhead was killed in action 29 April 1918, he was likely wearing this bracelet at the time of his death. Sgt Muirhead's Library and Archives Canada file is located here: *Sold*
#BG4 Canadian Cavalry Spurs
Original WWI Canadian Cavalry spurs.  Excellent condition vet bring back matching pair. 1915 dated with matching serial numbers, C broad arrows, makers mark and date of 1915. Never cleaned, exactly as found. A very nice pair. *Sold*
#CD1066 Boer War "EMERGENCY RATION" with Contents
Original Boer War Canadian / Commonwealth "EMERGENCY RATION" with contents. This ration is 100+ years old, we don't know what horrors are sealed inside but likely some kind of meat. Perfect to complete a Boer War or ration display, this example is as nice as they come with most of the original paper label intact with expected fading. *Sold*

#CD1061 CEF Map for the Calonne Trench Raid
Original WWI map from the Calonne trench raid performed by units of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces of the Canadian Army. This map was used for the well executed trench raid that took place on 17 January 1917 against the German Lens-Bethune railway lines North of Cite Calonne. The raid is noted for being almost flawless in its planning, preparation, and near text-book execution and results. One Distinguished Service Order, one Military Cross, and four Military Medals were awarded to personnel as a result of this operation. The Canadians were well known for trench raids, and while it was not a Canadian invention, the Canadians perfected the technique and carried on even when other nations had stopped. This simple map intended for the raid could be carried by individual soldiers on the operation so they could be familiar with the ground and use it as a study aid, it is constructed of typical lightly waxed paper we have observed on other examples. Authentic trench raid maps are incredibly difficult to find, let alone ones from well known operations. Scarce. *Sold*
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