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#US2281 Heavy Duty Climbing Rope
Original WWII U.S. military issue heavy duty climbing rope. This would have been used for U.S. Army and U.S. Marine assault troops scaling fortifications and rough terrain such as Pointe du Hoc or Mount Suribachi. Note: This is an original period item, and it is intended for historical display and not safe for actual climbing. Scarce. $275

#BP49 U.S. Army Thompson SMG Mag Pouch
Original WWII U.S. Army Thompson sub-machine gun magazine ammunition pouch. Standard production that is nicely maker marked and dated. Lightly used condition. $60
#RG191 U.S. Army / USMC Bullet Trench Art Belt and Buckle
Original WWII U.S. Army or U.S. Marine Corps standard issue belt and buckle, enhanced by the Soldier or Marine with cool bullet trench art. Genuine worn condition. Unique. $40

#US2128 USAAF Fishing Kit with Gaff Hooks and Spit Assembly
Original WWII U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) fishing kit consisting of Gaff Hook Assembly and Spit Assembly Parts. Both examples are in mint unopened condition complete with contents still sealed inside. These items would be used together in effort to catch fish in survival situations. These accessories are a component that would be part of the USAAF C1 survival vest. Excellent set. $75

#US2130 USAAF E-1 Dark Adaptation Goggles
Original WWII U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) type E-1 dark adaptation goggles. These were used prior to night operations so the wearers eyes could acclimatize to the darkness. Mint condition example, the googles have never been unfolded and are untouched, the imitation leather protective pouch is also excellent with mint condition snap closure. $50
#US2127 USAAF Survival Kit Water Bag
Original WWII U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) survival kit water bag. Excellent unissued condition, still supple with belt loop and strap / fibre buckle closure intact. Manufactures ink stamp still present. This accessory is a component that would be part of the USAAF C1 survival vest. $45
#US2177 Collapsible Canvas Water Bucket
Original WWII U.S. collapsible canvas water bucket. Manufactured by "AMER. CANVAS MFG. CO." in 1945. Excellent condition with padded handle. Perfect for adding to a camp display or vehicle. $40
#EC172 U.S. Navy NDO Mark I Gas Mask Set
Original WWII U.S. Navy NDO (Navy Diaphragm Optical) Mark I Gas Mask set that includes gas mask with filter and carrying bag with shoulder strap. The mask's size is U for Universal. Designed in 1941 from the Army's M1-1-5 Optical Gas Mask for ship personnel. In excellent lightly used condition. Hard to find the Mark I version of this mask. $125

#EC171 M1A2-1-1 Non-Combatant Gas Mask
Original WWII US Office of Civilian Defense M1A2-1-1 Non-Combatant Gas Mask set that includes gas mask with filter and carrying case. The mask's size is Large Adult. Designed in 1942, the M1A2-1-1 was intended for use on the US home front for civil defense personnel as well as civilians in US Army-designated target areas. In mint unissued condition. $75

#US2163 Berkeley Windproof "Black Crackle" Lighter
Original WWII U.S. Military (All branches) Berkeley windproof "black crackle" lighter. Still has faint "BERKELEY WINDPROOF MADE IN USA" marking on the bottom. Nice example in used and carried condition. $150

#EC141 US Army M1 Cleaning Rod Case
Original WWII U.S. Army M1 cleaning rod OD carrying case. The canvas case is factory marked ‘Case, Cleaning Rod, M1 C6573’ on the rear and ‘EALS44’ on the inside of the closure flap, indicating a 1944 production. The closure flap has a securing strap and buckle assembly. An M1910 belt attachment hook is sewn to a strip of webbing to the rear at the top. The M1 cleaning rod was used for cleaning .30-caliber rifles and machine guns. In excellent unissued condition. $25

#EC103 US Army M1 Spare Parts Envelope 
Original WWII US Army ‘Envelope, Spare Parts, M1’ for the .30-cal. machine guns. Manufactured in 1945 by Jaclin Mfg. Co. and marked ‘Fungus Proofed - Type I’. In excellent unissued condition. $15

#EC89 US Army M1943 Intrenching Tool
Original WWII U.S. Army M1943 intrenching tool. Manufactured by Ames Mfg. Co. in 1945. Excellent lightly used condition.

#EC75 US Army M13 Machine Gun Cover 
Original WWII US Army OD cover for the M1919A4 .30-cal. machine gun. Marked ‘Cover, Gun M13 24-C-1412-20’ and ‘Fungus Proofed Type 1 The Fala Co. 1945’. In excellent unissued condition. $100

#EC76 US Army M1938 1st Patter Wire Cutters Carrying Case
Original WWII US Army OD carrying case for the M1938 wire cutters, 1st pattern. Marked ‘SCHELL LEA. RDS. CO., INC. 1944’ on the rear. An M1910 belt attachment hook is sewn to a strip of webbing to the rear at the top. In excellent unissued condition. $40

#EC33 US Army M15 Cleaning Rods with Canvas Carrying Case
Original WWII US Army M15 five-piece sectional cleaning rod & olive drab case. The case is 1944-dated on the inside of the closure flap and marked ‘Case, Cleaning Rod, M15’ on the rear. The closure flap has a securing strap and buckle assembly. An M1910 belt attachment hook is sewn to the rear at the top. The M15 cleaning rod was used for cleaning .50 BMG-caliber machine guns. In issued but excellent condition with a small puncture hole at the bottom of the middle section where the rod section with the handle has started to poke through. $45

#US2082 Pliofilm Amphibious Invasion Bag for M1 Garand and other Small Arms
Original WWII pliofilm amphibious invasion bag to keep the M1 Garand and other small arms dry and free of debris until on shore. Shown in use in the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan and shown in many period photos. Pliofilm is a predecessor to modern plastics developed in the mid 1930's, it's a rubber based clear / green early plastic. The markings are present but blurry which is typical given the age and printing method.  Cool accessory, seen in many movies and photos but rarely available for sale. $35

#RG68 Small USMC Ship Home Box for Souvenirs from the Pacific Theater
Original WWII United States Marine Corps (USMC) ship home box that would have contained souvenirs. This is a small size measuring approximately 10 x 6 x 6" (inches) that would hold a pistol, a flag, insignia, and other small items, it's great for a display. The box is theatre made from some type of plywood, shipped home by Lt John W. Reed and labelled on the top and bottom with paper labels and also hand written on one side. This is the first small USMC ship home box we've encountered. $225

#US2070 Carlisle Bandage
Original WWII US military Carlisle bandage / field dressing. Standard issue, this would fit in any US Army or USMC bandage pouch, including the common M1924 and M1942 first aid pouches and many others. $20

#EC5 US Mess Tray 1944
Original WWII Mac Molding Co. 1944 dated Serving Tray as used in the mess. Perfect for a basic training display, or setting up your own WWII mess. Constructed on molded bakelite, and nicely marking on the bottom of the tray.  Excellent condition, you could still eat off this tray if you desire boot camp nostalgia. These would have been used in all messes, and not just at recruit training. $25


#HH1 U.S. Army D-Day Assault Vest
Original WWII U.S. Army D-Day assault vest. Designed for first wave troops to carry extra ammunition and explosives. Near mint condition example without flaw. Produced by Harian Co. Mfg. in 1944 and factory marked accordingly inside the main compartment of the back panel. Size medium which is appropriate for mannequin displays. Everything is present and working exactly how it should be. Shown in some photos displayed on a 1st Infantry Division "Big Red One" M1941 jacket sold separately. Scarce opportunity to a holy grail of U.S. Army combat equipment items. *Sold*

#HH8 U.S. Marine Raider “GUNG-HO” Knife
Original WWII U.S. Marine Raider “Gung-Ho” knife. One of approximately 1000 knives manufactured in the summer of 1943 in New Zealand under the auspice of Evans C. Carlson (Son of Evans F. Carlson, Commander of Carlson’s Raiders) the for the 1st Bn., 21st Marines. The knife is constructed from Australian carbon steel with a cast aluminum alloy handle that was painted green. Some of the original green paint still remains on the handle, but it often quickly wore off. The knife is complete with an original leather scabbard, and tied into the leg tong is an original piece of Pacific beach coral, a popular memento Marines adorned their personal equipment and souvenirs with. The overall condition of the set is carried and genuinely used, but complete without any damage and a nice blade. Full of original patina that has never been cleaned. Another example of this knife is on display in the American Military Edged Weaponry Museum. For more information on Gung-Ho knives, you can consult pages 210-213 of Grunt Gear by Alec S. Tulkoff, the essential reference book for USMC collectors. Scarce opportunity to own one of the rarest USMC fighting knives, and a centrepiece for any USMC collection. *Sold*
USMC BAR Gunners Magazine Belt
Extremely rare original USMC BAR gunner magazine belt. Very few of these are known to still exist, and of those most are totally beat up and destroyed. This may be one of the finest examples in existence for an advanced collection or museum.  Extremely nicely marked, lightly used with only two rips near two snaps (from over pulling). Complete with correct Left and Right sides. Perfect for display or to complete your Grunt Gear collection. *Sold*
Australian Made Thompson SMG 5 Cell Pouch for 30 Round Stick Mags
Extremely scarce Australian made Thompson submachine gun pouch with 5 cells that would hold 30 round stick mags.  Excellent condition. Seen in use with U.S. Marines during WWII. A similar example is shown in Alec Tulkoff's book Grunt Gear. *Sold*
WWII U.S. Thompson Sub-Machine Gun Canvas Carrying Case
This is a very rare original Thompson sub-machine gun carrying case. The case is nicely marked on the exterior 'COVER THOMPSON SUB-MACHINE GUN CAL., 45 D50268'. The zipper is produced by CROWN and is still fully functional. All components are intact without damage or repair, including even the small pull for the zipper. The case shows some age, mostly from storage or very light use a long time ago. Excellent condition example overall. Very rare and very cool Thompson accessory. There are many fakes of these covers on the market, this one is absolutely the real deal. *Sold*
#US2323 USMC “KA-BAR” Fighting & Utility Knife
Original WWII U.S. Marine Corps “KA-BAR” fighting and utility knife. A mid-war example in excellent unissued condition, never sharpened and without any notable flaws. This exact knife is published on page 195 of Alec Tulkoff’s excellent book “GRUNT GEAR”. Superlative example. *Sold*

USMC 4th Marines Iwo Jima Water Jerrycan
Original WWII U.S. Marine Corps water jerrycan with the UNIS marking of the 4th Marines at Iwo Jima. These jerrycans appear in photos from the battlefield. This was part of our personal collection for a long time and was discovered in the United States. Perfect to complete a USMC / Iwo Jima display. *Sold*
Museum Grade USMC Bolo Knife with Sheath, The Clyde Cutlery Co. 
Museum grade USMC Bolo knife manufactured by The Clyde Cutlery Co. The very fine Clyde logo still intact, even with just gently use this finely etched logo would disappear almost immediately resulting in them always being gone on examples in collections. This Bolo in my opinion can really not be topped, I've never seen a nicer one with the full logo intact. Included is the USMC BOYT 45 sheath, also in excellent condition original to the knife. These Bolo knives are seen in many photos from Iwo Jima. Never sharpened, without flaw and only some small minor signs of aging as seen in the photos. *Sold*
#BS71 M1 / M1A1 Carbine C Tip Sling
Original WWII American M1 / M1A1 Carbine C tip sling. This is the early type of sling that was issued with M1 / M1A1 Carbines in all theatres of WWII and would be correct for any of these rifles. This a classic original example that will be perfect to complete any rifle or field gear display. Nice and tough to find. *Sold*

#US2012 Hickok 1943 M1911A1 Lanyard
Original M1911A1 Lanyard (Also used on M1911's still in service during WWII). Manufactured by Hickok in 1943. These are heavily faked, this one is 100% unquestionably original. Nicely marked, in unissued condition. *Sold*

#BS72 M1911A1 Leather Holster, BoyT -44-
Original WWII American M1911A1 leather holster. Manufacture by Boyt in 1944 and marked according BoyT -44- on the reverse. Nicely embossed 'US' logo on the main flap. This is the type of holster issued with the M1911A1 side arm and M1911's still in service from WWI. Excellent condition with original full length leg tong and no rot issues on the interior. Super nice example. *Sold*

#US2028 USMC Depot Made DQP Bandage Pouch
USMC Philadelphia depot made bandage pouch. Textbook construction, this is a 'Type III' example (Collector term). All depot made Marine bandage pouches are rare but this one is particularly desirable as the purple 'DQP 1940-41' marking still intact, which is almost always missing. Used condition with fading from the sun and wartime Marine cleaning powder, this has the classic appearance of USMC equipment that was used in the Pacific theatre. These depot made items were used by the Marines at the early battles and originals are extremely hard to find. Classic piece of Grunt Gear. *Sold*

#US2029 USMC 'Boondockers' 1943
Perfect matching pair of USMC 'Boondockers'. This is a true USMC pair, with 'JOHN J. DOOLEY' INSPECTOR U.S.M.C' embossed in the sole of the interior. The pair also has ink maker information stamped inside and dated 1943. These markings are slightly visible in the last two photos, it is very hard to take photos of the interiors of boots. Size '6E' which is a small but typical period size, these are big enough to display well on their own or on a mannequin. This is a great true pair of wartime USMC Boondockers without any issues, great for any Marine collection and probably never worn. *Sold*

#US2133 M7 "Assault" Rubberized Bag / Gas Mask Carrier
Original WWII U.S. Army M7 "Assault" rubberize bag / gas mask carrier.  Excellent unissued condition with great markings. Used in the Normandy invasion and many other amphibious operations to keep equipment clean and dry. *Sold*

#US2027 USMC Depot Made DQP Shovel Cover
USMC Philadelphia depot made shovel cover. Textbook construction with thin strap consistent with other USMC DQP made items. Used condition with fading from the sun and Marine cleaning powder, this has the classic appearance of USMC equipment that was used in the Pacific theatre. These depot made items were used by the Marines at the early battles and originals are extremely hard to find. Classic piece of Grunt Gear. *Sold*

#US2140 USMC M1912 Pistol Belt
Original pre-WWII U.S. Marine Corps contract M1912 pistol belt produced by R.M. Co (Russell Manufacturing Company) in 1939. This is from the first USMC pistol belt contract in 1939, Nom. 26330 (Reference page 145, Grunt Gear, by Alec Tulkoff). Typically the USMC surcharge was placed on the interior of USMC contract pistol belts and is not visible during wear, but this very rare contract belt by R.M. Co put the makers mark and USMC surcharge on the exterior. This belts are occasionally seen in use in period photographs. This is only true USMC belt marked this way, and very few exist in collections. Near mint / unissued condition without flaw. Scarce. *Sold*

#US2136 USMC Depot Made DQP Bandage Pouch
Original WWII U.S. Marine Corps Philadelphia Depot (DQP) made bandage pouch. Textbook construction, this is a 'Type III' example (Collector term). All depot made Marine bandage pouches are rare but this one is particularly desirable as the purple 'DQP 1939-40' stamped marking is still intact, which is almost always missing. Lightly used condition. The pouch was named by a Marine “Brenner” on the reverse. These depot made items were used by the Marines at the early battles and originals are extremely hard to find. Iconic and rare Grunt Gear item. *Sold*

#US2137 USMC Depot Made .45 Double Magazine Pouch
Original WWII U.S. Marine Corps Philadelphia Depot (DQP) made .45 double magazine pouch. Textbook depot made construction, the pouch is maker marked "U.S.M.C. PHILA. DEPOT" inside the flap. Good lightly used condition, named to a Marine "PARRIS, F.M." using the standard Marine Corps issue stamping kit. Scarce magazine pouch. *Sold*

#US2134 USMC Boyt 1942 Cartridge Belt
Original WWII U.S. Marine Corps cartridge belt manufactured by Boyt in 1942. The US Marines saw extensive action and early field gear that was spared front line service in the jungles is hard to find. This is one of the rarest US cartridge belts of WWII, in top condition with sharp markings. Very desirable for early USMC impressions and field gear displays. *Sold*

#US2075 LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes Carton
Original WWII "LUCKY STRIKE" brand cigarette carton. Iconic brand smoked by all American soldiers and prized when captured by German soldiers. Nice condition, no contents, nice item for a display. *Sold*

#EC28 U.S. Navy Camillus Mark 2 Fighting Knife
Original WWII U.S. Navy Camillus Mark 2 fighting knife named set. The 12-inch knife's guard is marked "U.S.N. MARK 2" and "CAMILLUS, N.Y." indicating U.S. Navy issue and manufacture by the Camillus Cutlery Co. in New York. The 7-inch blade is parkerized and has never been re-finished or sharpened. The handle is made of hardened stacked leather washers whose edges are smooth for comfort. The method of securing the tang to the pommel indicates a 2nd model Camillus Mark 2. The two-piece construction of the U.S.N.-marked leather scabbard indicates a 2nd model. It is profusely marked to a Lieutenant J.L. Smith who has not been researched. The guard markings are of the No. 16 variation as indicated on page 118 of the U.S. knives reference book "The Best of U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes" by M.H. Cole. The Mark 2 was adopted on April 13, 1943 and was based on the USMC Kabar. Both knife and scabbard are in excellent condition with the scabbard's leather being extremely supple. A fantastic named set. *Sold*

#US2169 USMC Paramarine MAB-1 Radio Set
Original WWII U.S. Marine Corps Paramarine MAB-1 radio set designed specifically for Paramarines and land to ship communications. This is the most complete set we've ever seen, including the very rare skull cap that is a textbook original example (Most others we've observed were reproductions with incorrect stitching). Everything is in excellent unissued condition and complete, including the USMC Philadelphia Depot made carry pack. Even comes with the original wartime manual. If you need the ultimate MAB-1 radio set, this is it. *Sold*

#US2332 USMC Depot Made Pre-War Canteen Set
Original pre-WWII USMC Philadelphia Depot (DQP) made canteen cover and canteen set. This inter-war DQP insulated canteen covers predates the later DQP “Type I” and “Type II” covers. The cover features one of the typical style DQP block letter “USMC” surcharge stamps inside the flap, these stamps are often faded or missing but this one is nice and sharp. Other features include the DQP style thin wire hanger, and typical DQP style X box hanger stitching. Inside the cover is an original WWI era water bottle / canteen, which is original to the set and the type of canteen that would be expected – it certainly gives every indication the set has been together forever. This canteen set is ideal for late WWI, inter-war, and early WWII USMC impression or field gear display. It would be very appropriate for a Guadalcanal mannequin display. This is a tough USMC canteen set to find on the loose, in excellent lightly used condition. *Sold*

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