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This gallery contains artifacts that were typically brought home as souvenirs by American Soldiers and Marines serving in the Pacific theatre of WWII engaged in fierce fighting against the Japanese military. If you're a new collector or historian, these are just some of the type of Japanese items you can expect to find during your searching and research. 


Left: Some of the most common Japanese artifacts encountered today, a small personal size flag and a few pieces of cut off insignia. 


Next is an orignal Japanese pay book with bullet holes going threw it.   This was likely taken as a grim souvenir off of a KIA.  These sort of items are a sad reminder of the reality of war and the prices paid by soldiers of all nations involved WWII.
Below: A Japanese aircraft information placard that was removed as souvenir.  The placard is for a night landing device, produced by the Japanese Aviation Label Corporation in 1941.  These are still occasionally encountered in veteran groupings. 
Left: Type 100 20mm HE round for the Type 98 Machine Cannon.  Inert souvenir with original paper sleeve.
Below: A US Marine inspects a captured Nambu pistol and holster.
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