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UNIFORM HISTORY A free YouTube channel focusing on the history and development of various military uniforms. Combat-Relics is working on collaborating with the creator of this channel to help bring interesting content. If you're on YouTube, please consider subscribing to this channel.
U.S. MILITARIA FORUM A serious forum dedicated to U.S. militaria from all periods. We hope to help sponsor this forum in the future.
WEHRMACHT AWARDS FORUM A non-political forum primarily discussing German WWII militaria. Combat-Relics often sponsors a banner on this forum.
GERMAN HELMET WALHALLA 2 (GHW2) A serious forum dedicated primarily to German helmets. This site also provides a free and useful database of German helmet lot numbers which can be a useful research tool. 
K98K FORUM A serious forum dedicated to German weapons.
CANADIANSOLDIERS.COM A reference website regarding the organization, vehicles, weapons, uniforms, traditions, and insignia of Canadian soldiers in the 20th century.
MIL ART A free reference site started by Clive Law and now continued by Richard Law dedicated to articles on Canadian militaria.
VIRTUAL GRENADIER Dealing primarily in original WWII German militaria, located in North America.
AT THE FRONT Dealing in reproduction WWII militaria, this is the best source if you need accurate reproduction uniforms and field gear for movies or displays on a budget. 
MILITARY ANTIQUES TORONTO One of Canada's last brick and mortar militaria shops with a wide variety of items.
FRONTKAMPFER45 A new retail website from Europe with an impressive array of ordnance parts and interesting equipment.
CIRCA1941 A retail website specializing in high-end American and German helmets.
SERVICE PUBLICATIONS A book company started by Clive Law that focuses on Canadian militaria.

*We will not recommend any antique dealer that doesn't include a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.
NATIONAL WWI MUSEUM Located in Kansas City, USA.
NATIONAL WWII MUSEUM Located in New Orleans, USA.
CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM Located in Ottawa, Canada.
IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM Located in London, England.
KUBINKA TANK MUSEUM The world's largest museum of armoured vehicles located in Kubinka, Russia.


M1 PENCIL BLOG Dedicated to U.S. Marine Corps and Imperial Japan collecting.


OHIO VALLEY MILITARY SOCIETY A corporate society that sponsors exhibitions and educational shows where military artifacts and regalia can be purchased. This organization hosts the Show of Shows and MAX show. 
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