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#MI6 1933 Reichswehr Model Jackboots
Original WWII German 1933 Reichswehr model Jackboots. This is the model of boot worn by German soldiers during the invasion of Poland and other early war offensives. This is a true matching pair, in excellent lightly worn condition. This pair is one of very few surviving examples, and possibly the best condition of surviving pairs. Scarce. $1800

#RG184 Luftwaffe Tropical "AFRIKACORPS" Long Sleeve Service Shirt
Original WWII German Luftwaffe tropical "AFRIKACORPS" long sleeve service shirt. Original factory sewn insignia, and shoulder straps that appear to be original to the shirt or the perfect match. This exact style of shirt appears in many period photographs of the Afrikacorps in action, in both long and short sleeve versions, the short sleeve examples likely being ones with cut down sleeves. Lightly service worn condition in a large size, this is a great shirt for a mannequin and these were generally worn in a baggy fashion. $875

#G2403 Panzer Officer's Service Tunic, Named
Original WWII Panzer Officer's service tunic. Named inside the breast pocket to "Möschler". Complete with original panzer officer shoulder boards for the rank of Oberleutnant, and all correct period applied insignia.  Privately tailored of high quality wool and manufactured to a high standard by "Christian Schwarz & Sohn" of "München" (Munich). Lightly worn condition, with just minor signs of age and wear. Excellent condition all around, an outstanding panzer tunic in a good size that easily fits a mannequin bust. It's possible that research could turn up more information about the owner. Excellent example. $2450

#G2471 1944 Heer Officer Breeches
Original WWII German Heer officer breeches. Constructed in 1944 in late war German wool. Excellent condition, we didn't see any insect damage or noticeable blemishes to the wool. It appears there was some period tailor modifications done to the rear of the trousers for a better fit on the officer who would have worn them, these modifications are only visible from the inside. Ideal set and size for a Heer combat officer mannequin display in typical late war wool. $485

#G2448 Kriegsmarine EM/NCO Shirt Collar Dickie
Original WWII German Kriegsmarine EM/NCO shirt collar dickie. Nice worn example, early production marked “N1400S/36” with strings still present. $50


#G2336 U-Boat / Panzer Crew Leather Trousers
Original WWII German U-Boat leather trousers. These trousers were also popular with panzer crews during foul weather, and appear in wear in many period photographs. Excellent pair in a good large size, unissued condition without any flaws. $300
#RG4 DAK Tropical Trousers
Original WWII German tropical / DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps) trousers. Nicely RBNr marked with ink stamps near the fly. Constructed with internal belt and leg ties. Lightly used without any damage or repairs. Good mannequin size. Ready to complete your mannequin or German DAK uniform collection. $550


Late War Heer M43 EM Tunic
Original WWII late war Heer M43 EM tunic.  Constructed of two differing shades of wool, suggesting very late war quality control. Insignia is all 100% original factory applied. The chest eagle was applied in the late war triangular fashion, and is not sewn threw the lining. There is no detectable insect damage, or staining. Inside the pockets and are parts of the blouse factory grease pen markings are still visible, suggesting the tunic has never been washed or cleaned. Black late war pioneer boards are included and are original to the tunic, constructed of closely matching wool and materials and a perfect fit. Exactly how it would have been issued to a German soldier from the depot in 1944-1945. *Sold*
Heer M43 EM Tunic with Early Pattern Eagle
Original WWII Heer (Army) M43 enlister members (EM) tunic. Constructed with early pattern eagle, a rare variation that appears in period photos. Insignia is all original factory applied, never replaced or restored in any way. The eagle style chest eagle has been applied through the lining typical in late war fashion, using the exact same thread as pocket construction . There is no detectable insect damage, and only some very minor areas staining to include some light sweat stains on the interior and one small stain to the left arm, no attempt has been made to clean this tunic in any way and it is as found. White piped late war Infantry boards are included, constructed of matching wool and materials and a perfect fit. This is exactly how it would have been issued to a German soldier from the depot in 1944. *Sold*

Heer M43 Combat Tunic, Artillery
Original WWII German Heer M43 combat tunic with matching artillery shoulder straps. Flawless example, with all factory applied insignia. The chest eagle is applied during construction, with stitching running over it from later stages of assembly, this is the best type of factory insignia application for collectors since it leaves no doubts of originality. The collar litzen are also applied in the textbook factory fashion. The matching enlisted artillery shoulder straps are a perfect match and fit, they were on the tunic when we acquired it. The interior of the tunic features nice RBNr stamp, and original stamps on the wool from assembly. *Sold*

#G2016 Waffen-SS Assault Gun / Ski Trousers
Original WWII Waffen-SS assault gun or ski trousers named to an SS officer. Private purchase tailor made of grey gabardine. Lightly worn condition and free of any notable flaws. The name inside the trousers is yet to be researched. This type of trousers is shown in Michael Beaver's book Waffen-SS uniforms, Vol. 3, page 783. *Sold*
#G2115 EM / NCO Marching Boots
Original WWII German EM / NCO marching boots. This is a nice honest used pair of boots perfect for a combat mannequin.  Leather soles with hobnails and horseshoes. Used but much nicer than average. *Sold*
#JM9 Heer EM Panzergrenadier M44 Tunic
Original WWII Heer (Army) EM Panzergrenadier M44 tunic in late war quality wool. All original factory applied insignia. M44 style chest applied not through the liner which is slightly less common on M44 tunics. Collar litzen tabs are applied in standard machine stitching with front fold, using what appears to be the same thread uses for the bar tack stitching on the button holes. Standard mannequin/bust size, a bit small at the waste so it does need a small bust for display which is typical.   Manufactured to a surprisingly high quality for late war with bias material used to reinforce some seems. Nice size and RBNr stamps on the interior HBT lining material. All original applied buttons. No moth or insect damage, there is one small darned repair shown on the rear of the tunic only really visible from the inside, about the size of a dime. There are two award loops added, they appear wartime but it's always tough to judge award loops as they could be collector added. Original M44 Panzergrenadier boards of late war quality that came with the tunic are of closely matching wool and good fit. *Sold*
#HH3 Infantry Officer's Service Tunic
Original WWII German Heer Infantry Officer's service tunic for the rank of Lieutenant. The base tunic is a standard issue Heer M36/M40 period upgraded to officer specifications with the normal additions; dark green officer grade pointed collar, sewn-in shoulder boards, sewn down lower pockets with bandage pocket removed, openings for belt hooks removed, and officer grade embroidered breast eagle and collar litzen upgrades. This is a textbook period upgraded officer's tunic in every way. The officer also opted to have the tailor ad an additional pocket sewn inside the jacket, and we can assume additional minor tailoring has been done to properly fit the original owner. The badging all appears original period-applied, with matching wear and patina throughout and the insignia tightly settled into the wool as expected. There are provisions added to the left breast pocket for two awards, and ribbons including the Iron Cross 2nd Class are still present. The German wool shows one of the manufacturers stamps still present on the inside, this is always a nice bonus. Good period size that will fit a modern mannequin as shown. This is an ideal example to create an infantry officer impression or expand a uniform collection. *Sold*

#G2008 Luftwaffe Four Pocket Service Blouse in Reed Green HBT w/ M44 Boards
Original WWII Luftwaffe (Air Force) four pocket service blouse in reed green HBT.  Earlier pattern in the same cut as the standard Luftwaffe tropical blouse.  Luftwaffe national emblem factory applied with zig-zag stitching on the chest. Completely original as it left the factory. Included with the tunic are very scarce M44 boards with yellow rayon piping and perfectly applied NCO tresse and pip for a Luftwaffe Flight or Fallschirmj​äger member the rank of Feldwebel. Previous owner reports the M44 boards are original to the tunic when it was discovered.  Blouse fits a standard mannequin or bust well as shown in the photos. *Sold*
#G2300 Officer Marching Boots
Original WW2 German Wehrmacht officer marching boots. Excellent lightly worn condition pair with nice leather. Pull tabs are fully intact. The officer who wore these period added rubber soles to the rear portion of the boot. This would be a great set for an officer mannequin. *Sold*
#G2214 Wehrmacht Issue Winter Boots
Original WWII German Wehrmacht issue winter boots. An essential piece of winter warfare kit for German soldiers fighting in Russia and other cold climate battlefields. Great pair that is in used but not abused condition, in good medium-large size that would easily fit any mannequin. *Sold*
#G2117 German Heer Sports Shirt
Original WWII German Heer (Army) sports tank top style shirt. Untouched original example with original Heer sports eagle applied to the chest. Used example with patina and genuine wear but a nice complete original example. Unit marked to 4/J.R. 31. *Sold*
#G2302 Heer Officer Breeches
Original WWII German Heer officer breeches. German officer’s were required in many cases to buy their own uniforms, and often used private tailors. This is a typical privately made pair of breeches, constructed mainly of nice quality grey gabardine material. Other features include nice “Prym” hip fasteners, button fly, two slashed hip pockets, a watch pocket, and rear pocket. The overall condition is good showing genuine period wear, there are some small snags or moth nips near the crotch, but overall it’s a nice pair that would be perfect for an officer mannequin. *Sold*
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