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#G2112 K98k Bayonet Frog
Original WWII K98k bayonet frog for mounted personnel . Good honest used example.  Perfect to complete a bayonet. $50
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#RG42 K98k Bayonet with Frog
Original WWII K98k bayonet with original mounted frog.  Numbers are non-matching and priced according, this is how a lot were brought home, they got mixed in capture piles and for many other reasons during the way. Very good condition with nice original leather frog for mounted personnel.  Blade has never been sharpened and has nice plum bluing, bayonet is maker marked asw and manufactured in 1941.  This is a great set if you're not picky about matching numbers, will still look great on display or on a mannequin. $150
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#AA1 SS Senior NCO / Officer Sword Portapee
SS senior NCO / officer sword portapee.  Excellent condition without any damage or repairs. Ready to complete a rare SS sword, these are very difficult to find on the loose.  $475


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Luftwaffe Fighting Knife
Top condition Luftwaffe fighting knife with original scabbard. 'W' marked on blade.  Blade has never been sharpened, and nothing has been messed with, just little areas of light pitting and wear but probably barely used if at all. Hard to find untouched examples of this rare fighting knife. *Sold*

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Matching fnj44 Bayonet and Scabbard
Perfect fnj44 matching numbers bayonet and scabbard.  Excellent condition without flaw, would be nearly impossible to upgrade. Never sharpened and probably never even issued. Excellent bluing. *Sold*

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#RG40 Matching 1938 K98k Bayonet with Tropical Frog
Original WWII German K98k bayonet with tropical / canvas frog.  Manufactured in 1938 by E. PACKS & S. The bayonet and scabbard are both original factory numbered '5682' 'C'.  Overall very good condition, the blade has strong bluing and has not been sharpened or messed with.  Scabbard is mounted in a rare canvas frog, this type of frog was used in Africa and other tropical reasons and more widespread later in the war due to leather shortages.  A great set! *Sold*