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M35 Heer "Double Decal" helmet, 1937, Q68, with Baden shield.
M35 Heer "Double Decal" helmet, 1938, Q64.
M35 Heer "Double Decal" helmet, 1939, NS64.
M35 Heer re-issue helmet, size 60 (Smallest size) with factory modified seven tongue liner, EF60.
M35 Luftwaffe "Tigerstripe" camouflage helmet.
M35 Luftwaffe "Normandy" camouflage helmet, ET64.
M40 Heer helmet, SE62.
M40 Heer "DAK" camouflage helmet, captured by Roy W. Brandau, U.S. Army, Tunisia.
M40 Heer "Normandy" camouflage helmet.
M40 Heer "Chicken Wire" camouflage helmet.
M40 "Normandy" camouflage helmet.
M40 "Normandy" camouflage helmet named to Lt. Rotter, Q64.
M40 "tropical" camouflage helmet, EF64.
M40 Luftwaffe "Normandy" camouflage helmet.
M42 Heer helmet.
M42 Heer helmet, ckl66.
M42 Waffen-SS battle damaged helmet.
M42 Heer helmet, captured by Cecil Swiger, 101st Airborne, U.S. Army.
M42 Luftwaffe single decal helmet, NS64.
M42 "Normandy" camouflage helmet.
M42 Heer "Normandy" camouflaged helmet, captured by Clarence Sheldon Hill Jr., U.S. Army.
M42 Kriegsmarine S-Boat camouflaged helmet with rack wear from ship vibrations.
M42 Luftwaffe "Chicken Wire" camouflaged helmet.
M42 "Squad Leader" helmet.
M42 helmet, NS64, taken directly from the factory by an Allied soldier, wars end 1945.
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