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#BB5 Fleet Finch BCATP Training Aircraft Access Panel Cut Off
Original WWII Fleet Finch BCATP elementary flying training aircraft fabric access panel. This interesting souvenir was presumably cut off the aircraft at the time of decommissioning. The panel features original paint including part of the aircraft number. Interesting zipper access with small clip still in place. Unique item in a good size for display. $250

#BB4 RCAF Seat Type Parachute Assembly
Original WWII RCAF / RAF seat type parachute assembly. Constructed by Irvin Air Chute Ltd. of Hamilton, Ontario and nicely maker marked and 1943 dated in several locations. Complete assembly with parachute still packed and ready to go. It has a D shape release box (QRB), waist belt, ripcord housing, ripcord/handle and back pad. The complete assembly packs nicely into the carry bag that appears to be original to the set. No post-war enhancement or bungee cords added, this set is completely untouched in used but good condition. This is for historical collecting purposes only. $2975

#BS60 RAF Escape Compass 
Original WWII RAF escape compass. The small brass compass is enclosed in a plastic bubble to protect it from humidity. These compasses were included in escape and evasion kits, and could be worn on a string or lanyard around the neck. This example is in good condition, we tried testing it and seems to still work but it's hard to say how accurate it is. The plastic bubbles show the expected age and it's very difficult to take photos of the compass inside of it. $125
#EC113 RAF / Air Ministry P37 "Pig Sticker" Bayonet
Original WWII British / Commonwealth Royal Air Force / Air Ministry P37 "pig sticker" bayonet. The "AM/712" indicates procurement via an Air Ministry (RAF) contract. The socket was forged by Viners Ltd. Excellent condition, interesting P37 bayonet variation. $75


#BB3 RCAF Button On Collar
Original WWII RCAF / RAF button on collar. Maker marked "YAMASKA GARMENTS LTD" and dated 1942 with C broad arrow. Size 17 1/2. Excellent unused condition from a factory bundle. Hard to find uniform accessory. $35

#CD584 RCAF Pilot's Insignia Grouping 
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) insignia grouping. Group consists of; RCAF pilot wings, RCAF operations badge that is marked on the reverse "STEPHENSON" and "STERLING", Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) ribbon, and pair of uniform removed "CANADA" shoulder titles on blue RCAF wool. Nice operational pilot grouping. $175
#CC19 RCAF Pilot Officer Group, Harold F. Lunn
Original WWII Pilot Officer group to Harold F. Lunn of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The group consists of Lunn’s framed commission, his five campaign medals, and Legion Past President Medal. The medals are professionally mounted to a bar in period fashion. The commission is professionally framed and preserved nicely inside the frame. There is room for further research. $450
#CD355 RCAF Pilots Wing and Sweetheart Items
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Pilots Wing and sweetheart items to include miniature silver coloured RCAF sweetheart wing, ear rings made from RCAF service cap buttons, RCAF Association pin and gold filled ID bracelet with RCAF crest to Marg Rowan from Doug dated September 29 1943. Potential for more research. $125
#EC175 Flight Officer RCAF Service Jacket and Trousers, Named
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) flight officer Service Dress jacket and trousers. Manufactured by Tip Top Tailors and named to two different officers, G.E. Innes and J. Billingsley. Original period badged example with Canada shoulder titles, officer sleeve insignia for the rank of Second Lieutenant, and embroidered RCAF wings. The jacket and trousers shows equal wear and patina across all components. Consignor reports the set was purchased together at a local auction, we have not researched the names. Nice set. $250

#CD257 RCAF Airman Grouping "E.W. Chambers"
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) grouping to Airman E.W. Chambers. The group includes a single identification disc on the original neck string, three "Canada" shoulder titles with one being the printed canvas type produced in England, two Leading Aircraftman insignia, tiny RCAF emblem, RCAF Christmas card, New Testament, Registration Certificate with Chambers information, and personalized blue notebook with some paper still in it. Potential research project, we haven't done any further research since obtaining it. Nice affordable RCAF Airman group. *Reduced* $75
#CD807 Royal Canadian Air Force Navigator's Wing
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Navigator's wing. Excellent condition. $12
#CD333 Royal Canadian Air Force Air Gunner's Wing
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Air Gunner's wing. Excellent condition. $12
#CD271 Lancaster Bomber Pilot I.B. Jackson (DFC) Shoulder Board Grouping
Original WWII grouping of Flight Lieutenant I.B. Jackson (DFC).  Group includes F/Lieut Jackson's Flying Officer's shoulder boards that he is shown holding when he sold them to a collector in the 1990's, an original RCAF stationary calendar blotter for 1944-1945, a photo copy of his telegraph showing he earned the distinguished flying cross, two original photos from the 1990's when he sold this group to a collector, and a photo copy of his extensive flight log which includes many missions over enemy territory from late 1944 to the end of the war in 1945. Looking at this flight records, F/Lieut Jackson was incredibly lucky to survive the war and this small grouping is a testament to his good fortune and bravery. This is a humble grouping but your chance to own something worn by a Lancaster Bomber Pilot with provenance for an affordable price, great research project. *Reduced* $40
#BS110 RAF Type D64 MK1/A 1943 Detonator Case
Original WWII Royal Air Force case for the D64 MK1/A detonator used for arming aerial bombs. The case is well made of steel with closure pin and rubber lining. It's a small case, measuring only 2" deep by 2 1/2" Wide and 7 1/4" long. Nice little case to complete a WWII RAF / Bomber Command collection. $65
#EC165 RCAF P37 Cartridge Carrier, Matching Pair
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force / Commonwealth P37 cartridge carriers. Maker marked "Z.L.&T. LTD." dated 1942 with C broad arrow. Matching pair in excellent unissued condition. $50


#EC164 RCAF P37 Pistol Rig
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force / Commonwealth P37 Pistol Rig. The holster is maker marked "MS&U LTD" while the belt is likely a Z.L.&T. Ltd with faint markings, each item has a C broad arrow stamp still visible as well. Excellent lightly used condition. $100
#EC120 RCAF P37 Pistol Ammunition Pouch
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) P37 pistol ammunition pouch. Excellent condition, likely unissued. $25


#EC85 P37 Cartridge Carrier, RCAF
Original WWII Canadian / Commonwealth P37 cartridge carrier intended for issue to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Excellent unissued condition. $20



#DW5 RCAF Uniform Group, Flight Lieutenant T. Irwin
Original WWII Canadian RCAF tunic and officers visor cap grouping.  This grouping belonged 425 Squadron RCAF Flight Lieutenant T. Irwin, observer on a Wellington Bomber HE-733, shot down April 14 1943, over Stuttgart Germany and taken prisoner of war. The tunic is named to Irwin inside the pocket, shown in the photos. This information is included with the group on a printed sheet but beyond that we have not done any further research. The dress tunic features original applied padded Observers Wings, Canada titles, and each cuff has two white and blue stripes for the rank of Flight Lieutenant. The visor cap is in good condition showing similar light wear to the jacket with finely hand embroidered RCAF cap badge. Nice set with interesting provenance in great condition that would display well. *Sold*
#MA53 RCAF Leading Aircraftsman Battle Dress Grouping
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Leading Aircraftsman Battle Dress grouping. Grouping consists of jacket, wedge cap, and P37 webbing. The Battle Dress jacket is a 1942 Canadian made example from T. Eatons Montreal factory, with original period badging including the Leading Aircraftsman two blade propeller sleeve badges. An original ribbon bar is still in place. The P37 webbing is complete with cross straps, braces, ammo pouches, water bottle and main belt all in the special RCAF bluish green. The wedge cap is also a Canadian made example from a Toronto firm, with original RCAF cap badge. *Sold*

#BB2 Avro Lancaster Pilot Cockpit Escape Hatch
Original WWII Avro Lancaster pilot cockpit escape hatch for bailing out in case of an emergency. Salvaged from an original aircraft in the post-war period and consigned from an advanced collection where it was carefully stored. The exterior is silver as this aircraft continued to be flown post-war. The interior of the hard displays nicely, with original components and nice stencilling. A very unique item to complete a Lancaster or RAF / RCAF display. *Sold*

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