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#CD669 British 9th Battalion Paratrooper Grouping, Pte Thorold
Original WWII British 9th Battalion Paratrooper combat grouping of Pte Harold "Ron" Ronald Thorold, Regimental Number 14869388. Ron was born in 1926 in Lambeth (Surrey) and enlisted in the British Army 30 November 1944 with the East Surrey Regiment. After completing basic infantry training, he was transferred to the Army Air Corps Depot on 1 March 1945 where he completed parachute training, and he was then sent to the 9th Battalion in time for Operation Varsity and the race to Wismar, Germany. He left the army at the end of the war and joined the Royal Air Force Reserve and was then active with the Air Training Corps. Ron died 14 January 2022 at age 95. The grouping consists of Ron's untouched 9th Battalion combat smock worn on operations in Germany with original period-applied sewn down slip-ons, jump qualification wings, pocket litter including captured panzer dust goggles, issued camouflage scarf, old cigarette packaging, and women's nylon hose, it is a true time capsule. The smock has an interesting personalized cat artwork above the left breast pocket, and is named and numbered in many places and has never been cleaned. Ron's Battle Dress jacket is also a true wartime original with 9th Battalion slip-ons, printed canvas Parachute Regiment shoulder titles, jump qualification wings, and printed canvas Pegasus sleeve badges. Other bits include; An array of Parachute Regiment accoutrements including bullion badge, cap badge, and sterling pins. An East Surrey cap badge from Ron's initial enlistment. A group of Air Training Corps badges from his service in the reserves following the war, and a few other little things. There is even a small British patriotic flag, the type usually seen being flown by civilian patriots when the troops returned home, this was also in the smock pockets. These items became available shortly after Ron's death. You may be wondering where Ron's beret is, in many cases British para's are buried with their berets, that's probably what happened here as it was never made available from his estate. The items were originally put to auction in various lots and split up between two collectors, we went to great efforts to reunite the group and offer it here to collectors to be preserved as a single lot as it should be. Here is your chance to preserve Ron's memory and own a genuine British Paratroopers grouping with provenance including two awesome jackets that are each very appealing. $5250 *On Hold*

#CC8 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Battle Dress Tunic
Original WWII 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (1CPB) Battle Dress Tunic. Features original period applied insignia consisting of Canadian made 1CPB shoulder titles, standard English made "starch back" airborne Pegasus patches, Canadian airborne wings, overseas bars, and ribbon. This is a typical insignia arrangement for 1944/1945 and coming home at the end of hostilities. The tunic itself is a standard Canadian made example dated 1943. A pair of yellow slips has been added to complete the jacket by the consignor, these were sourced from a roll of vintage yellow material that is close in appearance to examples sourced from veterans. Great original jacket from a famous Canadian unit. $2750

#FM01 Pte Esko Makela 1CPB D-DAY Grouping
Original WWII Private Esko Makela 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion grouping. Pte Makela completed his paratrooper course at Ringway, England, and then joined the 6th Airborne Division as part of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. Pte Makela was in B Coy, 5 Platoon when he parachuted into Normandy France on June 6, 1944 / D-day. He also fought at the Battle of the Bulge (Ardennes) and parachuted into Germany during Op Varsity.  Only a handful of these men participated in all the major battles. The studio portrait picture is a signed copy. All the badges and wristwatch were worn and used by the veteran on D-day. Extremely rare attributed group, it’s getting very hard to find original D-Day groupings. Scarce. $2400

#EC179 LCol RCAMC Battle Dress Jacket, 21st Army Group
Original WWII Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (RCAMC) officer's Battle Dress jacket for a Lieutenant Colonel with the 21st Army Group. Original period badged example with all canvas printed badges issued to troops overseas well sunken into the fabric. The officer also opted to tailor the jackets collar for a more prestigious look. The jacket shows equal wear and patina across all components. Consignor reports the jacket was purchased at a local auction with no further provenance, however, it may be possible to research and figure out who it belonged to. Nice example of RCAMC senior officer's jacket to a member of the branch that was definitely overseas. $500 *On Hold*

#EC153 The Ontario Regiment Sergeant's Battle Dress Jacket
Original WWII The Ontario Regiment of Canada Sergeant's Battle Dress jacket. Original period badged example with all badges well sunken into the fabric and attached in the expected fashion, showing equal wear and patina across all components. The badges include "THE ONTARIO REGIMENT CANADA" shoulder titles, 1st Canadian Tank Brigade formation sleeve badges, Sergeant chevrons, and five years overseas chevrons with 39'er. The base jacket is a 1945 Canadian example. This tunic was likely the one worn home to Canada by the soldier at the end of hostilities. Great example of a Canadian armoured jacket. $2250

#CD616 3rd Canadian Division 14 RCA Staff Sergeant's Battle Dress Jacket
Original WWII 3rd Canadian Division 14 Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) Staff Sergeant's Battle Dress jacket. Original period badged example with all badges well sunken into the fabric and attached in the expected fashion, showing equal patina across all components. The badges include "14RCA" shoulder strap titles, "CANADA" titles, French-grey 3rd Canadian Division patches, Staff Sergeant rank badges consisting of three chevrons, crown, with gun in between, and finally five years overseas chevrons with 39'er. The base jacket is a 1944 Canadian example, with collar opened up, which was a common period upgrade done at the time of badging. This tunic was likely the one worn home to Canada by the soldier at the end of hostilities. Genuine 3rd Canadian Division Battle Dress are increasingly hard to find and this is a great example from a unit that saw combat in Normandy. $1800

#CD551 First Canadian Army 8RCA Battle Dress Tunic
Original WWII First Canadian Army, 8RCA (Royal Canadian Artillery) Battle Dress tunic. Features original period applied insignia consisting of 8RCA slip on title (Sewn down), Canada shoulder title, First Canadian Army Royal Canadian Artillery shoulder sleeve patches, four years overseas bars with 39'er, wound stripe sleeve bar, signals flags sleeve patch, and driver proficiency sleeve patch. The tunic itself is a standard early Canadian made example dated 1941 with C broad arrow stamp. Great original wartime badged and worn Battle Dress jacket for an affordable price. $675

#EC178 Officer's RCAMC Battle Dress Jacket
Original WWII Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (RCAMC) officer's Battle Dress jacket. Original period badged example with all canvas printed badges issued to troops overseas well sunken into the fabric with the style of zig-zag stitch some collectors attribute to being done in Germany 1945 prior to coming home. The officer also opted to tailor the jackets collar for a more prestigious look. The jacket shows equal wear and patina across all components. Consignor reports the jacket was purchased at a local auction with no further provenance. Nice example of RCAMC officer's jacket to a member of the branch that was definitely overseas. $450

#CD663 Officer's Ammo / Ankle Boots
Original WWII British / Canadian officer's ammo / ankle boots. Nicely maker marked and wartime dated. Perfect mannequin size. Excellent very lightly used condition, ideal set. $325

#CD630 Officer's Battle Dress Trousers
Original WWII Canadian / Commonwealth officer's Battle Dress trousers. Manufactured in high quality officer's grade gabardine fabric to Battle Dress specs. Perfect mannequin display size. This is the only set we've handled so far, much harder to find than the standard wool enlisted examples. $175

#EC177 Canadian Battle Dress Trousers with Tag
Original WWII Canadian Battle Dress trousers. Featuring original cheesecloth manufacturers tag on the rear exterior waste which is almost always missing. Size 32-33 waist, these will fit a normal size modern mannequin. Nicely maker marked from The Maritime Pant Co. Ltd. and featuring C broad arrow stamp. Excellent example all around. $175

#CD554 Canadian Battle Dress Trousers
Original WWII Canadian Battle Dress trousers. Size 32-34 waist, these will fit a normal size modern mannequin. Nicely maker marked and dated 1945, and featuring C broad arrow stamp. Great condition for display with a lightly worn jacket. $125

#EC175 Flight Officer RCAF Service Jacket and Trousers, Named
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) flight officer Service Dress jacket and trousers. Manufactured by Tip Top Tailors and named to two different officers, G.E. Innes and J. Billingsley. Original period badged example with Canada shoulder titles, officer sleeve insignia for the rank of Second Lieutenant, and embroidered RCAF wings. The jacket and trousers shows equal wear and patina across all components. Consignor reports the set was purchased together at a local auction, we have not researched the names. Nice set. $250

#CD257 RCAF Airman Grouping "E.W. Chambers"
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) grouping to Airman E.W. Chambers. The group includes a single identification disc on the original neck string, three "Canada" shoulder titles with one being the printed canvas type produced in England, two Leading Aircraftman insignia, tiny RCAF emblem, RCAF Christmas card, New Testament, Registration Certificate with Chambers information, and personalized blue notebook with some paper still in it. Potential research project, we haven't done any further research since obtaining it. Nice affordable RCAF Airman group. $125
#BS24 Canadian 1942 'Plimsolls' 
Nice matching pair of Canadian manufactured 'Plimsolls' canvas shoes. These were the standard issue PT / gym shoes in khaki for the Army. Manufactured by Dominion Rubber Co. Ltd. in 1942 and marked accordingly on the interior sole of the show. The bottom sole of the shoes are also C broad arrow marked. Perfect matching pair of Plimsoll's that would be very tough to upgrade. No laces present. $125
#CD326 Canadian Army Tank Top Shirt
Original WWII Canadian Army standard issue tank top shirt.  Also used by other branches.  Nice and uncommon shirt to complete your Canadian uniform collection. Looks to be standard period size Medium. $35

#BS147 RN / RCN White Shoes
Original WWII Royal Navy (RN) or Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) white uniform dress shoes. Maker marked and dated 1942. Size 7. Good service used pair with original laces. $125
#BS15 British / Canadian Army Officers Boots
British / Canadian Army officers boots with buckles. Manufactured by John White in 1945, M Fitt, Size 8. War department marked. Super nice condition without flaw and only lightly worn. Shown in use by members of 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion in Germany. This is the perfect set to complete your officer mannequin or display. $425


Original WWII grouping that belonged to Pte James R. Dillon, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. Pte Dillon joined 1CPB on 11 December 1942, and qualified 9 January 1943 at Fort Benning Georgia and joined “A” Company. Dillon moved to HQ Company on 18 August 1943, and parachuted into France on D-Day (5-6 June 1944) where he was captured and became a prisoner of war. After his capture, which is shown in a period photo, Dillon spent the remainder of the war in a Dulag Luft (POW processing camp) at Wetzlar, Germany. This grouping consists of many items. The Battle Dress jacket is period original named to Dillon, the shoulder titles are original period applied, however, the remainder of the insignia is original but collector sourced and was professionally re-attached post-war. With the insignia professionally restored, this group is ready for display out of the box. Another 1 CPB POW from this camp was also known to return home with a stripped tunic. In the photo where Pte Dillon is captured, he is wearing an early Battle Dress tunic with brass hooks that we suspect could be the same tunic. The condition of the tunic is well worn, unlike typical coming home tunics. Dillon’s beret did not have a cap badge while in the consignor's possession, a correct original wartime 1CPB EM brass cap badge has been added. Other items in the group include an interesting framed photo from D-Day, an interesting framed photo from Fort Benning with soldier’s signatures on the reverse, Dillon’s medals, Dillion’s fathers medals from his service, printed death notice and colourized photo, New Testament (named), and a few other little items. This group once belonged to Ken Joyce, a well respected author in the hobby who published “Into the Maelstrom: The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion: History - Insignia - Uniforms” and we have reached out to Ken who has confirmed our description and that the other items all came with the group when he originally obtained it directly in the 1990’s. This is your chance to own an incredibly rare and well documented group, with room for additional research. In all our years of collecting, we’ve never seen another 1CPB D-Day POW group available or in a private collection prior to this. Very scarce and desirable. *Sold*
Attributed 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Battle Dress Group
Original WWII 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Battle Dress uniform worn by Pte Samuel Lange. Prior to enlisting, Samuel was a Canadian of German descent who was a prospector and miner by trade. Samuel volunteered for service on 28th of October, 1943, at age 27. On 12 January 1944 Pte Lange was transferred to the A-35 Canadian Parachute Centre, Camp Shilo, Manitoba. He received his Parachutist qualifications one month later and on June 1, 1944, he qualified as a 3" Mortarman. On July 8th, 1944 Pte Lange embarked for the UK to "proceed on special duty". Once overseas, he was assigned to the 1 Canadian Parachute Training Company (1CPTC) where was put to work as a Mortarman instructor. This is the exact uniform worn in the photo of Pte Lange when he married his beautiful wife at the end of hostilities, as well as in the portrait of him. We suspect based on the fantastic condition of this uniform it must have been very carefully stored perhaps with his wife's wedding dress in the post-war years. The desirable canvas 1CPB titles, Pegasus patches, and genuine wartime Airborne wings are extremely clean and nicely period machine sewn in the expected fashion. The wings on this BD are a "Type 5" English made wing as originally produced and made available for the duration of the war in November 1943, and has been inspected by Ken Joyce in hand. This textbook attributed and period photographed uniform set is the best condition example we've handled from the Parachute Battalion, and from an interesting member of this unit. *Sold*
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Battle Dress Tunic
Original WWII 1st Canadian Division PPCLI Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry battle dress tunic. Impressive original period backed printed insignia. *Sold*
1942 Denison Smock
Original WWII British / Canadian 1942 Denison Smock. Mint condition and without flaw in a desirable large size. *Sold*
1944 Windproof Camouflage Smock
Original WWII British / Commonwealth windproof smock. These loose cut four pocket smocks were introduced late in the war, and saw extensive use with infantry across North West Europe. In the post-WWII years these smocks were used again by Commonwealth soldiers in Korea, the French in Indochina, and were a mainstay of British special forces into the 1970’s. Excellent condition, without any damage or modification and likely unissued, with bright colours in the coveted brushstroke camouflage, features the original makers tag on the interior in “Size I” which fits a standard modern mannequin perfectly. Great jacket. *Sold*

1st Canadian Division Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Dress
Original WWII 1st Canadian Division Royal Canadian Regiment battle dress tunic and field service wedge cap group. Canadian made blouse dated 1943 with original applied insignia nicely sunken in exactly how it should be. Field service wedge cap is also in excellent condition with original cap badge. Good mannequin size set, perfect for a display. Excellent lightly worn condition without any notable flaws just showing a but of honest wear. *Sold*
2nd Canadian Division Calgary Highlanders Battle Dress
Original WWII Canadian Calgary Highlanders battle dress tunic and head dress grouping. Canadian made blouse dated 1944 with original applied insignia nicely sunken in exactly how it should be. Good large mannequin size, perfect for a combat display. Excellent condition set in lightly worn condition without any notable flaws. *Sold*

1st Canadian Division Signals Sergeant Battle Dress Tunic
Original WWII 1st Canadian Division signals sergeant battle dress tunic. Original period applied insignia including printed 1st Div flash with R.C.C.S. marking (Royal Canadian Corps of Signals), printed Canada titles, overseas bars, and Sergeant rank chevrons. Good mannequin size. Nice honest worn condition, probably a field worn working battle dress, there is no noticeable moth damage or signs or bad storage. Produced in Jan 1943, when looking at the date it could read 43 or mistakingly read 45, however the tunic confirms it is a 43 based on the early collar closure and early buttons. This is a great WWII tunic that very likely saw action in Italy. *Sold*
Royal Rifles of Canada, Hong Kong and POW Veteran Grouping
Original WWII Canadian grouping that belonged to Rifleman Joseph C. Frenette. Rfn. Frenette fought in Hong Kong in 1941. At the end of the battle he was taken as a prisoner of war until the end of hostilities in 1945, when he arrived home to live the rest of his life. He was one of the survivors who lived through years of cruelty and hard labour at the hands of the Japanese guards. The included photos show Frenette prior to shipping off to Hong Kong (Original photo) a photo showing him in uniform upon being returned to Canada at the end of hostilities (Copy) and a photo of him outside of his home in Victoria B.C. during the 1970's (Original photo). Also included in the grouping is Frenette's cap, with cap badge and backing. When this group was acquired from the family by another collector, Frenette's wife stated he had this cap with him in the POW camp, however it is in surprisingly good condition if that is the case(?). Frenette's rare and nice Royal Rifles of Canada lanyard. Frenette's uniform removed Royal Rifles of Canada shoulder title, as well as golden thread 'CANADA' title which seem to appear only in Hong Kong groupings but not much is currently known about these rare titles. Frenette's uniform removed overseas bars including the 39'r bar. And most exciting, Frenette's uniform removed Hong Kong patch and very rare Hong Kong pin/button (All of this insignia is shown in wear in the photo from the end of the war!). These kind of groupings to soldiers who survived famous battles and captivity are extremely uncommon, Hong Kong groups rarely ever come around and this one includes a nice cap as well as very rare insignia items. *Sold*
Pte Nauss #51550 Named Battle Dress Grouping, 1 Canadian Army HQ
Original WWII Canadian Battle Dress grouping of Pte. Nauss #51550. Pte Nauss landed in France in July 1944 and was a driver attached to the Lincoln & Welland Regiment until April 1945 when he ended up with 1 Canadian Army Headquarters. This battle dress represents his time with 1 Cdn Army HQ. Pte Nauss would have been involved with moving troops to some tough battles. The group includes his battle dress blouse, trousers, and a letter found within one of the pockets. His battle dress blouse is appropriately 1944 dated, and his trousers while having faint markings are WWII Canadian issue as well. Both his blouse and trousers are nicely named, which is rather uncommon. All insignia is period applied and everything is completely untouched exactly how it came home. We have a digital copy of his file which will be e-mailed to the buyer, it is shown in the photos. *Sold*
Glengarrians D-Day Veteran Cpl Darling Grouping
Original WWII Canadian grouping to Glengarrian infantry D-Day veteran Cpl Darling C53800. Cpl Darling departed for England with the Glengarrians in 1941 and took part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France on 6 June 1944.  While the unit pushed into France, Cpl Darling was shot in the stomach during a firefight with the Germans.  Once wounded, Cpl Darling required multiple surgeries in England prior to returning home.  The first letter home to his mother Cpl Darling describes the fighting in France one month after landing on D-Day prior to being wounded. The first letter to mom avoids any grim details and talks mostly about the weather and the Canadians strong fighting ability, he says he has good morale thanks to a steady supply of cigarettes. The second letter to his mom he informs her that he is recovering from multiple surgeries to remove a bullet from his stomach. Reading the second letters it seems Cpl Darling is somewhat relieved to let his mother know he is going to be okay despite his wounds and he will be returning home alive and well. We found the letters to be very enjoyable to read.  Aside from the important historical letters, there are several other rare artifacts included. The first highlight is a rare and desirable canvas 'GLENGARRIANS CANADA' shoulder title along with his cap badge (one broken lug) and ribbon bar.  The biggest highlight of this group is something we have never encountered before, Cpl Darling was photographed by a Canadian Army photographer holding a captured Nazi armband and this photo was published in a 1945 dated newspaper with an interesting story about how the armband supposedly came from the 'SS trooper' who shot him, and states he 'got him with a grenade'. Is it possible this story is true?  We're not so sure, but what is definitely true is that the included Nazi armband is the EXACT armband he is shown holding in the photo. The armband as a nice original NSDAP armband with machine woven swastika. The group includes everything shown in the above photos. This is a GREAT group that you will enjoy from a real D-Day infantryman who was wounded in direct action defeating the Third Reich.  Fresh out of the woodwork and never in a collection before, came out of shoebox at the families estate that was not opened since the 1950's. *Sold*
#BS95 3A/T RCA 3rd Canadian Division Battle Dress
Original WWII Canadian 3rd Division 3 Anti-Tank (A/T) Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) battle dress grouping.  This small unit landed on D-Day with the 3rd Canadian division and fought in the Normandy campaign, there is a fair bit of information published about them. The well sunken down period applied insignia is zig-zag machine sewn and toned to an almost golden colour that really makes the badges look impressive. The battle dress tunic itself is Canadian made and faintly dated 1944. The beret, in matching nice lightly worn condition is also 1944 dated with the original cap badge in place that has never been removed. On this uniform is a twisted red and blue lanyard, we are unsure why it has what may be an RCOC lanyard on it but this is how it was received, the lanyard can be easily removed but we are including it and leaving the decision up to the next owner. This is the ultimate 3rd Division 3 A/T RCA uniform group. *Sold*
#BS116 CANLOAN Lieutenant's King's Own Scottish Borderers Battle Dress
Original WWII battle dress tunic for a Canadian CANLOAN Lieutenant with the King's Own Scottish Borderers. The battle dress tunic itself is a British made example with original tag in Size No. 9 and dated 1945. The original period applied insignia includes scarlet infantry branch Lieutenants pips, Canada titles, and the tartan patch of the King's Own Scottish Borderers to which this Canadian officer was attached. *Sold*
#CD339 Anti-Aircraft Command Brigadier Major General's Battle Dress Tunic 
Original WWII British Army Anti-Aircraft Command (AA Command, or "Ack-Ack Command") Brigadier Major General's Battle Dress tunic. Privately tailored tunic constructed to the highest quality for the most prestigious look for a senior officer 
including padded shoulders and silk lining, much higher quality than a standard issue tunic for junior ranks.  Original period badged with Brigadier collar tabs and Major General pip and swords sewn directly to the shoulder straps.  Anti-Aircraft Command formation patch originally sewn to each sleeve and full set of ribbons originally hand sewn to the chest. The client who sold us this tunic reports it was purchased on e-bay many years ago with no provenance. It's possible with research there is potential to figure out who it belonged to, since there wouldn't have been many Brigadier Major General's of Anti-Aircraft Command during WWII with these ribbons. A really nice tunic for a high ranking officer of the British Army. *Sold*
#CD131 5th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA Battle Dress Grouping
Original WWII 5th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA, battle dress grouping including battle dress tunic, beret, and named gun drill manual for the 40-MM A.A. gun.   The named gun drill manual was in the pocket as we received it, it could be the owners name but we have no way to confirm, it was left entirely as found.  All original wartime machine applied insignia nicely sunken down exactly how it should be.  A great group ready to be displayed from an interesting AA unit. *Sold*
#CD010 3rd Canadian Division RCA Captain's Battle Dress Tunic
Original WWII 3rd Canadian Division Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) battle dress tunic. Original period applied insignia including canvas 3rd DIV patches.  Div patches and Canada titles are machine applied. Three overseas bars.  Good mannequin size and nicely marked and dated 1943. Excellent condition showing just some normal period wear, there is no noticeable moth damage or signs of bad storage. This is a nice rare tunic and ready for your Canadian Normandy display, original 3rd Div battle dress are becoming increasingly difficult to find. *Sold*
#CD319 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Battle Dress
Original WWII 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (1CPB) Battle Dress Tunic. Worn condition, the left sleeve has a minor snag and the original insignia shows use and fading. This tunic features a rare period applied English made airborne wing, these wings are very tough to find on the loose and even harder to find period applied to Battle Dress. These wings are described as Private Purchase 4 (PP4) in Ken Joyce's book "Jump Wings" and we had him confirm these wings in hand. Other desirable insignia includes canvas printed 1CPB shoulder titles, and English made embroidered Pegasus patches, and wound stripe which had fallen off and carefully put back in place in the original holes. All the insignia is period machine sewn in place. The base tunic is a Canadian example, the markings aside from the C broad arrow have faded. NOTE: We have added a pair of yellow slips to complete the tunic, they are constructed of vintage no-glow fabric and the first of this variety we've encountered, they are being included as a bonus. Aside from the addition of yellow slips and re-attaching the wound stripe, this tunic is undisturbed as found with no provenance. Scarce. *Sold*
#CD143 1st Canadian Division Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Dress Group 
Original WWII 1st Canadian Division RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) Private’s battle dress tunic and 1944 beret. Original period applied insignia includes a trade specialist chevron, 1st Canadian Division flashes, Royal Canadian Regiment shoulder titles, wound stripe, ribbons, 8th Army shoulder flash, and two year wartime service chevrons. All of the insignia is original machine applied, sunken down exactly how they should be with loose threads on the sleeve interior. The battle dress tunic itself is Canadian made example, the date is somewhat obscured but based on the button closure of the collar is likely 1944 or 1945. Included is a nice 1944 dated RCR beret with original wartime applied cap badge in matching lightly worn condition. *Sold*
#TT1 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade RCASC Battle Dress Tunic
Original WWII Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC) 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade Battle Dress tunic. This Brigade consisted of the armoured regiments the 1st Hussars, Fort Garry Horse, Sherbrooke Fusiliers, and “C” Squadron of The Elgins. The brigade saw action from D-Day to the end of the war. RCASC members of this brigade were responsible for holding, moving, and issuing to the brigade food, ammunition, POL, and any other necessary equipment - a daunting task for an armoured brigade while in combat. This tunic is in service worn condition, with original period badging including titles and brigade patches that are machine sewn and well sunken down, with some thread coming undone on the bottom portion of the wearer’s right side shoulder title. The collar has been opened up for a more stylish look when coming home at the end of hostilities. *Sold*