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#EC78 WW1 French Mle. 1886/1915 Lebel Rifle Cruciform Spike Bayonet
Original WW1 French Mle. 1886/1915 Lebel rifle cruciform spike bayonet. Excellent lightly used condition with nice blade and original factory finish on all parts. $175


#F003 French 'Adrian' M1915 Artillery Helmet
Original WWI M1915 French 'Adrian' artillery helmet.  Excellent original condition and never cleaned or messed with.  Original factory dark horizon blue paint with large 'RF' flaming bomb insignia and crossed cannons. Nice liner and chinstrap that seems to have been in place forever. Name etched into the from inner rim, and a small nail size hole in the rear rim I am unsure the purpose of. This is a wonderful example of the iconic WWII French helmet that would be tough to upgrade. *Sold*

Original French Foreign Legion photo album. This Legionnaire was a member of 4 REI who was sent to Vietnam to participate in the battle of Dien Bien Phu before returning to Morocco. The photos in the album are an amazing glimpse into all aspects of life of a French Legionnaire in the 1950's. The album has over 125 photos, with some bonus duplicates at the back which are not shown. Look closely and you will see photos in combat, at various outposts, relaxing, weapons, friends graves, vehicles, woman, and much more. The FFL and 4 REI in particular are a small and elite fighting force, and photo albums of this quality just don't ever come around. This would be the centrepiece of any FFL photo collection, you won't be disappointed. *Sold*
French WWI M1877 2-litre Canteen
Original French WWI M1877 2-litre canteen. Solid example constructed of tinned steel with no dents or damage and complete with all straps, caps, and strings. *Sold*

#VN032 French Algerian War "Lizard Camouflage" Utility Uniform
Original French "Lizard Camouflage" utility uniform theatre made in Algeria for purchase by AFN / Commandos and other elites during the 1954-1962 Algerian War. Consisting of field utility jacket and trousers, the camouflage pattern is printed on herringbone (HBT) fabric. There is a size tag in the collar of jacket "44-46" and ink stamp "44" in the trousers. The overall size is a small / medium typical of the period. Excellent unissued condition without flaw. Scarce. *Sold*

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