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ATTENTION: These are original Third Reich flags and banners captured by Allied soldiers. They are offered for sale for the purposes of educational historical displays, military collections, and museums only.
#RG222 Captured NSDAP Banner / Flag Cutout 
Original WWII NSDAP banner or flag cutout featuring the swastika section. Soldiers often cut up uniforms and flags to take souvenirs that would be easier to fit into their pockets or field packs. This is a printed example that was often sewn onto a larger double-sided red backing, it was removed at the stitching. The cutout is 13" in diameter. This example surfaced in the United States and is presumably a war trophy from an American soldier. $135


Kriegsmarine 80x135cm Reich War Flag
Original WWII German Kriegsmarine Reich war flag. Ideal size for a historical display 80 x 135 cm. Nicely marked with Kriegsmarine eagle over M, size markings, and makers information. Well constructed with reinforced corners and rope halyard. Excellent condition with bright colours. *Sold*
Captured Vehicle Recognition Flag
Original WWII German vehicle recognition flag measuring approximately 75 x 100 cm with steel grommets in the corners for tying down on a vehicle hood or tank engine deck. Captured by L/Cpl Legatto, F. in France on 17 September 1944; on this day the 3rd Canadian Division began Operation Wellhit to capture the fortified town of Boulogne in Northern France. Lightly field used condition, as to be expected. Interesting flag captured by the Canadian Army. *Sold*
#G2579 Division Command Pennant 
Original WWII German Division Command Pennant. Typical period construction with two steel rings for vehicle mounting. Lightly used condition showing age. *Sold*
Hitler Jugend Pennant
Original WWII German Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) pennant. Two sided multi-piece construction with small tie strings still present. The Hitler Jugend used a wide variety of small decorative pennants such as this one at during special events and at meeting locations.  This example surfaced in Canada at the estate of a Canadian soldier. *Sold*
#CD13 Captured NSDAP Vehicle Pennant
Original WWII NSDAP double sided vehicle pennant with white detailed multi-piece construction. Appears to have once had provisions for attaching to a vehicle, with one steel ring remaining. Possibly removed from a destroyed vehicle, with some soiling and wear. This example surfaced in Canada and is presumably a war trophy from a Canadian soldier. *Sold*
NSDAP / National Banner
Original WWII German NSDAP / National banner. This banner is manufactured in a desirable size measuring 52" by 26" (Inches). These banners were popular souvenirs taken by Allied soldiers, as seen in many period photos.  Banners and flags were not only all over Third Reich Germany but also often used to identify tanks and vehicles for aerial recognition in the field. The banner is free of any notable damage, with only very minor fading and light soiling. *Sold*
#DD1 Captured NSDAP Building Banner / Flag
Original WWII German NSDAP captured building banner / flag. This is the type of banner that would have been hung from official government buildings, and this example is a medium size measuring approximately 44" x 72" (Inches). The banner is double sided and features multi-piece construction with reinforced edges and rope hangers in each top corner. The white disk centre panels are sewn in place on each side with printed swastikas, and there are some traces of the dots along one of the edges that was used to guide in sewing. Given the high quality of construction on this example, it was likely hung somewhere significant. Consignor reports he acquired the flag from a client at his Barber shop in Rohrerstown, PA, and the veteran's name was Charles Starr, U.S. Army (Now deceased) who acquired the banner from a building entering Germany in 1945. Charles' other souvenirs included a mint CZMd.27 7.65 cal. pistol and holster the consignor is keeping. Background; This flag came into use initially as the banner of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) after its foundation. Following the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor in 1933, this flag was adopted as one of the nation's dual national flags, the other being the black-white-red triband of the German Empire. This is an excellent example that would be appropriate for a museum or collection display featuring information on the period of the Third Reich. *Sold*
#G2548 Panzer / Vehicle Recognition Flag
Original WWII German panzer / vehicle recognition flag used by all branches of the wehrmacht. Features metal grommets in the corners of the flag for tying down on a vehicle hood or tank engine deck. Approximately 36 x 28” (Inches) which is a desirable size suitable for historical displays. Field used condition, with patina and stains from service and storage. These flags were common souvenirs taken by Allied soldiers, as seen in many period photos. This example surfaced in Canada and is presumably a Canadian soldiers war trophy. *Sold*
NSDAP 40" x 18" Pennant
Original WWII German NSDAP "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" double sided pennant in a large size measuring 40" x 18" (Inches).  During the Third Reich, swastika adorned flags, banners, and pennants like this one were used at every opportunity by the NSDAP to reinforce their political party to the general populace of Germany. Based on the short ropes sewn into the top of the pennant, we suspect this was once part of a long string of pennants hanging across a street or similar venue. Multi-piece construction with white circle containing printed swastika zig-zag stitched on both sides, hemmed edges, and concealed rope at the top. This interesting and well constructed pennant is a good usable size for any historical display. *Sold*
80x135cm Reich War Flag
Original WWII German Reich war flag. Ideal size for historical display measuring 80 x 135 cm. Marked "Kr.Fl.80X135" with makers information "Textildruck Arlt Inh. Oskar u. Kurt Arlt Schönheide / Erzgeb". Excellent condition with bright colours showing genuine patina, in lightly flown condition with a couple tiny snags. Well constructed with reinforced corners and rope halyard. *Sold*
#G2388 Me109 G/K Vertical Stabilizer Cutout
Original WWII German late war Luftwaffe Me109 G/K vertical stabilizer cutout battlefield souvenir. This is one of the wooden examples that is engineered from thin veneers. The exterior features a swastika over interesting spray camouflage pattern. This example surfaced in the United States and is presumably a US veteran souvenir. There's an interesting ink stamp on the reverse as well, and marking from the veneer / plywood supplier. Overall, this is one of the best veteran cutouts from a German wartime aircraft we have handled or seen. Ready for any collection or museum. *Sold*

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