#CD389 RAF Money Belt
Original WWII Royal Air Force (RAF) or Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) money belt carried by aviators for a variety of roles including escape and evasion. Nice example, named to Canadian aviator with nice "RAF 1940" markings, excellent condition without damage and just lightly period used. Cool accessory. $50 
#CD391 Cased Gillette Safety Razor Kit
Original WWII Canadian cased Gillette safety razor kit. Standard WWII issue, the razor is dated 1932 and made in Canada. Gillette is still a popular razor in Canada to this day. A really nice top condition set. $50
#CD392 Pair of Boot Brushes
Original WWII pair of boot brushes, the brushes were likely stuck together since the war so we left them undisturbed, one is the popular "Briton" brush and the other has a makers mark and service number that is too faint too read. Nice pair of boot brushes. $20
#CD382 Antwerpen Postcards
Original WWII era postcards from Antwerpen taken home by a Canadian soldier as a souvenir, or perhaps intended for later use. Complete with all 10 postcards. $20
#CD381 Metropolitan Map of Yorkshire, England
Original WWII era metropolitan fold out map of Yorkshire, England. Used by Canadian soldiers while on leave. $20
#CD057 Eye Shield Anti Gas MKII 
Original WWII Canadian made Eye Shield Anti Gas MKII. This is for one individual eye shield. $5 / each
#CD219 Eye Shield Anti Gas MKII 
Original WWII Canadian made Eye Shield Anti Gas MKII sets. These go inside MKI and MKII gas mask carriers and are often missing from gas mask sets. This is your chance to complete your gas masks. They are 1942 or 1943 dated with C broad arrows stamped on the cardboard packaging. Each individual cardboard package contains 5-6 eye shields, priced per cardboard package. Nice accessory for a good price. The last two photos show where they go inside the gas mask sets. $20 / each
#CD373 Postcards from Aalst, Belgium
Original WWII era set of postcards from Aalst, Belgium. Purchased by a Canadian solider while on leave as a souvenir. $20
#CD286 Ticket Home - Sergeant Vic Ayling
Original WWII ticket to board the troop ship home issued to Sergeant Vic Ayling including a newspaper clipping discussing the horrors of desert warfare and some of his thoughts about issues facing American soldiers in Desert Storm.  Some veterans didn't keep much, and it's quite possible after experiencing the war first hand the only thing Vic wanted to keep was his ticket home. Cool small item with provenance. $25 
#CD234 Tea Ration
Original WWII British / Canadian tea ration tin. This empty tin is in original but salty condition with some dents to the bottom but still opens and closes fine.  The stencilling is still mostly readable despite the surface corrosion. $75
#DW28 Australian 1943 Shell Dressing and Small Pouch
Lot containing original WWII Australian 1943 dated shell dressing and small named pouch. $20
#BS68 Emergency Ration
Rare original WWII emergency ration tin. These emergency rations were issued to a wide variety of troops including paratroopers prior to departing on operations. This empty tin is in nice condition with only some minor dents, most of the finish is gone from the exterior and it has a nice uncleaned patina. Cool ration item. $95
#BS27 Canadian Tin Can Ration 
Very scarcer original WWII Canadian tin can ration complete with contents and never opened. C broad arrow on top and bottom of can. The vacuum packed contents of this tin can ration are unknown. We do not suggest opening or attempting to eat this long expired ration.  $225
#CD113 Ointment Anti-Gas No. 2 Container
Original WWII container for ointment anti-gas No. 2.  Good condition, some surface rust but nice and readable instructions still intact with just a couple little minor dents. No contents. $25
Original WWII Anti-Dimming Mk V. Contents still intact. 1939 dated. Nice. $25
Original WWII Anti-Dimming Mk VI. Good condition, contents still intact. $20
Original WWII Anti-Dimming Mk VI. Plane red example. Good condition, contents still intact. $20 
#BS53 CAPO Haversack and Web Cleanser
Original WWII CAPO haversack and web cleanser manufactured in Canada. Never opened, feels to still have full contents. Nice item to complete a foot locker or personal items display. $20

#BS52 1 3/4 Oz. Foot Powder
Original WWII standard 1 3/4 oz. foot powder container for individual use. Manufactured by C. (E) LTD. and likely unused still with contents. $20

#BS51 16 oz. Foot Powder
Original WWII 16 oz. foot powder manufactured by BOOTS PURE DRUG CO. LTD. Packed 3/40. Unopened with contents still inside. Likely this 16 oz. size was kept in stores for re-filling the soldiers small steel foot powder container. $30
#CD042 White Blanco - Manufactured by Ocaldo in England 
Unused puck of Ocaldo white blanco, manufactured in England. Surprisingly good condition still sealed and not cracked!  Classic item for the foot locker of a Commonwealth soldier. $25


#CD126 Emergency Flying Ration Mk II
Original WWII Emergency Flying Ration Mk II. Never opened with contents still intact! WWII dated example 7/44. Rare ration, this would be nearly impossible to upgrade. *Sold*
#CD156 Coffee Mug
Original WWII brown enamel coffee much, either Canadian or British made. Nice accessory, not commonly available. *Sold*
#BS73 Tooth Brush
Original WWII Canadian issue tooth brush. Constructed of a strange plastic that has aged in a weird way over the last 75+ years. An uncommon accessory that is necessary to complete a small pack or personal items display. *Sold*
Original WWII Canadian Chaplain’s wallet. This wallet is embossed to WM. A. L. CLAY CHAPLAIN MAJ.  Maj Clay would have carried this wallet while sharing the hardships and perils of the soldiers he was there to advise. Chaplain’s were attached to all the divisions and battalions, and these men often saw combat themselves caring for and evacuating the wounded under fire.   Given the small size of the branch, any original Chaplain items are particularly hard to find and very desirable.  United Carr snaps and tempered steel hooks, possibly for dog tags (?). This is a nice wallet that has ‘been there’ and survived in good honest used condition with nice personalization. A great item for a Chaplain collector, or any WWII collection. *Sold*
#MC6 Canadian Army Dog Tags / ID Tags Complete Set
Original WWII Canadian Army dog tags to A.J. Prewett. Regimental number B84910, consulting Clive Law's book Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army this number belongs to No.2 Dist Depot, RCASC. Uncommon to find a complete set of dog tags with the third gas mask tag. *Sold*
#CD338 1940 Canadian Field Dressing
Original WWII 1940 dated Canadian field dressing. This is one of the types often seen stored between the helmet shell and net. *Sold*
#CD337 1945 Pocket Calendar for a QOR Rifleman
Original WWII 1945 pocket calendar with provenance to a Rifleman of The Queen's Own Rifle of Canada. *Sold*
#BS166 Lend-Lease Remington .455 Webley Mark II Ammunition Box
Original WWII Canadian empty ammunition box that contained 50 cartridges of Remington .455 Webley, Mark II. These boxes were provided to Canada under lend-lease and are identified as such by the "AUG 1941 LOT 2" stamp on the reverse. Perfect for display and since it's empty it can be shipped anywhere. *Sold*
#CD378 1944 Canadian Mark III Field Dressing
Original WWII January 1944 dated Canadian Mark III field dressing. This is one of the types often seen stored between the helmet shell and net. Great example. *Sold*
#CD390 1940's Short Cigarette Holder
Original WWII / 1940's short cigarette holder. A useful accessory for soldiers smoking in the field. Appears to be made of bakelite. Complete with case. $20 *On Hold*