#CD406 Canadian Army Suspenders
Original WWII Canadian Army suspenders. Textbook example with “Police” braces which was standard, that’s what was available at time of production, and C broad arrow stamp. Top condition set, it would be hard to upgrade these ones. $75 *On Hold*
#BS192 British 14-Inch No. 14 X10 Trench Periscope by Ross Ltd. of London
Original WWII British / Commonwealth 14-Inch No. 14 X 10 Trench Periscope by Ross Ltd. of London. Excellent working condition with clear optics, see photo taken using this periscope. Used for observing the enemy and plotting attacks from behind cover. This example comes with wooden handle monopod for easy mobile holding and viewing. Top example. $200
#BS191 Toolmakers Spring-Type Caliper and Divider
Original WWII British / Commonwealth toolmakers spring type caliber and divider. Maker marked Moore & Wright of Sheffield England, with electro pencil British broad arrow over the letter S and the year 1944 markings on the top of the spring. Mint working condition with original pliofilm protector still over the steel tips. Intended for wartime engineering, these spring type calipers and dividers were also used in shops and for measuring distances on maps as they provided a great deal of accuracy for various tasks. Interesting accessory. $35
#CD399 South African Army Three Buckle Leg Gaiters
Original WWII South African Army high leg three buckle canvas gaiters. Marked size 14 X 12 1/2 and stamped with South African broad arrow which used the /|\ mark inside a ‘U’. Unissued pair showing just some age from longterm storage. Excellent set. $45
#CD386 REL 7x50 No. 5 CDN Mk 2/4 Binoculars with Case
Original WWII Canadian REL 7x50 No. 5 CDN Mk 2/4 binoculars. Manufactured in 1945 and refurbished by C.A.L. in 1950. This is a great set of binoculars in good working order, it would be nearly impossible to find better quality for the price. Complete with original rubber case. $100
#CD387 Canadian P37 Water Bottle
Original WWII Canadian / Commonwealth P37 water bottle. Good lightly used condition, with strap has been done up since WWII (These straps are often shrunk if left undone). Top example. $50
#CD393 Full Length 106" Pair of Riding Putties
Original WWII Canadian full length 106" pair of riding putties. Excellent condition, matching pair. Scarce set of putties. $50
#DW52 No. 36 "Mills Bomb" Hand Grenade
Original WWII Canadian No. 36 "Mills Bomb" hand grenade. This is a DEWAT (Deactivated War Trophy) and we will only ship this item to destinations within Canada. Excellent example, with original lacquer coating. $350
#CD379 Canadian P37 Tanker Drop Leg Holster
Original WWII Canadian / Commonwealth P37 Tanker drop leg holster. Nicely maker marked "Z.L.&T. LTD." and dated "1943" with Canadian C broad arrow. Includes C broad arrow marked cleaning rod that appears original to it. Mint condition. $300
#SA1 Multi Tool / Rigger Tool
Original WWII Commonwealth multi-tool / rigging knife. Features a single-edged blade, can opener, Marlin spike, and loop for a lanyard. Marked "England" with “45172” stamped into the checkered grips. Issued to airborne troops but these also saw widespread use with other branches as well. Good condition example with interesting grips. $55
#BP26 P37 Webbing Shoulder Straps / Suspenders
Original WWII British / Commonwealth P37 webbing shoulder straps / suspenders. Field used condition. $40
#BS183 Boric Acid Containers
Original WWII Commonwealth boric acid containers. These small containers are in good condition, one painted green and one in black. Empty, no contents. $25
#BS172 British Military Blood Transfusion Devices
Original WWII British / Commonwealth blood transfusion devices including hypodermic needles. Overall good used condition, rubber tubing is stiff and glass vile has one broken tip. Interesting lot of medical items. $65
#BS171 British Military Medical Bowl
Original WWII British / Commonwealth military bowl for medical purposes. Maker marked and dated 1941. Excellent condition with strong chrome finish. $30

#BS157 1942 Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle (Empty)
Original WWII Hydrogen Peroxide bottle (Empty - no contents) dated 1942.  Scarce medical bottle that contained 20oz. of Hydrogen Peroxide that was widely used during WWII for treating wounds and preventing infection. $225

#BS155 1 Pound Raritan Absorbent Cotton
1 pound of original WWII Raritan absorbent cotton. This 1 pound package would have been used for treating large wounds at advanced aid stations. Canadian made by Johnson & Johnson, never opened in original waxed paper packaging. $65

#BS161 Pressure Cooker for Field Rations
Original WWII British / Canadian pressure cooker for rations.  Pressure cooking is an efficient method of heating field rations where the pot does not permit steam to escape below a preset pressure.  The boiling point of water increases as the pressure increases, the pressure built up inside the cooker allows the liquid in the cooking pot to rise to a higher temperature before boiling, allowing soldiers to cook rations in the most efficient manner possible in the field. Similar pressure cookers are still in use with todays Armed Forces.  This WWII example is British made with makers information, broad arrow, and 1944 date.  The cooker is in lightly used condition, and is a great example in working order without damage. $100

#CD328 Canadian Gas Hood
Original WWII Canadian gas hood in two tone camouflage. Constructed of a rubberized material, this example is much better than average and still supple. Nice makers information and dated 1942. One small area of trim has snagged and come a bit loose. $40

#CD291 Heavy Duty Ammunition / Utility Carrier
Original WWII British heavy duty ammunition utility carrier. This rare piece of British / Commonwealth field gear is an early tactical vest with front and rear pouches and padded shoulders for carrying heavy munitions such as mortar rounds. Seen in period photos used by elite units including Airborne soldiers to more efficiently carry ammunition on the battle field. Similar in design to what is now used by the military as an armoured plate carrier. Maker marked and dated 1944 on the straps. Scarce piece of field gear. $450

#CD302 British / Canadian Amphibious Assault Life Preserver Belt (D-Day)
Original WWII British / Canadian amphibious assault life preserver belt, this is the exact type worn on D-Day and other amphibious landings by Commonwealth soldiers. This life preserver is in mint / unissued condition and cannot be upgraded. Essential piece of kit to complete your D-Day or other amphibious assault mannequin or display!  It would be extremely tough to find another one this nice. $150

#BS146 RCASC South Alberta Regiment Duffel Bag
Original WWII Canadian Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC), 4th Armoured Division, South Alberta Regiment, personalized duffel bag of Trooper "S. Gillies".  The South Alberta Regiment was the Armoured Recce Regiment of the 4th Armoured Division, and were deployed to Northern France in June 1944 taking part in the later battles of the invasion of Normandy including Operation Totalize, closing the Falaise pocket, and Operation Tractable. They later participated in the liberation of the Netherlands and the Battle of the Scheldt.  In January 1945 they took part in the battle for the Kapelsche Veer and spent the last  weeks of the war in Northern Germany. Breakdown of markings on the duffel: the green square with maple leaf is the formation sign of 4th Armoured Division, below it the square with "45" represents the South Alberta Regiment, and Trooper Gillies has taken some artistic license by proudly placing it over top of the RCASC coloured unit sign of red and green. The Regimental Number "M50860" was assigned to No 13 District Depot (Alberta). We have not done any further research, but this has the potential to be an exciting research project for the next owner.  One of the coolest duffel bags we've handled so far! $750

#BS97 Canadian Navy Seabag Featuring "Porky Pig"
Original WWII Royal Canadian Navy seabag with war art featuring "Porky Pig" and Kisbee ring aboard H.M.C.S. Charlottetown where the sailor who once owned this seabag served.  The seabag belonged to RCN Sailor D.R. Bearham and includes his full address in Edson, Alberta. There were two H.M.C.S. Charlottetown's that served Canada during WWII, the first of the name was a Flower Class corvette commissioned in 1941 and sunk by German u-boats in 1942.  The second of the name was a River Class frigate commissioned in 1944 which survived the war and kept sailing until 1947. This would be a potentially good research project for the next owner. One of a kind, this artistic seabag would make a nice centrepiece for a Royal Canadian Navy collection. $750

#BS100 Early Canadian Army Amphibious Assault Lifebelt
Scarce original WWII Canadian lifebelt as issued to amphibious assault troops, commandos, and beach parties. In good displayable used condition and still tightly holds air. Ideal for a Dieppe or D-Day display. $185
#BG11 British Paratrooper Knee Pads
Original WWII British / Canadian paratroopers knee pads. These were also issued to SOE for airborne operations.  Each knee pad is maker marked and dated 1943 with British broad arrow. Overall excellent / unissued condition, with some yellowing on the white stretchy material. Great pair of rare airborne knee pads. $145
#DW25 British Army Winter Gloves
Original WWII British Army winter gloves. Maker marked on the interior. These are British made but also issued to Canadian soldiers. The U.S. Army had a shortage of winter whites during the Battle of the Bulge and also acquired British kit. $25

#DW16 No2 MKIII Binoculars with P37 Case and Neck Strap
Original WWII No2 MKIII binoculars with P37 webbing hard case and leather neck strap. The binoculars are marked "BINO. PRISM. No2 MKIII" with graticules, they are also serial numbered and British broad arrow marked. The binoculars are in excellent working order, we tested them outdoors and they are very effective with good clarity and clear graticules. The carrying case is a mint condition 1941 Canadian example manufactured by ZL&T with clear markings. The original leather neck straps are all present and in working order. Excellent set. $200

#BS16 Canadian Issue Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. 6 x 30 Military Binoculars
Rare original WWII Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. military stereo 6 x 30 binoculars manufactured in Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A.  Marked on leather case and and on binoculars themselves with C broad arrow. Named in the case, and initials scratched into binoculars. Service used but very good condition. Neck lanyard and all other components complete and in good working order. We tested them outside, they seemed to work very well given the age with pretty good clarity. Nice set. $150

#CD209 Wool Blanket
Original WWII Canadian issue wool blanket in excellent condition. Nicely marked with C broad arrow in WWII fashion. We have inspected the blanket and there are no stains or insect damage. $200
#CD205 Tin Ammo Container for 3 Signal Cartridges in Red
Original WWII tin ammunition container for 3 signal rounds in red. Nicely marked and dated 6/44. Empty, no contents. $40
#CD203 Wool Trigger Gloves
Original WWII Canadian brown wool gloves with trigger finger. Unissued condition, still attached together from the factory with a small string. We have attached a photo of the label from the bundle these came from. $35
#BP16 Pre-WWII P08 Large Pack
Original pre-WWII Canadian P08 large pack manufactured by M.E.Co in 1927. Good lightly used condition with regimental number stamped inside the flap and also applied by hand to the reverse of the pack. The regimental number K76166 belongs to an unallotted Infantry unit based on Clive Law's book "Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army". This pack would have seen service from the inter-war period through WWII.  This style of pack would have eventually been replaced by the P37 large pack which was very similar. Uncommon pack variation. $40
#BS125 No. 38 Mark II Wireless Set Harness
Original WWII canvas skeleton harness set to carry the No. 38 Mark II wireless radio. Unissued condition and nicely maker marked. $250
#BS124 Knee Pads
Original WWII hard leather knee pads with straps and felt padding. Issued to soldiers who operated artillery and mortars who were required to kneel on one knee, probably saw more widespread use as well. Broad arrow marked, excellent condition. $30
#BS101 Single Ration Canister Carrier
Original WWII single ration canister carrier. When hot rations could not be delivered to men in the field by truck, this pack was used to carry a single ration canister. Constructed of canvas with fibre stiffening pads in the back and bottom to help maintain the shape of the pack. Nicely maker marked and dated 1942. It's likely in combat these packs were also used for other tasks, such as carrying mortar rounds and other types of ammunition. $95
#BS102 RCAF P37 Small Pack with Strap
Original WWII RCAF P37 small pack with strap. Service used condition. $40
#BS105 Wireless Set No. 38 Aerial Case for F sections
Original WWII Wireless Set No. 38 aerial case for F sections. British made and maker marked MECO and dated 1943. A very rare No. 38 set accessory pouch. Service used with some soiling but complete without damage. $135
#BS110 RAF Type D64 MK1/A 1943 Detonator Case
Original WWII Royal Air Force case for the D64 MK1/A detonator used for arming aerial bombs. The case is well made of steel with closure pin and rubber lining. It's a small case, measuring only 2" deep by 2 1/2" Wide and 7 1/4" long. Nice little case to complete a WWII RAF / Bomber Command collection. $65
#BS79 Measuring Tape
Original WWII measuring tape made in London with broad arrow acceptance stamp. This is a heavy duty military measuring tape that was likely used for a wide variety of tasks. Uncommon piece of gear. $50
#BS86 Knee Pads
Original WWII hard leather knee pads with straps. Issued to soldiers who operated artillery and mortars who were required to kneel on one knee, probably saw more widespread use as well. Broad arrow marked, excellent condition. $30
#BS90 P37 Compass Pouch
Original WWII Canadian P37 compass pouch with hard shell and felt lined interior to protect the compass from damage. Manufactured by ZL&T in 1942. Excellent condition. $40
#DW6 Wire Skeleton For Small Pack
Original WWII wire skeleton for the small packs. These were used to hold the form of the small pack, giving the impression it was perfectly packed for parades and inspections. These are very useful for collectors as well, as you can put one of these in the small pack to give a "full" look that adds very little weight to mannequin displays. Not many soldiers felt the need to save these and they have become uncommon. $50
#BS60 RAF Escape Compass 
Original WWII RAF escape compass. The small brass compass is enclosed in a plastic bubble to protect it from humidity. These compasses were included in escape and evasion kits, and could be worn on a string or lanyard around the neck. This example is in good condition, we tried testing it and seems to still work but it's hard to say how accurate it is. The plastic bubbles show the expected age and it's very difficult to take photos of the compass inside of it. Interesting item. $125
#CD145 6 Signals, Double Star, Green MK.1. Ammo Box 
Original WWII ammo tin for 6 signals double stars in green. Very good condition, these display really nicely. This is a small ammo box, it will not be expensive to ship. $40
#BS61 Lamp Electric for Signalling 'Lucas Lamp'
Original WWII electric signalling lamp also know as the 'Lucas Lamp'. It appears to be a complete unit but there are no batteries included. No idea if it can still work, sold 'as is' for display only. The manufacturer of this unit is Western Clock Co and components are 1943 dated. $125
For more information please visit article on this device here:
#BS55 Signals Cable Reel for Jeeps
Signals cable reel for mounting on jeeps and fast establishment of communications lines. Shown in period photos mounted on airborne jeeps, but likely at times mounted on other vehicles and used by dismounted troops. This example is particularly nice in lightly used and sound condition, with strap and pouch still intact without damage. Perfect for jeep enthusiasts as well as signals and airborne collectors. Very scarce, particularly in this condition. $375

#CD106 Artillery Shell Handling Gloves
Original WWII Canadian made gloves for handling hot artillery shells. Unissued set still factory stapled together.  Maker marked and dated 1943 with C broad arrow applied. Nice accessory for an Artillery collection, display, or mannequin. $30
#CD102 MKII Lightweight Gas Mask Carrier
Original WWII D-Day style MKII lightweight gas mask carrier. Maker marked and dated 1943. Strap is present inside the gas mask carrier, exactly as how it left the factory. Can be displayed nicely on a mannequin without contents, just put something lightweight inside to fill it. Mint condition, would be nearly impossible to upgrade. $25

#BS50 Ration Box, No.1 for 2 Men 1 day
Original WWII ration box No. 1 intended to supply two men for one day. Empty. Likely used several times and arsenal re-painted with the original roll marked and painted markings still visible (likely intended to be this way). Nice to complete a ration display. $125
#BS27 Canadian Tin Can Ration 
Very scarcer original WWII Canadian tin can ration complete with contents and never opened.  C broad arrow on top and bottom of can. The vacuum packed contents of this tin can ration are unknown, one client suggested it may contain biscuits and topping. We do not suggest opening or attempting to eat this long expired ration. $225
#BS46 Wooden Spare Handle for Pioneer Tools with C Broad Arrow
Spare wooden handle for pioneer tools with C broad arrow. We have two available. $20 / each.
#BS32 Heavy Duty Industrial Can / Barrel Opener
Heavy duty British industrial can / barrel opening tool. This could have been used to open giant cans of food or barrels of oil and other chemicals. Most likely used in a shop, kitchen, or carried on armoured vehicles. Manufacturer marked J.W.S. and dated 1944 with British broad arrow. Approximately 41cm in length. $40

#BS31 Heavy Duty Cutters / Tin Snips
Heavy duty British cutters or tin snips dated 1942 with British broad arrow. Most likely for shop use or carried on armoured vehicles. Could have also been used for cutting wire or other heavy duty cutting jobs. Approximately 41cm in length.  Uncommon accessory. $40
#BS19 Canadian Mark VII. Ground Sheet / Rain Poncho
Original WWII Canadian issue MKVIII ground sheet that can also be used as a rain poncho. Manufactured in 1943 by Canadian General Rubber Co. Ltd. in Ontario. Good example that is nicely marked and still supple. Shows a bit of wear mostly from storage, it has been stored folded. It's increasingly difficult to find good Canadian rain ponchos. $200
#CD030 Canadian Blanket Straps
Matching pair of Original WWII Canadian blanket straps manufactured by ZL&T in 1942. This would be for the P37/P08 'large pack' which remained unchanged since P08. Perfect matching set. $30
#BS15 British / Canadian Army Officers Boots
British / Canadian Army officers boots with buckles. Manufactured by John White in 1945, M Fitt, Size 8. War department marked. Super nice condition without flaw and only lightly worn. Shown in use by members of 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion in Germany. This is a suitable set to complete your officer mannequin or display. $425
#CD040 P37 Bren Gun 'Large' Pouch Auxiliary Straps
Original WWII P37 Bren gun 'large' pouch auxiliary strap. Canadian made in 1942. You just need one of these per pair of two Bren gun pouches. Mint and unissued condition. $10 / each

#CD002 P37 Satchel Signals ZL&T 1943
Original WWII P37 'Satchel Signals' for field phones and other signals equipment. These satchels tough to find, and this one has the desirable 'SATCHEL SIGNALS' marking on the exterior of the top flap which looks really cool.  Canadian manufactured by ZL&T in 1943. Complete with original ZL&T carrying strap. Excellent condition, just lightly used. $75
#CD007 Canadian P37 'Large' Pouch Set
Original WWII Canadian P37 'Large' pouch set with straps. Excellent set in near mint / unissued condition. Maker marked and dated 1943. $75
#CD033 1943 Boys Anti-Tank Gun Ammunition Bandolier
Original WWII Boys anti-tank gun ammunition bandolier. Canadian made, nicely marked with C broad arrow and dated 1943.  Ready to be hung on a mannequin or complete a Boys anti-tank display. $25
#GP042 WWI / WWII .303 Pull Through
Standard WWI / WWII issue .303 pull through for the Lee Enfield, Ross, Etc. Unused condition. $20 / each.


#GP071 D-Day Assault Jerkin
Original WWII Canadian / British D-Day assault jerkin. Complete without any post-war modifications, worn "been there" example named to "Woolley" of "4 troop". Super desirable piece of equipment that is missing even in the most advanced collections, second example we have ever handled. *Sold*

#CD198 Complete Canadian P37 Webbing 
Original WWII complete Canadian P37 webbing set. Canadian P37 web belt, e-tool, matching small pouches, canteen, bayonet with frog, and cross straps. All components are Canadian with the exception of the cross straps which are a slightly mismatched set. Overall this is a really good set with components in lightly used condition, it is ready to complete a Canadian WWII mannequin without any further work or missing parts. *Sold*

#BS156 P37 Browning / Inglis Hi-Power Triple Magazine Pouch
Original WWII P37 Inglis / Browning hi-power pistol triple magazine pouch. Designed to hold 3 Inglis Hi-Power magazines, a cleaning rod, and standard oiler.  This is the third example we've ever encountered, and it's the best condition example we've seen so far.  Nicely marked "ZL&T Ltd. 1944" with good C broad arrow stamp.  Unissued condition without damage or modification. Very scarce. *Sold*

P37 M.E.Co. 1943 Double Mag Pouch for Browning and 1911
Original WWII P1937 Webbing pouch to hold either two Browning or 1911 magazines. Manufactured by M.E.Co. in 1943 and faintly marked on the back. In very good condition, the pouch has received a coat of blanco as commonly observed on service used British and Canadian field gear. These were used by British / Canadian paratroopers and other special forces who received the Browning or 1911. Scarce. *Sold*

P37 MECo 1940 Double Mag Pouch for 1911 / Hi-Power
Original WWII P37 MECo 1940 double magazine pouch for holding 1911 or hi-power magazines. We believe these were first manufactured for RAF issue Colt 1911's in .455 and other 1911's in .45 in service with the British military during this time. Mint condition without flaw. *Sold*

RCAMC Medical Supplies Bag
Original WWII RCAMC medical supplies bag made from a gas mask carrier. Nicely painted with red cross and unit markings, showing patina, age, and some genuine use. These type of items are very difficult to find and would look great on a medic mannequin or part of a medical display. *Sold*
#CD287 Canadian P37 Small Pack with Contents, Cpl Jullien
Original WWII Canadian P37 "Small" pack with contents and souvenirs brought home from WWII by Cpl Jullien. Packs like this almost never come around, Cpl Jullien wore this pack home at the end of hostilities and it has essentially sat undisturbed with contents. The small pack itself is in great condition with Cpl Jullien's Regimental Number stencilled in several places for identification. Their are many desirable contents including; Canadian mess tin with bag, Canadian suspenders with textbook "police" buckles, standard issue Army compass (likely a souvenir he used overseas), standard issue multi-tool with lanyard, shaving kit, button polisher, horsehair brush, grooming kit and housewife, small pair of scissors, Khaki web cleaner (Canadian made) and a spare set of issue underwear. Also included is a photo copy of Cpl Jullien's file from Library & Archives Canada.  Cpl Jullien attested on 19 August 1940 and served with the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps overseas in Italy and Northwest Europe. He earned the following medals; 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, CVSM & Clasp, and War Medal 1939-45.  Really impressive time capsule small pack with lots of research potential and full file to read. *Sold*

#CD084 Collins & Co Machete with Scabbard 
Original WWII Canadian / British field machete in excellent condition. Machete manufactured by Legitimus Collins & Co in 1940, No. 1250. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and provided to Commonwealth troops prior to America entering the war. Canadian made leather scabbard. These were provided to assault troops for establishing defensive positions and carried in the standard D-Day issue British assault vest which had a special hanging pocket designed for it. Near mint condition and likely unissued.  The best example we have encountered, would be extremely tough to upgrade. *Sold*

#CD217 MKII Gas Mask Set
Original WWII MKII gas mask set. This is the exact type worn by Canadian assault troops on D-Day, and would be perfect to complete a D-Day mannequin or collection.  Complete with all pre D-Day dated components; Feb 1944 dated Canadian canvas carrier bag, 1944 dated gas mask, Jan 1944 dated filter, 1942 dated anti-dimming MK V, and complete pack of eye shields. *Sold*

#CD121 P37 Medical Orderly Water Bottle with Harness
Original WWII medical orderly water bottle set with special harness and strap for personnel not wearing full P37 webbing such as medics and other support trades. This is a perfect unissued example with makers mark and C broad arrow intact on the bottom of the canteen, these markings are almost always missing making this a very rare example. *Sold*
#BS182 Ammunition Crate for 1248 Cartridges of .303, Seaforth Highlanders
Original WWII Canadian empty ammunition crate that contained 1248 cartridges of .303 INCH Mk VII in cartons. This crate is early war and dated 1940, with lots of interesting markings including C broad arrow, paper labels, and shipping tag for when this ammunition was sent to OC Armouries, Seaforth Highlanders. Overall, this is a nice condition crate with traceable history. *Sold*

#CD174 Skeleton Assault / Ammunition Jerkin
Original WWII British made skeleton assault / ammunition jerkin used by Commonwealth troops including Canadians. This simple jerkin has two large pockets on the front that can accommodate Bren gun mags, grenades, mortar rounds, and many other types of munitions and combat essentials. Near mint / unissued condition without flaw and nicely marked.  A very cool piece of combat kit. *Sold*
#BS186 Canadian P37 Wire Cutters with Frog
Original WWII Canadian P37 wire cutters and frog. The frog is nicely maker marked from the desirable Zephyr Looms & Textiles, Limited (ZL&T LTD) of Guelph, Ontario, and dated 1940. The cutters are also maker marked and dated 1944. The cutters sit perfectly within the frog, they appear to have been together since WWII with matching patina. There is no damage or modifications, everything is in working order. This is a top set of “been there” P37 wire cutters in lightly used condition. *Sold*
#CD377 Canadian ZL&T 1942 Lee Enfield Sling
Original WWII Canadian / Commonwealth ZL&T 1942 Lee Enfield sling. Nicely maker marked "Z.L.&T. LTD." and dated "1942" with Canadian C broad arrow. Excellent condition. *Sold*
#CD214 British Sten Gun Sling
Original WWII British / Commonwealth Sten gun "pigtail" sling. Nicely maker marked "H.H.C.&CO LTD" and dated "1944" with British broad arrow. Excellent condition unissued example. *Sold*