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#G2616 Tropical Gas Mask Lens Kit
Original WWII German Wehrmacht issue spare gas mask lenses for tropical theatres of operation. The small sheet metal canister is still sealed with the lenses inside. $40

#G2596 Losatin Tablets
Original WWII German Wehrmacht issue bakelite container of Losantin calciumhypochlorit tablets. One of the many anti-gas skin decontaminants issued to German troops during the Second World War. The tablets were crushed and mixed with a little water and applied to the affected place. Excellent example that has never been opened. A useful item to complete a gas mask or chemical warfare display. $35

#RG224 "Masten-Brille" Service Glasses
Original WWII German Wehrmacht issue "Masten-Brille" service glasses. Nice condition complete with case. $85

#RG225 Bakelite Small Arms Oiler
Original WWII German wehrmacht issue small arms oiler. Maker marked on the bottom and dated 1943. Excellent condition. $60
#RG213 Gas Mask Refurbishment Kit
Original WWII German gas mask refurbishment kit including a stack of new eye lenses, breathing gaskets, and instructions stored in a small tin. Excellent condition set uncommon accessory. $75

#RG213 Gas Mask / Gas Glasses Cleaning Wipe
Original WWII German gas mask or gas glasses cleaning wipe with a special soap. The special soap seems have caused some staining to the cloth and instructions as you would expect, but otherwise nice condition for an uncommon accessory. $45

#RG219 Wehrmacht Medical Gauze / Batten
Original WWII German medical gauze / batten. Small square size package containing 100g. Excellent condition and never opened. $45

#G2510 Medical Gauze Tin with Contents
Original WWII German medical gauze. Typically used for packing wounds from shrapnel and bullets in combat. Contents are still present and can be inspected by carefully removed the tin lid. Excellent condition. $40
#EC72 DAF Fork
Original WWII German DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront - German Labour Front) fork. Nicely marked without damage. $45

#EC71 Heer Fork
Original WWII German Heer (Army) fork. Nicely marked without damage. $50


Trench Candles
Original WWII German trench candles. Unused pair that stick together for storage. *Sold*
Wehrmacht Issue Chocolate Ration
Original WWII Wehrmacht issue chocolate ration. Complete with contents. *Sold*
Wehrmacht Field Dressing, Small Size
Original WWII German Wehrmacht 1945 field dressing. Excellent unopened condition. *Sold*
Panzer Dust Goggles, Factory Bundle, bwz2
Original WWII German folding dust goggles often observed being used by panzer crews. Factory bundle with original paper sleeve containing 20 individual goggle sets. Each package is black and maker marked "bwz2" in white ink. Excellent unused condition sets in original packaging. *Sold*
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