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#G2052 Bakelite Fat / Butter Container
Original WWII German bakelite container that would go in the breadbag and contain fat or butter.  Perfect to complete a breadbag or personal items display. Excellent clean condition with just a couple small chips.  Nicely marked. $75
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#G2050 Panzer Dust Googles
Original WWII folding dust googles often observed being used by panzer crews.  We believe they were intended to be somewhat disposable.  Excellent unused condition in original packaging. $25


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#G2056 1945 German Field Dressing, Small Size
Rare original WWII 1945 German field dressing.  Excellent unopened condition. 1945 dated examples are tough to find. *Sold*
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#G2162 Wehrmacht Issue Chocolate Ration
Original WWII Wehrmacht issue chocolate ration.  Complete with contents! *Sold*
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Trench Candles
Original WWII German trench candles.  Unused pair that stick together for storage. Nicely marked! *Sold*
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#G2190 1935 Heer German Field Dressing
Original WWII German 1935 pre-war quality Heer (Army) German field dressing.  Excellent unopened condition. This is the earliest field dressing we've received so far. Nice one! *Sold*