#G2224 Fat Container made of Orange Bakelite
Original WWII fat container constructed of orange bakelite. This fat container would go in the soldiers breadbag, and the purpose was to preserve the fat from rations to use later as a sandwich spread. This is an excellent condition example with course threads to attach the top and bottom together. $85
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#G2050 Panzer Dust Googles
Original WWII folding dust googles often observed being used by panzer crews.  We believe they were intended to be somewhat disposable.  Excellent unused condition in original packaging. $25


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#G2056 1945 Wehrmacht Field Dressing, Small Size
Original WWII German Wehrmacht 1945 German field dressing.  Excellent unopened condition. *Sold*
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Trench Candles
Original WWII German trench candles. Unused pair that stick together for storage. Nicely marked. *Sold*
#BS168 Spice Bottle for Rations
Original WWII spice bottle. Manufactured by "Liebig" a French wartime food brand. This bottle was recovered in Arnhem and presumably was purchased by a German soldier in occupied France to enhance the flavour of his rations. *Sold*
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#G2162 Wehrmacht Issue Chocolate Ration
Original WWII Wehrmacht issue chocolate ration. Complete with contents. *Sold*