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#G2027 German Military Map of Russia M 36-125 Kirowograd 1944 'Kirovograd Offensive'
Original German military map of Russia, M 36-125 Kirowograd 1944. This region is now part of Ukraine. Very good condition, shows typical aging and has been period folded for use in the map case.  $65
More information on the fighting in this region:
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#G2019 Death Card for Franz Lindbauer a Fallschirmjäger KIA Battle of the Bulge
Death card for Franz Lindbauer who was a Fallshirmjäger killed in the Battle of the Bulge 9 January 1945 in Luxemburg.  
"Franz Lindlbauer is now resting in the war cemetery in Sandweiler among the unknowns. He could not be unequivocally identified during the remodeling work in the original grave site, so he was buried as an "unknown soldier" in the Sandweiler Cemetery. Name and personal data of Franz Lindlbauer are also listed in the memorial book of the Kriegsgraberstatten. You are welcome to order an excerpt from us. Please note that some Freundhofen do not have the current version, so your relative's name may not be listed there yet. If Franz Lindlbauer is related to you, and you want to be informed by us about changes in status, please fill out the form below. Please carefully check on the basis of your documents, whether it is really your relatives. If you are not sure, please state this in the text box of the form."
A FJ death card for a soldier killed in the Battle of the Bulge is very rare. $75
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#G2020 Late War Soldbuch to a young Artillery Soldier
Very nice exampled of a Soldbuch, issued late war to a young artillery soldier. This example is near mint, and rare to find in this condition. $125
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#G2023 Third Reich Postcard Set
This is a very complete set of Third Reich postcards that focus on architecture, including projects that were never even completed.  The set also includes the original fine paper bag that the cards came in.  I think whoever bought this added some extra post cards to the package.  Nice set with 14 post cards which is pretty good value for the price. $50
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Appealing 'FALLSHIRMSPRINGER' postcard. Unused, excellent condition. $25
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#G2021 Das Lied der Fallshirmjäger Postcard
Appealing 'Das Lied der Fallshirmjäger postcard featuring the song of the paratroopers.  Unused, excellent condition.  $25
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#G2025 Small German Taschen Atlas 
Small German Taschen Atlas.  This is small booklet is a pocket atlas containing maps of Europe.  This booklet would have been useful for soldiers travelling on leave, or other people travelling during the era of the Third Reich.  The booklet is named inside the cover, and has a little notes in it.  Carried and actually used, but still in reasonably good condition.  $25


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#G2026 Luftwaffe Pilot and Aircrew Navigation Map Berlin to London 1942
Original German Luftwaffe navigation map for pilots and aircrew that covers a lot of Europe including Berlin to London.  Printed on thick paper with backing, folded for easy storage and viewing of smaller areas.  This map can be shipped in its folded state in a small box without risk of damage due to the existing period fold lines. Nice item for a Luftwaffe display! *Sold*