#G2305 Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in Pattern Number 2 Overprint
Original WWII German Waffen-SS zeltbahn in rare pattern number 2 overprint camouflage. Overall excellent condition with vivid colours and most buttons in tact, just some minor snags and stains from field service. Maker marked in two locations along the edge. A real “been there” zeltbahn used by a Waffen-SS soldier in combat in a hard to find pattern. Scarce. *On Hold*
#G2304 Wehrmacht Zeltbahn
Original WWII German Wehrmacht (Luftwaffe and Heer) issue zeltbahn. Strong colours on both sides. Almost all buttons appear to be intact, showing just very light field use, with maker stamp. Top example. $265
#G2303 Early War Mess Tin with Original Strap
Original WWII German Wehrmacht early war soldiers mess tin with original strap for mounted personnel. Original matching set with both components marked FWBN40 (Maker and date 1940). Nice genuine service used condition, both the top and bottom have the soldiers initials “AH”. It's nearly impossible to get an original strap to fit these unless it has been on there forever, and this strap has been on the mess tin a very long time and hasn't shrunk down. $175
#G2308 MG34/42 Gunner’s Belt Pouch
Original WWII German MG34 / MG42 gunner’s belt pouch. Constructed of smooth leather, maker marked “cwt” and dated “1942” with embossed waffenamt. Nice complete lightly field used example with all interior components. $350
#G2307 Matching Pair of Equipment Straps for Dismounted Personnel
Original WWII German equipment straps for dismounted personnel. Perfectly matching and near mint condition from a factory bundle. Seldom found in true matching pairs. Ready to complete a nice zeltbahn or a variety of other German equipment tasks. $100
#G2306 Mess Tin Strap for Mounted Personnel
Original WWII German strap for mounted personnel. This strap is long enough to properly fit a mess tin as shown in the last photo, it’s very difficult to find straps that actually still fit as most are too short. In good working order and faintly maker marked near the tip. $55 *On Hold*
#G2284 Luftwaffe Kadlec AK39 Wrist Compass
Original WWII German Luftwaffe Kadlec AK 39 wrist compass. Black bakelite body and adjustable black leather wrist strap with buckle. Nicely marked on the reverse with maker data. Excellent condition example and in good working order. $350
#G2298 M39 Egg Grenade
Original WWII German Model 39 “Eihandgranate” (M39 Egg hand grenade). The M39 was a German fragmentation hand grenade introduced in 1939 and produced until the end of World War II. The grenade is marked “col 4” and the fuze is also nicely marked. This is a DEWAT (Deactivated War Trophy) and must ship within Canada. Good example of a scarce piece of ordnance for your collection. $350
#G2283 1L Variant Water Bottle
Original WWII German 1L variant water bottle with belt hanger loop. Near mint condition example without any flaws, likely unissued. Complete with belt loop that appears to have been issued with the canteen and on it since the war. Great set. $325
#G2256 Late War Gas Mask Canister
Original WWII German late war / last ditch gas mask canister. These canister is unissued as produced in 1945, it has never had a gas mask in it and is surplus from the factory at wars end. The spare lens container has been simplified by replacing the fine spring with a small steal bar to hold spare lens in place when opening the compartment. The canister is marked "rlt" and the factory paint job is a last ditch effort. Interesting and cool late war example, this could be completed with a late war gas mask and straps or left as is. $125
#G2259 Massive 3x5 Meter Kriegsmarine Battle Flag
Original WWII German Kriegsmarine battle flag. Massive 3x5 meter size, this was so big it needed ladders inside a truck garage to be photographed. Nice condition, with a few small scattered moth nips that don't distract from the vibrant colours, markings, and original ropes. If you want the ultimate large WWII Kriegsmarine battle flag that was flown on a battleship or other large vessel, this is it. $1200
#G2251 K98k Rifle Rear Sight Protector
Original WWII German K98k rifle rear sight protector made of leather with steel fittings. Maker marked "jmb" "1942" embossed into the leather with additional factory "Mod.98" ink stamp. Top example, unissued or very lightly used. Look closely at the period photo, you will see this sight protector in use. Scarce. $875
#G2251 K98k Action Cover 
Original WWII German K98k rifle action cover. Constructed of heavy duty canvas and leather with horse hair pad and aluminum closure studs with leather rings. Maker marked "hck" "41" embossed into the leather with waffenamt below. Green version intended for the Heer and SS, significantly rarer then the blue Luftwaffe version. Top example, unissued or very lightly used. Scarce. $750
#RG83 Tropical / DAK Gas Mask Canister
Original WWII tropical / Deutsche Afrikakorps (DAK) tan with pinkish tone camouflage gas mask canister. The canister is wartime camouflage tan paint symbolic of the fighting in Africa. The canister is early war production and dated 1940. The top of the canister is marked "717" and the lid is also marked "44" on the side in white paint. The soldier has named the canister "Kan Hornung" with black paint. The set is in combat used condition, the interior is rusty and it still has mud or clay in it, we have not attempted to clean it. Overall, this is a great "been there" DAK tan camouflage canister with lots of character. $1200
#RG84 12 X 60 Power Range Optics (Optische Zielgerät)
Original WWII German 12 x 60 power range optics (Optische Zielgerät). Specialized personnel such as Artillery observers, Reconnaissance personnel, Searchlight personnel, and various other trades required stronger optics than the standard issue 6 x 30 power binoculars, and an assortment of larger power binoculars were issued to these specialized personnel on a limited basis including these 12 x 60 power range optics. Excellent condition with smooth working parts, we tested these outside and they still perform well, they can focus and are effective at long and short range. Cool original factory applied ordnance tan paint. Excellent set and all complete. $900
#G2249 Tropical Equipment Strap for Mounted Personnel
Original WWII German tropical equipment strap for mounted personnel. The steel tip of the strap is "LUX" marked. The strap is in service used condition, but is complete in working order without any damage. Nice lightly used strap that can be used for a variety of tasks and would look good on a mannequin or as part of an equipment display. $50
#G2241 Matching Pair of Equipment Straps for Mounted Personnel
Original WWII German matching pair of equipment straps for mounted personnel. Each strap is marked to the same maker and dated 1941, these are seldom found in matching pairs. Nice pair with leather that is still supple, ready to complete a zeltbahn or a variety of other German equipment tasks. $100
#RG26 G/K43 Ammunition Pouch ros 1944
Original WWII German G/K43 ammunition pouch manufactured by ros 1944 in mint / unissued condition. These were worn with a single K98k ammunition pouch. $140
#EC17 Luftwaffe Breadbag Strap
Original WWII German Luftwaffe (Air Force) blue breadbag strap. Excellent condition without any damage. This would look good on a Luftwaffe helmet, or to complete a breadbag or German field gear display. $45
#G2215 German Wehrmacht AC43 Flare Pistol and Holster
Original WWII German Wehrmacht issue single barrel AC43 flare pistol and holster used by all branches.  The flare pistol is an original matching single barrel AC43 in good used condition without any damage and strong original bluing and great bore.  It is fully functional and not considered a firearm. The original holster is also in excellent lightly used condition without damage, it is maker marked "bdq 41" and the type seen in many period photos. This is a great set for a flare pistol or field gear collector, it would also look great on a combat mannequin. If you're outside of Canada and want to buy this flare pistol make 100% sure it's allowed in your country.  We will not be responsible for the import laws of flare pistols in other nations.  $675
#RG72 Field Used Early War Bread Bag
Original WWII German early or pre-war quality bread bag. Field used condition, this bread bag has been period modified by removing the centre strap which hung off the belt, and provided an additional closure strap to the interior. The bag also has two period replaced buttons. $80
#G2253 Spare Gas Mask Filter Canister
Original WWII German spare gas mask filter canister. Excellent condition. $50
#G2178 Spare Gas Mask Filter Canister
Original WWII German spare gas mask filter canister. Good condition, still has the caps in place so likely unused. Perfect to complete a gas mask set missing the filter canister. $50
#G2007 Unmounted Personnel Light Weight Y Straps
Original WWII German unmounted personnel light weight Y straps. Commonly used by Fallschirmjägers, Cavalry, and other troops who required them. Unmarked but most likely early war period production. Good condition example, some rust on buckles, nice leather with strong stitching. $225
#SB15 Kriegsmarine Shipboard Grey Gasmask Canister Set
Interesting WWII German Kriegsmarine 'shipboard grey' painted gasmask canister complete with mask and accessories.  On the bottom of the gas mask it is named to the sailor with traceable field post number.  This set has been researched by the previous owner, and discussed below on GHW2 forum. $450  
Link to GHW2 discussion:
#G2005 Late War Assault Pack
Original WWII late war assault pack, developed as a the replacement for the a-frame. RBNr marked on the leather near the top hooks. The pack is in mint/unissued condition with only the slightest signs of aging. Perfect for a late war mannequin or equipment display. $250


German Medics Bag
Original WWII German complete and untouched combat worn German medics bag. This souvenir was brought home by an American medic at the end of WWII. An amazing piece of history complete with all contents undisturbed exactly how it was worn in combat by the German medic. Some of the medicine has been removed by customs but the original boxes remain.  Approximately 80 badges, tourniquettes, WIA and KIA tags, rags, medicine boxes (empty) and much more. A very special item. *Sold*
#G2172 Blue Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Rifle Ammunition Bandolier
Original WWII German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger rifle ammunition bandolier in blue. Excellent condition. *Sold*
#G2118 Wehrmacht Issue Field Blanket
Original WWII German Wehrmacht issue field blanket. Used by all branches, this is what German soldiers slept in. These were attached to the A frame and tornister packs and often covered with a zeltbahn to keep them dry. This is an excellent condition example, these were used by civilians after the war and finding a great example like this with the original tag is extremely difficult. Essential piece of German kit. *Sold*
#G2012 K98k Grenade Launcher Pouch dkk43
Original WWII K98k grenade launcher pouch.  Maker marked dkk 43, with waffenamt stamped underneath. This is what soldiers would carry the launcher in while not in use. This would look great on a mannequin alone, or could be re-united with a grenade launcher if you're a firearms collector. Excellent condition without damage or repairs. *Sold*
#G2152 Mess Tin with Original Strap
Original WWII German early war soldiers mess tin. Original matching set with both components marked FWBN39 (Maker and date 1939). Nice genuine service used condition. It's nearly impossible to get an original strap to fit these unless it has been on there forever, and this strap has been on the mess tin a very long time and hasn't shrunk down. *Sold*
#RG15 Splinter Pattern Luftwaffe Fallshirmjäger Bandolier
Original WWII German splinter pattern Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger bandolier to hold stripper clips of K98k ammunition. RBNr is stamped on the revers of the left string of pouches. Combat used condition showing some minor snags and stains, I have not opened the buttons for fear of damaging them. Inside each pouch at some point someone has put cardboard inserts to keep the form. Still has good colours and would be perfect to compete a combat mannequin or display of combat used field gear. *Sold*
#G2149 Gerbirgsj​äger Mountain Troop Googles
Original WWII German Gerbirgsjäger mountain troop googles. Original complete set with nice undamaged tinted lenses.  Nice original fine straps with fittings, the felt around the aluminum frames are complete, the felt is loose in spot but doesn't detract and could be easily put back in place. *Sold*
#G2155 Gerbirgsj​äger Mountain Troops Puttees / Leggings
Original WWII German Gerbirgsjäger mountain puttees / leggings.  Mountain boots and trousers were constructed to be worn with these wool puttees.  Constructed of browning-grey cloth with one end folded to a point, and from which runs a long narrow tape.  These would be wrapped around the ankle covering the top of the boot and bottom of the trouser leg, and secured with the small buckle.  This is an excellent condition set that has probably never been worn and is without flaw. *Sold*
#G2176 German Zeltbahn Constructed of Italian Camouflage Material
Original WWII German Wehrmacht Zeltbahn tent / poncho used by Heer and SS soldiers in rare Italian camouflage water proof material. Standard WWII German construction, later pattern without corner grommets.  This example has seen extensive field use, however, it has been well maintained by the soldier who carried it.  Any snags or rips are period repaired, any buttons that broke off were period replaced.  Whoever owned this Zeltbahn took great care to keep in serviceable.  Nice field used example with good colours and lots of character. *Sold*
#G2188 MP40 Pouch Set
Original WWII German MP40 pouch set. Constructed of blue grey coloured canvas with belt loops and D rings. All components are intact without repairs or damage, in genuine service used "been there" condition. There are faint markings on the reverse of the one pouches. *Sold*
#G2189 Tropical A Frame with Pouch
Original WWII German tropical A frame set with pouch.  Both the A frame and pouch are maker marked and 1941 dated.  There is no damage or repairs, but the condition is combat used with some soiling and wear to the metal fittings. A nice genuine "been there" tropical A frame set for a good price. *Sold*
#G2187 Combat Y Straps
Original WWII German combat Y straps.  Early variant with hidden stitching where the small straps attach, maker marked and dated 1942. Good combat / field used condition. *Sold*
#G2226 Wehrmacht Issue M42 Canteen 
Original WWII German Wehrmacht issue M42 canteen, used by all combat branches including the Heer and Waffen-SS.  Unissued all original example constructed to typical mid-war quality wit red enamel canteen. Ink stamped "43" on felt interior near the snaps.  No damage or flaws, near mint condition example of mid-war produced M42 canteen. *Sold*
#G2183 Late War M44 Bread Bag
Original WWII German late war M44 bread bag with pocket for K98k cleaning kit. Excellent condition. *Sold*
#G2169 Mid War Bread Bag
Original WWII German mid war quality bread bag. Excellent unissued condition with RBNr marking. *Sold*
#G2236 Combat Used MP40 Pouch
Original WWII German combat used MP40 pouch. Constructed of olive coloured canvas with leather belt loops and steel D ring. All components are intact without repairs or damage in good working condition. The leather belt loops on the reverse of the pouch are marked "hcy" (maker) "42" (1942 year of production) and there is a waffenamt. Very appealing genuine combat used pouch. *Sold*
#G2232 1943 Wehrmacht Zeltbahn
Original WWII German 1943 Wehrmacht issue zeltbahn. Strong colours on both sides. Almost all buttons appear to be intact, showing just very light field use. Overall, this is a great zeltbahn with 1943 date and markings still intact. *Sold*
#G2227 Strait E-Tool with Tan Carrier
Original WWII German strait e-tool set with tan carrier.  Mid war quality set with carrier manufactured from tan Presstoff imitation leather. The tan carrier is maker marked "JWa" "43" embossed on the interior presstoff material. The e-tool itself is also maker marked and faintly dated 1943.  This set came together and is in matching field used condition and likely together since the war with shovel fitting perfectly into the carrier. No damage or repairs. *Sold*
#G2296 Dienstglas 6x30 Binoculars with Lanyard
Original WWII German Dienstglas 6x30 binoculars with original neck lanyard. Manufactured by ddx, this pair of binoculars is still in good working order given the age. The original neck lanyard is still supple without any deep cracks. A nice set of binoculars that is ready to go on a mannequin or in your field gear collection. *Sold*