#G2260 Luftwaffe M1922 Pistol Holster
Original WWII German Luftwaffe contract pistol holster for the Browning M1922 made under occupation at the Belgian arms factory in Herstal. Mint condition example with excellent markings, would be nearly impossible to upgrade. $325
#DW51 1942 P08 Luger Holster
Original WWII German P08 Luger holster. Marked on the reverse "P08" with makers code and waffenamt. Combat used condition, missing interior pull strap which is common, the belt loops have come loose and there is a period repair done with thin wire in place of the thread. $345
#EC16 1933 Police PO8 Luger Holster
Original WWII German 1933 Police marked P08 Luger holster. This holster has been period modified with improved WWII style closure strap, the modification is clearly period done and may have been done at unit or arsenal level for easier opening and closing. The holster is nicely maker marked from a Berlin maker and dated 1933 on the reverse. This holster is in great shape having likely served the police for the entirety of the Third Reich period. $375
#EC11 P08 Luger Holster 
Original WWII P08 Luger holster. Maker marked and dated 1940 in the top left corner on the reverse with additional waffenampt. The holster is complete including pull strap present on the interior, spare mag pouch, and takedown tool pouch.The stitching of the belt loops appears to be a possible period repair, it is still strong enough to be used. Overall, this is a good holster that will fit a pistol without any issues. $250
#JM4 P38 Soft Shell Holster 
Original WWII German P38 pistol soft shell holster. Unmarked example likely manufactured in 1944.  Lightly used condition with no damage or repairs, this holster will still fit a pistol properly. $120


P08 Luger Holster 1939 Kriegsmarine Issue mfg Karl Bocker of Waldbröl
Original WWII German P08 Luger pistol holster, 1939 Kriegsmarine (Navy) issue.  Manufactured by Karl Bocker of Waldöl, Germany. Nicely marked showing the eagle over M Kriegsmarine acceptance stamp. Excellent lightly used condition, complete with undamaged pull strap. *Sold*
Radom Vis P 35(b) bnz 1944 Pistol Holster
Original WWII German Radom Vis P35(b) pistol holster. Earlier style that still has the small pull strap. Nicely "bnz1944" and "P35(b)" marked with ink stamps. Unused condition without any damage or flaws. *Sold*
Radom Vis P 35(b) bnz Pistol Holster marked to Hermann Göring Division 
Original WWII German Radom Vis P 35(b) pistol holster. Nicely maker marked inside the flap. The outside of the holster has been slightly period darkened for a more appealing look by the soldier, the reserve retains the natural leather colour.  Inside the flap are not only the maker marks but the holster is named to a soldier of 13./Art.Rg/HG (Hermann Göring). *Sold*
#G2013 German Hi-Power Holster marked 'dla 43' with eagle over WaA196 #2
Original WWII German Browning / FN Hi-Power pistol holster. Maker marked 'dla 43' and eagle over WaA196. Lightly used with no damage or repairs. *Sold*
#RG14 German P08 Luger Holster, 1938
Original WWII German P08 Luger holster 1938 dated with makers information and eagle over WaA193. The condition of this holster is excellent. The pull strap on the interior is fully intact. There is no damage or repairs. *Sold*
#G2093 K98k Sling, Early War 1939
Original WWII German early war 1939 dated sling.  Nicely maker marked from a firm in Munich and dated 1939.  Perfect for an early war K98k or field gear display.  Very good condition, still supple and ready to be put on a rifle or in a display. *Sold*
#DW14 Maschinenpistole 40 / MP40 Sling
Original WWII German MP40 sling.  Very good condition with strong checkering, still supple and ready to be put on an MP40 or in a display. *Sold*
#G2222 P38 Hard Shell Holster 
Original WWII P38 pistol hard shell holster. Maker marked "bdr43" with Waa over 65 and embossed "P38" designation. Excellent near mint condition, just very lightly worn. *Sold*
#G2250 Walter PP Holster
Original WWII German Wehrmacht issue Walther PP leather holster. Top condition unmarked example, showing just very light use and will hold a pistol without any issues. $250 *On Hold*