#CD407 MKIII Helmet with Canadian Multi-Tone Net
Original WWII British MKIII helmet, as used by the Canadian Army in Normandy and NWE. Includes a nice Canadian multi-tone net that fits snug on the helmet. The base helmet is standard 1944 British MKIII helmet with 1944 BMB liner in size 7. Any helmet markings in the steel are too faint to read under the factory texture paint. Great example, ready to complete a Normandy mannequin or helmet display. *On Hold*
#CD341 1944 British Armoured Beret
Original WWII British made Armoured Beret worn by British / Canadian Armoured troops overseas. Maker marked "Supak Manufacturing Co. Ltd" with broad arrow, 1944 date, and size 6 and 3/4 stamps. No mothing or damage, excellent example. $275
#BS35 Cap Comforter
Original WWII 'Cap Comforter' to be fitted over the head and fashioned into cap or worn under the Brodie helmet. These appear in many period photos and were very popular with troops including Commando's and other elite units. Manufactured by J.W.&S Ltd 1943 with British broad arrow. Perfect condition without flaw. $75
#DW26 Royal Canadian Navy Senior Officer's Peaked Cap
Original WWII Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) senior officer's peaked cap. This example seems to be early WWII quality and there is no visible maker's mark or name. It has been modified for use in summer / tropical conditions with a new sweatband installed and any excess materials removed. It shows service use with yellowing to the cover, but the components including the strap are intact without damage. The cap would likely look even better if left on a form for a while to regain and hold the shape. $250
#CD235 Canadian Army "Yukon" Cap
Original WWII Canadian Army "Yukon" winter cap. Good condition example with just a few tiny moth nips. Produced by the Buffalo Cap and Neckware Company in 1940 in size 7 1/8 and stamped accordingly in yellow ink. $40
#BS119 Canadian Overseas Cap
Original WWII Canadian overseas cap with Canada buttons. Service worn but still in good condition, manufactured by William Scully of Montreal. $40
#BS131 Canadian Field Service Cap
Original post-WWI Canadian field service cap that would have seen service into WWII. Manufactured with a hard body with Canada cap badge and small Canada buttons on each end of the leather chin strap. Original example with all original parts as found. Unit marked for B.C. Dragoons and C broad marked in white ink inside the cap. Very good condition. $250
#BS129 Canadian Overseas Cap
Original WWII Canadian overseas cap with Canada buttons. Excellent condition, size 7 3/8 with original tag. $65


Canadian MKII Combat Helmet
Original WWII Canadian MKII combat helmet.  Manufactured by the Canadian Lamp Company in 1942. Nicely marked, in lightly used condition. Complete with desirable two-tone net that is original to the helmet, as found when we purchased it from the son of the veteran. *Sold*
Canadian MKII North Nova Scotia Highlanders Flashed Helmet
Original WWII Canadian MKII North Nova Scotia Highlanders (NNSH) flashed combat helmet. Genuine period NNSH painted flash applied to the left side, consistent with other known original examples and compared to one in another collection direct from a veteran.  Extremely nice helmet and very desirable. *Sold*
Canadian Dispatch Riders Helmet
Original WWII Canadian dispatch riders helmet. Manufactured by Backstay Standard (BS) in 1944. We purchased this helmet directly from the son of the veteran, who explained his father was doing motorcycle training in preparation for the invasion of Japan. The wartime manual on the training of motor cyclist is included, and from the same veterans foot locker. The helmet has a desirable two-tone Canadian helmet net, which has been on the helmet since the war and never removed. *Sold*
MKIII Helmet RO&CO 1944
Original WWII RO&CO 1944 MKIII helmet with Canadian two-tone camouflage net. Helmet is in excellent condition and appears likely unissued. Original factory applied olive green paint. Nicely marked RO&CO III over 1944. *Sold*
#CD159 Canadian MKII Helmet with Net and Camouflage Texture Paint
Original WWII Canadian MKII helmet with two-tone net. This helmet has received a second coat of textured camouflage paint with some of the textured paint still remaining on the exterior. Both the net and helmet are in genuine used but nice condition,  a good example to complete a combat mannequin or for any WWII collection. *Sold*
#CD222 Auxiliary Fire Service MKII Helmet
Original WWII Auxiliary Fire Service MKII helmet. Early example with 1938 dated liner. Good used condition with one dent, probably from actual use. The Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) was formed in 1938 in Great Britain for air raid precautions. *Sold*
#CD108 Cold Weather Balaclava
Original WWII Canadian cold weather balaclava.  Excellent condition, likely never issued. *Sold*
#BS128 King's Own Scottish Borderers Tam O'Shanter
Original WWII British King's Own Scottish Borderers Tam O'Shanter. Original cap badge and tartan patch. The Tam O'Shanter is constructed of wool with original lining, maker marked and dated 1940. Excellent condition. *Sold*
#CD251 48th Highlanders Glengarry
Original WWII Canadian 48th Highlanders Glengarry. Worn by Ross W. Heron, with some additional information on the reverse of the photo. We have not done any research past what is presented here, but this could be a potential research project to learn more about the veteran. Excellent true original example with nicely backed cap badge that has been on there forever, with information and photo of the vet wearing it. *Sold*
#CCC2-3 New Zealand Army Tan Burlap Helmet Cover for MKII Helmet
Original WWII New Zealand Army issue tan burlap / hessian helmet cover. These covers appear in many period photos, and in some instances the same or very similar covers were used by British and Canadian troops such as the Commando's at Dieppe (Although it is possible there are similar British versions). This cover is in mint unused condition showing some age from longterm storage, it fits a MKII helmet nicely.   These example are maker marked and dated 1942. The helmet in the photos is for displaying the cover only, it is not included. *Sold*
#CD342 1944 Canadian Army Beret with original RASC cap badge
Original WWII 1944 Canadian Army beret with original period applied Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) cap badge. This is an original worn set with RASC bakelite cap badge that is originally wartime applied and well sunken into the beret. The beret is in good worn condition with some moth nips which is pretty typical for these berets. *Sold*
#BS39 Royal Canadian Artillery Wedge Cap
Original WWII Royal Canadian Artillery wedge cap with cap badge. Original matching set as worn by the soldier.  Wedge cap manufactured in Hamilton, Ontario in size 7 1/4. Nice worn set, free of insect damage and ready for display. *Sold*
#CD349 1943 Rocky Mountain Rangers Beret
Original WWII Canadian Rocky Mountain Rangers beret. This is an original set, untouched with original cap badge that has been on it since the war. The beret is a British made example from Kangol Wear Limited, dated 1943, in size 7. Presumably purchased or issued and worn by a soldier of this battalion while overseas and then for the trip home. *Sold*
#BS165 Canadian Scottish Officer's Tam O' Shanter 
Original WWII Canadian Scottish officer's Tam O' Shanter (ToS). This is an untouched set with original cap badge that has been on it since the soldier came home at the end of hostilities. The ToS is a British produced example manufactured by W.M. Anderson & Sons Ltd of Edinburgh & Glasgow, presumably purchased or issued to the officer while serving overseas. This is an excellent condition example without any mothing or damage, showing genuine service wear. Background: The Balmoral bonnet was introduced during WWI for Scottish infantry serving in the trenches. This piece of headgear became known as the "bonnet, Tam O' Shanter" and later abbreviated "ToS". Scottish Regiments of the Canadian Army continued to wear the ToS through WWII and they are still in wear with some regiments today. *Sold*
#BS164 The Regina Rifle Regiment Beret
Original WWII The Regina Rifle Regiment Canadian beret. This is an untouched set with original cap badge that has been on it since the soldier came home at the end of hostilities. The beret is a Canadian made example by Dorothea Knitting Mills Limited in Toronto, and dated 1945. *Sold*
#CD360 Camouflage Scrim Scarf
Original WWII British / Commonwealth camouflage scrim scarf. Often seen in wear with Airborne and other front line soldiers. Excellent example, mint / unissued condition. *Sold*
#CD374 RCAF Enlisted Wedge Cap with Cap Badge
Original WWII Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) enlisted wedge cap with original cap badge (King's Crown). Maker marked and dated 1941 with white ink stamp inside. Excellent condition, very lightly worn. *Sold*
#BS37 Armoured Beret
Original WWII beret for armoured troops. Manufactured by Kangol Wear Limited, 1945, in size 6 1/8. Unissued in near mint condition, no signs of mothing or other damage. Original factory paper tag still attached. *Sold*
#CD404 Canadian MKII Helmet C.L./C. 1942
Original WWII Canadian MKII helmet manufactured by Canadian Motorlamp Company of Windsor, Ontario (C.L./C.) in 1942. Lot number 48, given the excellent condition and low lot number, we suspect this helmet was arsenal refinished at some point which is common with WWII Canadian helmets. Includes a British WWII helmet net and Australian WWII field dressing to complete the helmet. Great set for an affordable price. *Sold*
#CD401 CWAC Winter Brill Cap
Original WWII Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) winter brill cap. Excellent condition, maker marked and dated 1943, size 7, with C broad arrows in white and yellow. This example features a nice CWAC cap badge, we suspect this was period attached. Nice winter headgear item. $40 *Trade Pending*
#CD210 Canadian Winter Brill Cap
Original WWII Canadian winter brill cap. Unissued condition, maker marked and dated 1943. This example has two different materials used for the lining, with C broad arrows in white and yellow. Nice winter headgear item. *Sold*