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#GP122 Colt 1911 Government Model Manual
Original 1914 WWI period manual for a Caliber .45 Colt 1911 Government Model. These would have been included in the box of new pistols leaving the factory. These are very difficult to find on the loose and would compliment a pistol nicely or complete a boxed set. $225
#CD732 1914 Colt Revolvers, Automatic Pistols & Machine Guns Pamphlet
Original Colt 1914 factory pamphlet featuring the line up of revolvers, automatic pistols, and machine guns. These were included the box with new Colt’s of the period. This example is in excellent condition, and would look great with your favourite Colt pistol or revolver or to complete a box. Hard to find on the loose. $150
#EC192 M1903A3 .30-Cal. Rifle Front Sight Cover
Original WWII US front sight cover for the M1903A3 .30-cal. bolt-action rifle. Nicely marked with 'U.S.' and Ordnance Dept. flaming bomb on left side and 'R' (for Remington) on right side. Beautiful blued finish indicating early war manufacture. In unissued condition. $25
#EC188 M1/M1A1/M2 Carbine Oiler
Original WWII US metal oiler for the M1/M1A1/M2 .30 Carbine-cal. rifles and M3 .45 ACP-cal. submachine gun. Complete with combination screw-on cap and dipper. Bottom of oiler marked 'IS' for International Silver Mfg of Meriden, Connecticut. Parkerized finish. In excellent condition. $20
#EC182 M15 Rifle-Grenade Launcher Sight Set
Original WWII US M15 Rifle-Grenade Launcher Sight set for use with the M1903 .30-cal. bolt-action rifle, the M1 Garand .30-cal. semi-automatic rifle, and the M1 .30-cal. semi-automatic carbine. Set comes with sight, instruction sheet, and Carrying Case. The sight and case are marked with their official nomenclature and the case is additionally marked with its production date of 1944 and it's maker of Bearse Mfg. Co. In unissued condition with some dust that can easily wipe off. M15 sights were manufactured between March of 1944 and July of 1945 by 4 different companies. $25
#GP115 Canadian "John Inglis" 9mm Hi-Power Pistol Cleaning Rod
Original WWII Canadian "John Inglis" 9mm hi-power pistol cleaning rod. Excellent condition. $40
#EC147 M1903A3/A4 .30-Cal. Rifle Combination Tool
Original WWII United States combination screwdriver/punch tool for the M1903A3 and M1903A4 .30-caliber rifles. The Parkerized finish indicate WW2 manufacture. Markings indicate manufacture by the Shawmut Engineering Co. $25

#EC145 U.S. .30-Cal. Rifle/Machine Gun Ruptured Cartridge Case Extractor
Original WWII United States .30-cal. rifle and machine gun ruptured cartridge case extractor. Markings indicate manufacture by the M.P. Corporation. In excellent working condition. $25

#EC144 U.S. M1917/M1919 .30-Cal. Machine Gun 250-Round Belt
Original WWII United States 250-round belt for the M1917A1, M1919A4, and M1919A6 .30-cal. machine guns. Belt is 1944 dated. Complete with starter tab. In lightly used condition. $50

#CD571 Boys Anti-Tank Gun Wrench
Original WWII Canadian / Commonwealth Boys anti-tank gun wrench. Excellent condition. $50

#CD572 Boys Anti-Tank Gun Socket
Original WWII Canadian / Commonwealth Boys anti-tank gun socket. Excellent condition with some original factory wax paper still lodged inside. $35

#CD573 Boys Anti-Tank Gun Bore Pull Through
Original WWII Canadian / Commonwealth Boys anti-tank gun bore pull through. Good condition with some wire mesh present, undisturbed and not undone in a very long time. $35

#EC107 STEN Submachine Gun Mark II Magazine Filler
Original WWII Canadian Mark II magazine filler for the various STEN 9x19mm submachine guns. Fully functional. $75

#EC123 STEN Ruptured Case Extractor
Original WWII ruptured case extractor tool for STEN 9x19mm submachine guns. $25

#GP118 Canadian Pistol or Revolver Cleaning Rod
Original WWII Canadian pistol or revolver cleaning rod. Typical example with resin style handle. Excellent condition. $10
#GP120 Pair of Bren Gun Magazines
Original WWII pair of Bren Gun magazines. These magazines are pinned to 5 rounds as per Canadian law.  These recently came out of longterm storage with dried cosmoline still on them, never issued. $75 (For the pair)
#GP032 Bren MK2 Combination Tool
Bren MK2 combination tool. British broad arrow marked. $25

#EC87 Box of Bren Oilers
Original WWII box of unissued Bren gun oilers. Mint condition. $25

#GP400 Bren Oiler
Original WWII Bren gun oiler. Mint condition. $6.50

#GP056 M1 Garand National Match Rear Sight 'NM 595'
Original WWII USGI M1 Garand National Match rear sight 'NM 595' Original parkerizing. $50
#GP061 M1 Garand Stock Swivel
Original WWII USGI M1 Garand stock swivel. Original parkerizing. $25
#GP063 M1 Garand Gas Plug, Late
Original WWII USGI M1 Garand gas plug, late style. Original parkerizing. $45
#GP064 M1 Garand Front Sight
Original WWII USGI M1 Garand front sight. Original parkerizing. $45
#GP001 Colt Service Model Ace .22 LR Full-Blued Magazine
Original Colt Service Model Ace .22 LR magazine. Original bluing. Nicely marked on the base of the magazine. Excellent lightly used condition. $225

#GP004 Colt 1911 Super 38 Auto Full Blued Magazine
Original vintage Colt 1911 38 Super full blued magazine. Marked on base 'COLT SUPER .38 AUTO'. There is no damage, splits, or functional issues. Excellent collectible condition. $150
#GP009 Colt 1911 Two-Tone Magazine w/ Lanyard Loop Spring
Original Colt 1911 two-tone magazine with lanyard loop spring. This is out of a magazine that was destroyed. Excellent condition and obscure part to find on the loose. $30

#GP080 Colt 1911 Government Model 'Canadian Contract' Barrel
Extremely scarce and desirable Colt 1911 Government Model 'Canadian Contract' 1914 Barrel. Original bluing with correct factory polished hood and decent bore with some typical pitting. 'J' marked on lug, and small 'P' on the factory polished barrel hood.  If you need this, you probably already know that many 1914 'Canadian Contract' 1911's had the barrels replaced so this may be your only chance to correct an otherwise nice gun. This barrel came from a Canadian Contract 1911 turned in by the family to be deactivated but some of the parts were luckily saved. $600

#GP021 USGI Colt M1911A1 Extractor
USGI Colt M1911A1 extractor with parkerized finish. Very lightly used condition. $30
#GP025 Colt 1903 Full Blued Magazine
Excellent condition Colt 1903 magazine with original full bluing. 'CAL .32 COLT' roll mark on base. Really tough to find these on the loose. $135
#GP035 WWII Thompson Oiler
Original WWII Thompson oiler. Mint/Unissued condition. $20 / each.
#GP036 WWII Thompson Butt Stock Oiler
Original WWII Thompson butt stock oiler. Service used condition. $25
#GP038 WWII Thompson SMG Cleaning Rod, Blued Steel
Original WWII Thompson SMG issued cleaning rod. Blued steel construction. $20
#BS33 PACKAGE No. 4 Gun, Machine, Polsten, 20-mm MK. I
Original WWII Canadian made factory box containing parts for the Polsten 20-mm gun. The Polsten gun was used for armoured vehicles with anti-aircraft guns including the Canadian Skink anti-aircraft tank, as well as numerous other platforms and anti-aircraft mounts. The parts within this package (No. 4) include the reflector mirror for the 20-mm, the case for the reflector mirror, a small square oiler, and a brush cleaning rod. A cool little accessory box for collectors, restorers, and others interested in the 20-mm Polsten. $25
#GP113 Canadian Pistol or Revolver Cleaning Rod
Original WWII Canadian pistol or revolver cleaning rod. Typical example. Excellent condition. $10
#GP110 .303 Rifle Brown Bakelite Rifle Oilers
Original WWI / WWII British / Canadian .303 brown bakelite rifle oilers. Nicely marked. Good condition. $10 / each.
#GP110 .303 Rifle Black Bakelite Rifle Oiler
Original WWI / WWII British / Canadian .303 black bakelite rifle oiler. Nicely marked. Good condition. $10
#US2034 USGI Rifle Bore Cleaner 6 OZ.
Full tin of USGI rifle bore cleaner, 6 Oz. Unused, probably never even opened. $10 / each.
#GP040 USGI Rifle Bore Cleaner 2 OZ.
Full tin of USGI rifle bore cleaner, 2 Oz. Unused, probably never even opened. $10
#GP042 WWI / WWII .303 Pull Through
Standard WWI / WWII issue .303 pull through for the Lee Enfield, Ross, Etc. Very nice unused condition. $10 / each.


#GP002 Colt 1911 Two-Tone Magazine with C Broad Arrow
Original Colt 1911 two-tone magazine with lanyard loop and C broad arrow applied to base plate.  These magazines were issued to officers of the CEF in WWI as replacement or spare magazines for 'Canadian Contract' Colt 1911's. There is no damage, splits, or functional issues. Good condition and very rare. *Sold*

#GP088 Colt 1911 or M1911 'Double Diamond' Stocks
Original Colt 1911 'Double-Diamond' walnut stocks / grips. These stocks have the correct number of lines of checkering for Colt which is 15 lines +1 between diamonds (Reference Chuck Clawson Colt .45 Service Pistols, page 202). The reverse of the grips show the correct factory circular saw marks. The grips will fit a pistol, they have not warped or shrunk. These grips were removed from a 1914 Government Model 1911 prior to destruction by the RCMP. Excellent set of original period grips to correct an otherwise nice collectible Colt 1911 pistol. *Sold*

#GP078 Barnes and Kobert Manufacturing Company 1911 Magazine
Original 1911 magazine produced by Barnes and Kobert Manufacturing Company, New Britain, Conn. Barnes and Kobert were part of the "community plan" Colt instituted to help with production, and they supplied the magazines for Colt's U.S. Government contracts (Reference Colt .45 Service Pistols Models 1911 and 1911A1, page 194). Excellent condition example from a rarely encountered manufacturer to complete your 1911 magazine collection. *Sold*

#GP003 Colt 1911 Super 38 Auto Two-Tone Magazine
Original Colt 1911 38 Super two-tone magazine. There is no damage, splits, or functional issues. Very good collectible condition and would be a worthy investment for a nice 1911 Super 38 Auto. *Sold*
#GP092 1911 Government Model Half Moon Rear Sight
Original 1911 Government Model half moon rear sight. This rear sight was removed from a 1914 Government Model that was destroyed by the RCMP. These rare half moon sights were often upgraded in the post-war years and finding one on the loose is nearly impossible. Original factory bluing. Scarce. *Sold*

#GP093 1911 Government Model Slide Stop
Original 1911 Government Model slide stop. This slide stop was removed from a 1914 Government Model that was destroyed by the RCMP. Original factory bluing. Scarce. *Sold*

#GP106 Colt M1911 Two-Tone Magazine Pair
Original WWI to early WWII era Colt M1911 two-tone magazine pair. This is the perfect set of spare magazines for your USGI M1911 or early Colt M1911A1. Excellent lightly used condition with original bluing. *Sold*

#EC117 Canadian STEN 9mm Submachine Gun Cleaning Rod
Original WWII Canadian STEN 9mm submachine gun cleaning rod. Excellent condition. *Sold*

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