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#SR5 ShM-1 Gas Mask Set
OOriginal WWII ShM-1 (Шлем Маска-1 "Helmet Mask-1") was a Soviet mask intended for frontline combat arms use. The components are nicely marked and dated 1944. This set is in excellent condition, possibly unissued. It's increasingly hard to find genuine wartime sets like this, with most on the market being from the post-war period. Scarce. $325

#SR3 M43 Gymnastyorka Shirt
Original WWII Soviet Russian M43 Gymnastyorka shirt made of U.S. lend-lease wool. The chest pocket suggest this shirt was intended for officers, but later in the wore all ranks began wearing this style of shirt. Background: The Lend-Lease policy, formally titled An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States was a program under which the United States supplied the United Kingdom (and British Commonwealth), Free France, the Republic of China, and later the Soviet Union and other Allied nations with food, oil, and materiel including clothing between 1941 and 1945. This M43 Gymnastyorka is in excellent condition with original buttons. Obtained directly from a client in the former Soviet Union. $475

#SR9 East Berlin 1945 Photograph
Original photograph taken at the entrance to the Soviet sector of East Berlin where a massive poster of Stalin was erected in 1945 after the city had fallen to the Red Army. The photograph measures approximately 9 x 12 centimeters. This photograph will compliment any WWII collection. $65
#SR2 Russian Engineer Troops Shoulder Straps
Original WWII Russian engineer troops shoulder straps for a junior lieutenant. Excellent condition. Obtained directly from a client in the former Soviet Union. $50


Lambs Fur "Ushanka" Winter Hat
Original WWII Soviet Russian "Ushanka" winter hat with lambs fur. Features early two piece insignia. An essential piece of kit for soldiers surviving the harsh winters of the Eastern Front. Nice example in genuine used condition. *Sold*

Russian Tank Crew Uniform
Original WWII Russian tank crew uniform consisting of black tank coveralls and padded tanker helmet. The coveralls are in overall good lightly used condition, the buttons are all present and there are no modifications, rips, or other notable damage. The padded tankers helmet is also in used condition, it has genuine wear and was in long term storage. There is a faded makers stamp and 1945 date in white ink. This would be an excellent set to make a tanker mannequin from the Battle of Berlin, or to expand your WWII uniform collection. Obtained directly from a collector / client in Russia. *Sold*

#SR8 M43 Gymnastyorka Shirt, Enlisted
Original WWII Soviet Russian M43 Gymnastyorka shirt made of Russian wool. The lack of chest pocket suggest this shirt was intended for enlisted members. The shirt features buttons for the attachment of shoulder boards, the other end of the shoulder board would have been sewn down directly to the shirt. The shirt features some initials written in Russian text. Overall, the shirt is in excellent lightly worn condition, and suitably sized for a mannequin display. *Sold*

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