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#US2317 Esquire Magazine Vargas Girl Pinup
Original WWII era Esquire magazine Vargas centrefold pinup. The pinups were extremely popular and commonplace with soldiers at the front, and a reminder of American women waiting for them to come back home. $40

#US2248 Troop Carrier Match Book from England
Original WWII U.S. Troop Carrier match book from England. Would display well with badges or other personal items. $25

#US2186 IV Armored Corps "Sahara" World Premiere
Original WWII IV Armored Corps Organization Day program for the world premiere of "Sahara" starring Humphrey Bogart and Lulubelle. $10

#US2145 U.S. War Stamps & Bonds Poster
Original WWII U.S. War Stamps & Bonds poster. Measures 14" x 20" (Inches). Nice examples with good colours. $65
#US2132 Map of JEHOL, China
Original map of JEHOL, China, also including Inner Mongolia and Gulf of PoHai. The U.S. Army's main role in China was to keep China in the war through the provision of advice and materiel assistance. As long as China stayed in the war, hundreds of thousands of Imperial Japanese Army soldiers could be tied down on the Asian mainland. For this reason, many special operations were carried out in China, one of the most famous units being the Flying Tigers. This is an interesting map from an area of operations that is not often found. $25

#US2081 U.S. Army Air Forces Silk Escape Map of Tokyo and Osaka
Original WWII U.S. Army Air Forces silk escape map of Tokyo and Osaka printed in 1943.  Excellent condition, showing just some age from being folded and possibly lightly used. Great example. $100

#BS135 Combination Score Book for M1903, M1, and M1918A2
Original US WWII combination score book for shooting U.S. rifles M1903, M1 Garand, and M1918A2 BAR.  Unused, very good condition. $20

#BS111 Blank World War II Certificate of Service
Original US WWII certificate of service, this is an unissued blank form.  Excellent condition, can easily be shipped rolled in a tube. $40

#US2247 1940 Auto-Ordnance Corporation Thompson SMG Manual
Original WWII U.S. Auto-Ordnance Corporation Thompson SMG manual edition of 1940. Named. Excellent condition. $30
#US2030 Seamanship Cards - Rules of the Road
U.S. Navy seamanship cards to practice rules of the road. Interesting training item. $25

#US2023 Propaganda Leaflets Dropped by and dropped on U.S. Soldiers
Very interesting set of propaganda leaflets that includes leaflets dropped by the Americans over German held positions, and also German leaflets dropped on American Soldiers in American held positions. This set really shows the attempts of both nations to have their opponents surrender. Two safe conduct passes (One German, One American) are also included. This were supposedly collected in the same area by the same soldier so I decided to keep the set together, it's a really neat souvenir. $300

#US2085 "Don't Talk, Chum" Match Pack
Original WWII "Don't Talk, Chum" match pack. No contents. Would display nicely with personal items or insignia. $5

#US2062 "Remember Pearl Harbour" Match Pack
Original WWII "Remember Pearl Harbour" match pack. No contents. Would display nicely with personal items or insignia. $5

WWII American Envelopes (From Letters Home)
1. #US2019 Let's Keep it LAND OF THE FREE - Orlando Air Base stamp. $10
2. #US2020 United States AIRMAIL. $10
3. #US2021 We Are Ready Uncle Sam. $10


7th War Loan 'Now All Together' Poster - USMC Iwo Jima Flag Raisers
Original WWII full size 7th War Loan 'Now All Together' poster with vibrant colours.  Artwork features U.S. Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima. These posters were shipped to various locations folded, and as such the original fold lines are still present and it can be safely shipped folded in a small box. Vibrant mint condition. *Sold*
#BP36 6th War Loan 'NEXT!' - US Marine and Japan
Original WWII full size 6th War Loan 'NEXT!' poster with vibrant colours. Artwork features a U.S. Marine shouting 'NEXT!' over Japan, a prelude to the invasion that would have happened if not for the dropping of the atomic bombs. These posters were shipped to various locations folded, and as such the original fold lines are still present and it can be safely shipped folded in a small box. Vibrant mint condition. *Sold*

#US2123 1945 Newspaper Announcing the Japanese Surrender
Original WWII U.S. newspaper published by the Akron Beacon Journal in 1945 announcing the Japanese surrender. Includes an interesting section called "PEACE!" that summarizes a  bit of the conflict, as well as pull page of cartoons and much more. The newspaper is in very good condition. *Sold*

#US2139 Leaflet - US and China Together Defeating the Japanese
Original WWII leaflet showing America and China working together to defeat the Japanese. Unique leaflet. *Sold*
#CD332 "Looking Up" Parachutist Postcard 
Original WWII U.S. postcard featuring a scantly clad parachutist and another service member in a situation that is "looking up". Good unused example featuring typical period comedy sketch printed in colour. *Sold*

#BS136 Naval Recognition Manuals, Including Landing Craft
Two original WWII U.S. Naval recognition manuals.  The first manual "Recognition Pictorial Manual of Naval Vessels" focuses on large ships, and the second manual "Allied Landing Craft and Ships New Information" focuses on amendments and landing craft.  Really cool publications with lots of interesting photos, diagrams, and ship profiles and silhouettes.  Both manuals are in good used condition, and both are complete. *Sold*

#BS133 Personalized 1943 Parachute Training Booklet
Original WWII U.S. 1943 Parachute Training booklet personalized by a Paratrooper named "Phillips".  Phillips has written his personal experiences during training in the blank spaces next to the photos on each page, probably to mail home to a loved one to show what he's been doing.  Phillips has also including the Paratroopers Song on the last page, and drawn "The Wings".  The rear of the booklet has the date Phillips graduated parachute training, December 9th 1943. *Sold*

#US2035 USMC Manual for the Reising Submachine Gun
Original WWII U.S. Marine Corps manual for the Reising submachine gun caliber .45 models 50, 55, and 60.  Printed in 1942, the Reising was a popular weapon utilized by the Marines in the Pacific.  Excellent condition. Nice USMC publication for your collection. *Sold*

#US2320 Final Eisenhower Letter
Original WWII final letter from General Eisenhower to all members of the Allied Expeditionary Force at the end of the war in Europe. Some soldiers kept these as souvenirs for a job well done. *Sold*

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