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#HH11 U.S. Army 1st Div Grouping, Corporal Harvey Sparman
Original WWI U.S. Army grouping of Corporal Harvey Sparman. Cpl Sparman enlisted on the 19th of November 1917, and once he completed training he served overseas from 22 July 1918 until April 1919 with Co E. 338th Inf, 8th Div, and Co L. 18th Inf, 1st Div. The group includes everything you see in the photos, not only do you get his original badged uniform but this soldier kept many small souvenirs in his mess tin. There is also some information on the soldier included, you can start your research with the provided paperwork and expand this into a serious research project. $625

#EC209 U.S. Army M1903 2nd Pattern Dismounted Cartridge Belt
Original pre-WWI U.S. Army M1903 2nd pattern dismounted cartridge belt. The Mills Equipment Co. and the Russell Mfg. Co. were the only contractors to manufacture these belts. This is an unmarked example from one of these makers. Features woven canvas construction, 9 pockets with beautiful rimless 'ball-and-socket' snap closures (The snaps bearing the U.S. Army eagle) adjustable ends (Belt is adjustable from 30-46 inches) and 'T' buckle closure. Each pockets was designed to hold two 5-round stripper clips of .30-cal. ammunition for the M1903 .30-cal. bolt-action rifle. The metal belt ends with four rivets make this a 2nd Pattern belt (The 1st Pattern has three rivets) which dates it from 1906-1907 prior to being replaced by the M1907 dismounted cartridge belt. In excellent unissued condition. Desirable early piece of U.S. Army web gear. $250

#US1018 Early USMC Shelter Tent
Original pre-WWI U.S. Marine Corps depot made shelter tent. The USMC first began using shelter tents in the Spanish American War and by 1900 the USMC depot began manufacturing their own. This shelter tent is a depot manufactured example, it’s undated but features a USMC surcharge in the centre that is original and aged with the rest of the shelter tent, it has the remnants of an old tag and is also marked to the USMC “New York Depot”. All depot made USMC shelter tents are extremely scarce and missing from even advanced USMC collections. We have had several over the years and believe this example is pre-WWI and may have possibly been in service until the early years of WWII. The condition of this example is field used, with some small holes from snags and staining as shown in the photos. Scarce. $650

#US1020 USMC DQP Leggings
Original WWI U.S. Marine Corps leggings manufactured by the USMC Philadelphia Depot. Top example without any damage, lightly worn if at all. Nicely marked with manufacturers in stamps on the interior. $225

#EC199 U.S. Army Flag Kit Case
Original WWI U.S. Army Flag Kit Case manufactured in April of 1918 by the Russell firm as indicated by the stamped markings on the inside of the closure flap. Complete with sling and both leather cords. Used to store and transport a set of signal flags. In excellent condition. $50

#EC183 M1918 Grenade Carrier
Original WWI U.S. Army / U.S. Marine Corps M1918 Grenade Carrier. Manufactured in May of 1918 by G.P. & Co. Inc. and marked accordingly. The carrier is constructed of 11 individual 4-inch high pockets with flaps each designed to hold a single French Viven-Bessières rifle grenade or one of the various fragmentation hand grenades of US/British/French origin used by the U.S. military during the First World War. Complete with a large neck strap and 4 small chest tie tapes. In excellent unissued condition. $75

#US1021 M1911 Pistol Lanyard
Original WWI U.S. M1911 standard issue pistol lanyard. Used by all branches into WWII, including the U.S. Marine Corps. Excellent condition example, likely unissued. $100

#US1022 O3 Springfield Leather Sling
Original WWI U.S. Military (All branches) 03 Springfield 30-06 leather sling. Maker marked "M.W.H. CO." and "WTG". Great condition given the age, will fit a rifle without any issues. $150

#EC23 U.S. Army Cotton Khaki Breeches
Original WWI U.S. Army ‘Breeches, Cotton, Khaki’ with an approximately 29-inch waist and 22-inch inseam. Intended to be worn with the cotton khaki service coat, they were made with a five-button fly (with the buttons marked ‘U.S. Army’ to the front), six belt loops, two front hip pockets, two rear pockets, a watch pocket in the waistband, an inside knee patch for wear, and laced knees. This style continued to be an issue item into WWII, but saw limited use. In issued but excellent condition. $100

#US1008 SONGS The Soldiers And Sailors SING
SONGS The Soldiers And Sailors SING. A small book of music and songs for soldiers to use in their down time and on the ships to and from Europe. Nice booklet, complete, good condition given the age. $20


#SB4 29th Infantry Division Camouflage and Flashed M1917 Helmet
Original 29th Infantry Division camouflage and flashed M1917 helmet. Original period applied camouflaged textured paint with 29th Infantry Division 'blue and gray' flash. Similar helmets are shown in Alexander F. Barnes book 'LET'S GO the history of the 29th Infantry Division 1917-2001'. The unit departed for the Western Front in 1918 to join the American Expeditionary Forces during WWI and spent 21 days in combat accomplishing their objectives in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive at a heavy cost taking approximately 30% casualties. The condition of the helmet is excellent, however typical with these M1917's the liner is loose inside the helmet. *Sold*

#RG109 3rd U.S. Army Camouflaged and Flashed M1917 "Doughboy" Helmet
Original WWI 3rd U.S. Army camouflaged and flashed M1917 "Doughboy" helmet. Excellent example with period applied camouflage paint and markings with great colours and lots of genuine patina. Typically WWI "Doughboy" helmets have fallen apart liners, this one is pretty decent overall with one break to the chinstrap, but it is in much better than average condition. This is a great genuine helmet for any collection. *Sold*

#HH12 M1904 Campaign Hat
Original M1904 U.S. Army Campaign Hat. Overall stiffened drab felt construction with wide brim. Features a period added private purchase leather buckle chinstrap, with grommet vent provisions remaining from the earlier style shoestring chinstrap. The interior has a fine leather sweatband with oilcloth welting. We have not lifted the fragile mint condition leather sweatband to check for markings – the next owner can do so at their own risk (Not advised!). The exterior of the hat is adorned with the original grosgrain ribbon with bow, and perforated star patterns on each of the peaks. *Sold*

#US1002 USMC M1911 Eagle Snap Magazine Pouch
Original WWI United States Marine Corps leather double mag pouch for the M1911 with USMC eagle, globe and anchor snap.  From the pre-WWI era and would have been used in WWI as well. Inside the flap are some USMC Battery markings but they are not visible in the photos.  One of very few known surviving examples, the only one we've ever seen on the loose. *Sold*
#US1017 USMC P1915 Complete Pack in Khaki Green
Original WWI era U.S. Marine Corps early depot manufactured P1915 pack in green khaki with khaki cloth tape edging. Superlative example that is in near mint museum grade condition that would be impossible to upgrade. Complete with original matching USMC depot manufactured pack tail and meat can pouch. All components feature the correct original USMC surcharge stamp. Scarce set, most of these packs saw hard use with the Marine Corps, this is the best example in existence that we are currently aware of. *Sold*
#US1015 USMC EGA Eagle Snap M1910 Canteen Set
Original WWI United States Marine Corps (USMC) eagle, globe, and anchor (EGA) button snap M1910 canteen set. The canteen cover is in excellent condition without damage, the snaps are working properly and the hanger is the original USMC style wire hanger. The Marine Corps began production of the M1910 canteen carrier in 1912, with the main noticeable difference being the EGA eagle button snaps as opposed to U.S. Army eagle snaps. These canteens served with the Marines pre-WWI and well into the war. This set includes early M1910 canteen with flat top that is original to the set. Some of these early canteens were acquired by the Marine Corps. There is a canteen cup inside the cover, we did not make any effort to remove it as it seems deeply settled in place. Overall, an excellent and very scarce USMC canteen set. *Sold*
#US2168 U.S. Marine Corps Saddle Blanket
Original 1924 U.S. Marine Corps Philadelphia depot (DQP) made saddle blanket. Features impressive leather USMC Eagle, Globe, and Anchor symbol. Excellent condition considering the age, still supply and could be displayed in a variety of ways. For more pictures and information see pages 110-114 of "Equipping the Corps" by Alec Tulkoff. From our private collection and originally purchased from a very advanced Marine Corps collector. One of only two known in excellent condition with depot stamp still present. *Sold*

#US1012 USMC Single Enlisted Droop Wing EGA
Original WWI single Enlisted Collar Droop Wing Eagle Globe Anchor (EGA) of the United States Marine Corps (USMC).  Background: The present EGA design was based on that established between 10 November 1775 and the date that the Marines were revised in 1798. In those days the buttons they wore had 13 stars around the top and an eagle with partially outstretched wings clutching an ardent fouled anchor.  It was not until 13 November 1868 that the globe, inspired by the British Royal Marines, was added. The eagle then clutched the globe which was centralized over the ardent fouled anchor and chain.  Since 1868 designs existed for officers dress uniforms in silver and gold, NCO’s and EM dress uniforms in brass and for other uniforms a black example. The officer’s examples tend to have a loose or separate piece of rope fouled in the anchor while that found on enlisted examples is part of the die of the entire badge.  In addition to the cap badge, a pair of collar badges were worn made in right and left facing designs. During WWII examples of the EGA were made in economy plastic and continued to be made in the US after the war. There are many different varieties of designs worn between the 19th and 20th Century. They can be differentiated by details of the eagle, positioning of head, wings and style of globe and anchor. They were mostly supplied with screw back fasteners. This is a nice example of a WWI USMC EGA. *Sold*
#US1023 US Navy / USMC 1918 Field Dressing
Original WWI U.S. Navy / U.S. Marine Corps field dressing dated 1918. This is the exact type of field dressing you need to complete a USMC depot made bandage pouch, and these dressings were also used by the Marines early on during the Second World War. Tough to find on the loose. *Sold*

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