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#MP89 Imperial German Kolonial Schutztruppe Gewehr 98 Muzzle Cover
Original Imperial German Kolonial Schutztruppe Gewehr 98 muzzle cover. Proper original nickel finish for troops serving Africa to protect against the local conditions. Manufactured in approximately 1900-1901. The consignor reports that this muzzle cover was brought to Canada by Matthew J. Cox of the 2nd Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles, who served in the South Africa during the Boer War. Matthew brought back a rifle as well, but it was unfortunately modified into a hunting rifle while this item remained untouched. Extremely scarce accessory, perfect to complete your ultimate Kolonial Schutztruppe rifle. $750

#MP88 P08 Luger Mags
Original WWI era German P08 Luger magazines. One of the mags is manufactured by Erfurt (4667 number, spare mag + symbol, and proof), and the other DMW (8287 number and spare mag + symbol). Both magazines are in excellent lightly used working condition, and only capable of holding 8 rounds (Legal in Canada and USA). $400

#MP87 Imperial German Shoulder Straps
Original Imperial German shoulder straps for the 20th Artillery Regiment and 187th Infantry Regiment. These surfaced in Canada and are presumably a Canadian soldier bring back souvenir that are period removed from German uniforms. $150

#MP50 LP.08 Artillery Luger Holster Rig
Original Imperial German LP.08 Artillery Luger wooden stock and leather holster rig with accessories. The wooden stock is Imperial proofed, and has a serial number “4859 i” for a pistol (Which may be out there somewhere). The leather holster is nicely maker marked and dated 1915 inside the main flap. The takedown tool and cleaning rod are still present in their respective compartments of the holster. The condition is field used but much better than average, there is no damage or repairs and even the Luger pull strap inside the holster is still intact (These are often the first thing to break or go missing). The leather is still supple and everything can be carefully opened and closed. Excellent set, you rarely see complete holsters like this on the open market. This set surfaced in Canada, and is presumably a CEF soldiers souvenir. Scarce. $1975

#MP61 Pickaxe and Carrier (Beilpicke 12)
Original WWI Imperial German Pickaxe (Beilpicke 12) with brown leather carrier. The pickaxe handle features a stamped makers information and Imperial Crown marking, these Imperial markings are very important as they are the only to differentiate between a real WWI era pickaxe, and one manufactured after the war. The brown leather carrier which is original to the pickaxe is also maker marked, and dated 1917. Photos of this exact pickaxe and carrier are published on page 51 of Imperial German Field Uniforms and Equipment 1907-1918 Volume I, by Johan Somers, where you can also find additional information about them. Superlative set in lightly used and carried condition. Scarce. $1200

#MP55 Prussian M1915 Ersatz Felt Pickelhaube
Original WWI Prussian M1915 ersatz Pickelhaube with removable spike. This uncommon variant is constructed of felt with feldgrau steel fittings, and without rear reinforcement. The Prussian state and Reichs cockade are present, including one made of ersatz brass. Complete with chinstrap and liner. Much better than average, this is a really excellent example in lightly worn condition. The consignor reports this Pickelhaube surfaced in Canada and is presumably a CEF war trophy. $1250

#MP56 Prussian M1915 Pickelhaube
Original WWI Prussian M1915 Pickelhaube with removable spike. The Prussian state and Reichs cockade are present. Complete with chinstrap and liner, and nice maker ink stamp and 1917 dated. Much better than average, this is a really excellent example in lightly worn condition. The consignor reports this Pickelhaube surfaced in Canada and is presumably a CEF war trophy. $1250

#G1060 Officer's Cap of Jaeger Bataillon Nr. 7
Original WWI officer's cap of Jaeger Bataillon Nr. 7. They are listed as a Westphalian unit but have the Nassau cockade. They were stationed in Bückeburg. The cap is in excellent condition given the age, without any moth holes to the fine wool. As you would expect, such a fragile and nice cap needs to be treated with care, it has never been crushed and holds a very nice form. This is an excellent cap for any collection. $1100

#MP57 M1898 Entrenching Tool
Original WWI Imperial German M1898 entrenching tool. The tool is maker marked to the firm Herman Dahlm and dated 1899. The shovel also features unit markings for J.R.152.B, which is the 152nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion (1st Alsatian). The 152nd Regiment was attached to the 74th Infantry Brigade, XX Corps (East Prussia). The condition of the e-tool is field used, having received oil treatments at some point to prevent rust and protect the wood. Given this tool is 125 years old, it’s been cared for and still displays nicely. Scarce. $325

#MP53 Bayonet Frog
Original Imperial German bayonet frog. Excellent example with nice maker mark and dated 1915. Perfect to complete an excellent condition bayonet, and very hard to find in this condition. $250

#MP52 Iron Cross Second Class
Original Imperial German Iron Cross Second Class, complete with ribbon in good condition. $125

#G1036 42nd Infantry Regiment Shoulder Straps
Original M1915 pattern sew on shoulder straps for the 42nd Infantry Regiment. $175

#G1071 65th Infantry Regiment Shoulder Strap
Original M1915 pattern sew on shoulder strap for the 65th Infantry Regiment. $75

#MP54 M1909 Rifle Ammunition Pouch
Original WWI Imperial German M1909 Gew98 rifle ammunition pouch.The pouch is nicely maker marked and dated 1915 on the reverse. The pouch was produced in brown leather, and period blackened by the soldier in accordance with the 1918 regulation to blacken all pouches. The pouch is in excellent lightly used condition, with all the straps in good working order and the internal dividers are all still intact. $125

#MP48 EM/NCO Belt Buckle Lot
Original WWI Prussian EM/NCO belt buckle lot. Four different lightly used buckles, these were found together at an Owen Sound estate, and are presumably a CEF soldiers souvenirs. We have decided to keep the lot together. $175

#MP49 Field Gray EM/NCO Belt Buckle
Original WWI Prussian EM/NCO belt buckle. This is a late war field grey belt buckle with late war quality construction and finish. Unissued condition likely taken from a depot at wars end. $75

#EC205 M1914 Tent Square
Original WWI German M1914 tent square, the First World War predecessor to the Zeltbahn. This example is named with field post. The tent square is in field used condition with some soiling and fading, the buttons and grommets are still intact. Good example of a scarce piece of equipment. $325
#MP14 S.98 Bayonet with Scabbard & Frog
Original Imperial German S.98 bayonet complete with original scabbard and leather frog. 1904 Erfurt with Ersatz scabbard and leather frog. Unit marked 123.R.8.127 which represented ownership by a Wurttemburg rifle regiment. Great condition, all complete, nice blade that has never been messed with. Nice example. *Reduced* $375

#EC65 Royal Prussian Army Infantry Model 1889 Officer Sword & Scabbard
Original Imperial German Royal Prussian Army Infantry Model 1889 Officer sword and scabbard. Double-fullered straight nickelled blade is approximately 81cm in length, marked to the Alexander Coppel firm in Solingen and in excellent clean condition. The grip is complete with the correct wire wrap, Royal Prussian cypher, and leather finger strap. Brass eagle semi-basket has a folding guard indicating a private purchase. Black scabbard has single belt hanger indicating post-1905 use. $750
#EC210 Imperial German Army Artillery Enlisted Personnel Dress Sword
Original Imperial German Army enlisted personnel dress sword with scabbard. Primarily used by artillery personnel but also used by machine gun, mounted engineer, and civilian customs personnel. Blade is marked near the base to the Anton Wingen, Jr. firm in Solingen. Single-fullered nickelled blade is approximately 85cm in length and unsharpened as sold from the factory. Leather blade washer still present at base of blade. The sword and scabbard show some signs of wear but overall are in good condition. The black scabbard has single belt hanger indicating post-1905 use. This is a private purchase set as blade displays no proof marks or property markings. $400

#EC152 WWI Royal Prussian Army SG.98/05 nA Bayonet with Scabbard 
Original WWI Royal Prussian Army SG.98/05 nA (Seitengewehr 98/05 neuer Art) bayonet with scabbard. The rear of the left side of the blade is marked to the prestigious Carl Eickhorn firm of Solingen, and the top of the blade's spine is marked with a 'Crown over W' (W = Kaiser/King of Prussia Wilhelm II) Prussian property stamp and a 1916 manufacturing date. The bayonet is in excellent condition with the release button fully functional. The scabbard is a 1st pattern example with a leather body and steel fittings. The leather is in excellent condition considering the age. The bottom steel fitting is unfortunately missing it's staple that held it securely to the leather body, but it is nonetheless held securely in place by a tight friction fit, and the staple could be replaced with a small piece of wire should you wish. $450

#EC160 Royal Saxon Army Model 1909 Rifle Ammunition Pouch
Original WWI Royal Saxon Army (Imperial German Army) Model 1909 (Patronentasche 09) brown leather ammunition pouch for 5-round 7.92x57mm Mauser rifle stripper clips. The rear of the pouch is 1915 dated and maker-marked to maker 154 attributed to Heinrich Hinkel in Mühlheim am Main in Hesse. The inside of the closure flap of the right compartment is marked "B.J.A. Ch.17." in a rectangle which signifies Bekleidungs-Jnstandsetzungsamt Chemnitz (Clothing Repair Office Chemnitz) indicating this pouch was issued to the Royal Saxon Army, as Chemnitz is located in Saxony. Below this marking is the lowercase letter "f" in a square which signifies Feldbrauchbar (Field Usable). The pouch is made up of three separate compartments, each with it's own closure flap and leather internal separator strip. Each compartment holds three stripper clips. The rear of the pouch has two belt loops, one at either end, as well as a d-ring at the top of the middle compartment for attachment to the field suspenders. In well worn but complete and intact condition. Hard-to-find pouch marked to the small Royal Saxon Army which raised a total of approx. 750,000 troops out of the approx. 14,250,000 troops that served in the Imperial German Army during the war. $100
#EC148 Imperial German WWI Service Medal Grouping

Original grouping of two Imperial German WWI service medals with ribbons. The medal on the left is a Kriegsdenkmünze 1914/18 that was available for purchase to members of the Kyffhäuser-Bundes (Kyffhäuser League) veterans organisation who had served in WWI. The medal was introduced in 1922 and abolished in 1934 with the nazification of the Kyffhäuser-Bundes. The medal on the right is a Prussian Verdienstkreuz für Kriegshilfe (Merit Cross for War Aid) established in 1916 and abolished in 1924. It was awarded to both civilian and military personnel for a noteworthy act that contributed to the war effort. $50

#EC52 Prussian Telegraph Troops EM/NCO Belt Buckle, Model 1915
Original WWI Imperial German / Prussian steel signal telegraph troops EM/NCO belt buckle. This specially designed belt buckle was designed to help better distribute weight and has steel loops for attaching a wire spool. Two variations exist, the Model 1895 uses brass components while this Model 1915 is all steel construction. Nice used condition example. $425

#EC64 Prussian EM/ NCO Pickelhaube Eagle Plate, Model 1895
Original Imperial German / Royal Prussian Army Line Infantry, Fusilier, or Train Regiment EM/NCO Pickelhaube eagle alloy plate with both original rear attachment loops present and intact, Model 1895. Perfect for a restoration project or to be displayed on its own. $200

#MP58 Pickelhaube / M16 / M17 Helmet Leather Strap Keepers
Original WWI German brass Pickelhaube / M16 / M17 helmet leather strap keepers. These are often missing in helmets, and would be a nice detail to enhance the display of your favourite piece of headgear missing them. $50

#MP59 Gewehr 98 / Gewehr 88 Leather Sling Steel Keeper
Original WWI German Gewehr 98 / Gewehr 88 leather sling steel keeper. $50

#G1061 Artillery Position at the Front
Original WWI photograph of German Artillery soldiers at the front. $20

#G1068 Biplane Photograph
Original WWI photograph of a biplane that has experienced some technical difficulties. $45

#G1064 Iron Cross Recipients Funeral Pamphlet
Original WWI Imperial German soldiers funeral pamphlet featuring the Iron Cross. This interesting pamphlet thanks guests of the funeral for their warm participation in attending the soldiers service on behalf of the Kirst family, a surname with a rich and ancient Austrian ancestry. A sober poem on the final page translates roughly to “The war is rough, and without pity, it nags our dearest to the faithful urn. This brave son enters the kingdom of heroes, his undeserved death will be an immortal fire”. The pamphlet is nicely preserved in excellent condition with fine lace, and measures 8 x 15 centimeters closed and 16 x 15 centimenters open. For those researching and collecting death notices, this is a unique and different offering. $35

#G1065 Soldier Photograph 
Original WWI photograph of a soldier standing in full kit with a short note on the reverse. $20


#G1054 Camouflaged M16 Combat Helmet
Original WWI Imperial German M16 combat helmet with complete leather liner, cushions, and chinstrap. Maker marked on the interior steel skirt “Si66“ (Eisenhuette Silesia, Paruschowitz Oberschlesien in size 66). There is also a name written on the steel skirt. The camouflaged pattern is painted as per period regulations with multiple colour fields and black dividing lines. The paint used for the camouflaged colour has a heavy pigment and texture, as observed on most other original period painted helmets. We sold this wonderful helmet once before and recently bought it back as part of a collection. *Sold*
#CM1 German M16 Camouflage Combat Helmet
Original WWI German M16 combat helmet with original hand painted camouflage. The camouflage has been applied as per period regulations with multiple colour fields divided with black lines, using the typical gritty textured paint. The maker stamp is not readable but the helmet is a size 64. The helmet is complete with an original chinstrap, which are often missing. The chinstrap has one re-enforced repair on the underside. The original M16 all leather liner and pins are fully intact and never removed, the original cushions are still present. Excellent example. *Sold*

M1917 German Helmet with Factory Paint, Si 66
Original WWI German M1917 helmet with factory paint, maker Si (Eisenhüttenwek Schlesien, Paruschowitz/ Oberschlesien) size 66.  Complete with the original chinstrap which is very uncommon to find on WWI German helmets. The chinstrap is in excellent condition, the liner is fragile but also nice with some original liner string. There is a 'GL' dome stamp still visible. The helmet is named twice 'LENZEN II' once in what appears to be pencil or coloured pencil, and once in white paint. *Sold*
#MP60 Prussian M1907 Pioneer Feldmutze
Original WWI Prussian M1907 Feldmutze for a member of the combat Pioneer branch. Nicely maker marked in size 55, with faint 1915 depot markings and unit markings. There is some very minor moth tracking as shown in the photos, but this example is in much better than average lightly worn condition. *Sold*

#G1011 Complete Early Gummimasken Gas Mask Set
Original WWI German Gummimasken gas mask set complete with all components and straps. The mask itself is a 2nd model Rahmenmaske with the cloth covered coiled spring straps. The early style can is complete and even has the cleaning cloth inside the lid. These early Gummimasken sets are very rare compared to late war models and seldom available as complete sets. *Sold*
#G1057 Prussian III. Seebataillon Shoulder Straps
Original WWI Imperial German / Prussian III. Seebataillon shoulder straps. Good lightly used condition with nice embroidery. Original matching pair that has been kept together. *Sold*

#G1053 Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class Grouping
Original WWI German Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class grouping. Includes Iron Cross 1st, Iron Cross 2nd Class (both maker marked) small locket with photo of recipient, and souvenir piece of shrapnel. It was a common practice for the wounded in WWI to keep pieces of shrapnel if hit and removed from by the surgeon. We don't have any further provenance on the group except everything came together. *Sold*

#G1008 Imperial German Iron Cross 1st Class
Original WWI German Iron Cross 1st Class maker marked on the reverse 'KO' attributed to the firm Königliches Münzamt Orden of Berlin. *Sold*
#G1030 Tornister Pack
Original WWI German Model 1895 WWI tornister pack worn by all enlisted soldiers. Constructed of leather and canvas. All complete with good fittings in service used condition. Nicely maker marked and dated 1915 on the leather and unit marked on the interior. *Sold*
#G1003 M1895 Prussian EM/NCO Belt & Buckle Set
Original WWI Prussian M1895 EM/NCO belt and buckle set. Early brown leather belt that was never blackened, it is uncommon to find surviving belts still in brown leather.  M1895 two-piece brass/nickel Prussian belt buckle. The set appears to have been together forever and is exactly as received. Nicely preserved set that would display well on its own or as part of an equipment/mannequin display. *Sold*
#G1038 Bullet Struck “Ersatz” Combat Bayonet
Original WWI German all steel “Ersatz” substitute bayonet battle damaged with bullet strike to the scabbard. These bayonets were constructed of machined steel parts to conserve valuable materials during the later stages of the war. Much of the original “feldgrau” painted finish remains, uncleaned with lots of patina. The bullet strike to the scabbard doesn’t effect how the blade sits inside the scabbard, it can fortunately be removed and put back in easily. This is a great untouched “been there” bayonet with bullet damage. *Sold*
#EC22 P08 Luger Holster, Berlin 1916
Original WWI German P08 Luger leather holster. Maker marked to a Berlin manufacturer and dated 1916. Leather pull tab is still intact inside the holster. Overall excellent condition given the age, great example. *Sold*
#G1044 Complete M1917 Gas Mask
Original WWI German M1917 “Ledermaske” gas mask set in excellent and complete condition. No notable flaws, even the string on the front of the gas mask is still present as well as the cardboard instruction disk at the bottom of the canister and the spare lens in the compartment on the lid. The complete set of ersatz material straps is also in remarkably good condition, these are often missing or damaged. *Sold*
#EC60 Deutsches Kolonialreich Schutztruppe Studio
Original Imperial German period Deutsches Kolonialreich Schutztruppe (German Colonial Empire Protection Force) studio photograph. Photograph is period mounted on a hard cardboard plate which is marked to the studio that developed the photograph. Provides excellent details on the rare Schutztruppe uniform and equipment. “Auf Wiedersehn!” = “Goodbye!”. *Sold*

#G1048 Complete M1917 Gas Mask
Original WWI German M1917 “Ledermaske” gas mask set in excellent lightly used and complete condition. No notable flaws, even the string on the front of the gas mask is still present as well as the cardboard instruction disk at the bottom of the canister, and the spare lens in the compartment on the lid. The complete set of ersatz material straps is also present in good condition given the age and material it is constructed of, these are often missing or damaged. The set is named on the top and bottom to "Adolf Fröhlich" who likely carried and wore this gas mask in combat, he never opened the currently installed filter and was prepared for the next gas attack. *Sold*
#MP47 M1917 German Helmet Unit Marked 2. Machine Gun Kompanie
Original WWI German M1917 helmet unit marked 2. Machine Gun Kompanie. The helmet is manufactured by Gebruder Gnüchtel, and has a faint smelting lot number. Field grey paint with a slightly glossy finish correct for this maker, which has never been cleaned, oiled, or polished. The helmet is complete with the original M1917 liner and chinstrap. The chinstrap has an interesting period repair to one end. The helmet is faintly marked inside the flange ‘2. M.G.K.’ for 2. Machine Gun Kompanie. The helmet is also faintly named inside the flange, and underneath of the helmet pads (Not shown). A great piece of history for your WWI helmet collection, with very desirable provenance to a machine gun unit. We sold this helmet once in the past and received again as we are consigning a very high-end collection. $1750 *On Layaway*

#G1070 Trench Fighting Knife with Scabbard
Original WWI German trench fighting knife with scabbard. Genuine carried and lightly used condition, never sharpened with maker marks present on the blade. Original scabbard with leather frog and retaining strap with working closure button. Ideal example. *Sold*

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