#G1001 M1917 German Helmet Unit Marked 2. Machine Gun Kompanie

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German WWI M1917 helmet unit marked 2. Machine Gun Kompanie!  The helmet is manufactured by Gebruder Gnüchtel, with faint smelting lot number.  Field grey paint with a slightly glossy finish correct for this maker, never cleaned or polished. The helmet is complete with original M1917 liner and chinstrap.  The chinstrap has an interesting period repair to one end. Faintly marked inside the flange ‘2. M.G.K.’ for 2. Machine Gun Kompanie.   The helmet is also faintly named inside the flange, although I haven’t been able to make it out.  A great piece of history for your WWI helmet collection, with very desirable provenance to a machine gun unit.  This helmet was posted on GHW2 forum by a previous owner, a link to that thread is included below.  Nice!  $1175

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WWI German buckle with original leather tab.  Shows some wear from use but is without damage or repair. Nice example. $125

#G1002 Prussian Belt Buckle with Leather Tab


M1917 German Helmet with Factory Paint, Si 66

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Excellent M1917 German helmet with factory paint, maker Si (Eisenhüttenwek Schlesien, Paruschowitz/ Oberschlesien) size 66.  Complete with the original chinstrap which is very uncommon to find on WWI German helmets.  The chinstrap is in excellent condition, the liner is fragile but also nice with some original liner string.  There is a 'GL' dome stamp still visible.  The helmet is named twice 'LENZEN II' once in what appears to be pencil or coloured pencil, and once in white paint. *Sold*

WWI German belt and buckle set. Belt is marked 1915. The belt has a common field repair/adjustment where the tongue has been moved for a better fit. Nice combat used set, found in the belongings of a WWI Canadian veteran. *Sold*

Prussian Belt and Buckle

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1914-1918 Heeresgruppe Krompr. Rupprecht von Bayern 1L Imperial German soldiers ceramic beer stein.  The 1L marking is dead centre indicating the stein itself is likely pre-1918 production. At some point it appears someone dropped the stein (They drank too much?) and then managed to very skillfully repair it.  The repair looks old, I'm not sure how it was done but it's solid and could still be used.  Neat and unique item for a display. *Sold*

1914-1918 Heeresgruppe Krompr. Rupprecht von Bayern 1L Beer Stein

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P08 Luger 1918 Dated Holster

WWI German PO8 Luger holster manufactured by SCHWARZENBURGER & Co NÜRNBERG 1918.  Nice used condition with complete undamaged pullstrap. *Sold*

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German 1915 manufactured bread bag.  Uncommon year, most WWI German field gear items are late war dated.  Nice used condition, nicely marked and unit marked or named with ink stamps.  Depot marked and several repairs for further service at depot level.  Has a great 'been there' look to it, ready for your mannequin or collection. *Sold*

1915 German Bread Bag