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#HH6 U.S. Army Airborne M42 Reinforced Jump Jacket
Original WWII U.S. Army Airborne M42 reinforced combat jump jacket as worn by American paratroopers of the 101st and 82nd Airborne on D-Day and other famous operations. The reinforcement job is consistent with other original period examples. It’s important to understand this reinforcement was done at unit level, and they did not come this way from the factory. This jacket is reinforced in the standard fashion at the elbows and lower pockets, with heavy olive drab canvas, and the standard style of unit tailor / rigger stitching that is not evenly spaced and different from the factory stitching. The edges of the reinforced canvas elbows have been folded over, and then stitched to hold them in place before being assembled onto the jacket. Once added to the jacket, they were then stitched twice around. During assembly of the elbow reinforcement, the sleeve seams were picked open, the side of the canvas was inserted, and then the seam was re-sewn. Inside the sleeve it looks quite rough as there's no neat way to interlock the seam again. The lower pocket reinforcement is done in similar fashion, to ensure items such as grenades could be well secured without ripping the factory pockets. These details are all consistent with other originals we have studied and discussed with other advanced dealers and collectors. There is a faint name ink stamped inside the jacket, but we have not been able to determine and research it. Depending how you look at the shoulder, it appears as if it *may* have had a 101st Airborne badge at one point. It’s possible more research on what’s remaining of the name stamp may turn up something down the road. The overall condition of the jacket is lightly worn with all snaps and zipper in good working order. Iconic example of the ultimate Second World War American combat jacket. $14,750

#SB8 Alaskan Defence Command Grouping to A.M. Machowicz Jr.
Alaskan Defence Command Grouping to T/4 A.M. Machowicz Jr. of the US Army Medical Corps. The lot consists of his Ike Jacket with 2nd Pattern Alaskan Defense Command Patch (1942 and later) positioned at the top of his left sleeve and the Aleutian Island patch on top of his right sleeve. On both sleeves is the rank badge of Technician Fourth Class. On his right lapel is the US collar disc and on the left lapel the stamped collar disc of the US Army Medical Corps. Over his left breast pocket are the medal ribbons of the (top left) Victory Medal, Veterans of Foreign Wars Ribbon, (bottom left) Asiatic Pacific Medal, Good Conduct Medal and American Campaign Medal. The Ike jacket also includes a pair of trousers with the last four digits in Machowicz’s serial number inked in. There is also a shirt with the 2nd Pattern ADC patch. To top off the group there is a complete WWII Liner, Helmet, Steel M-1 with MACHOWICZ stenciled in white across the front. There is no steel shell but it would be easy to locate one. Finally a complete set of T45 dog tags to Machowicz. Since he wears the Asiatic Pacific Campaign medal ribbon and the Aleutian Islands patch, this indicates that he served as a follow up to the invasion forces that landed on Attu or Kiska between May and August 1943 in the Aleutian Island Campaign. $300

#SB12 U.S. Army Sgt Khaki Utility Shirt with Kiska Task Force and IRTC patches
U.S. Army Sergeant's khaki utility shirt with Kiska Task Force patch, Infantry Replacement Training Centre (IRTC) patch, Sgt ranks, and Ruptured Duck for honourable service at the end of hostilities during WWII. Appealing shirt with all original period applied insignia. $58

#EC96 US Army ‘Hood, Cloth’
Original WW2 US Army ‘Hood, Cloth’ in Medium size manufactured by Atlantic Sportswear Mfg. Co. on May 26th, 1942. Made of wind-proof and water-resistant poplin. Intended to be worn over the ‘Toque, Wool-Knit’. In excellent unissued condition. $50
#US2080 U.S. Army Tank Top Shirt
Original WWII U.S. Army standard issue tank top shirt.  Also used by other branches including the U.S. Marine Corps.  Nice shirt to complete your U.S. uniform collection. Looks to be standard period size Medium. $50


#SN7 USMC P42 Camouflage Utility Uniform Set
USMC P1942 "frog camouflage" utility jacket and trousers. This is the earliest style frogskin uniform that saw widespread use by Marines during WWII in the Pacific and one of the most iconic Marine uniforms. This is a great matching set with strong colours in a perfect mannequin size. The condition of the set is excellent and barely used without any damage or repairs. This is an iconic WWII uniform would go well in any WWII or USMC collection. It is really tough to find good matching USMC P42 camouflage utility uniforms, this is the set any USMC collector would be proud to own. Scarce. *Sold*

#HH2 "BIG RED ONE" 1st Infantry Division M1941 Field Jacket
Original WWII U.S. Army "BIG RED ONE" 1st Infantry Division M1941 field jacket. Original period applied shoulder badge with matching wear to the rest of the jacket. The jacket is a combat worn example, featuring several repairs from snagging, some soiling, and an overall patina. There is a laundry sewn into the collard "K 4793" and the initials "AEH" with "4793" written inside the armpit, we have not made any attempt to research this. Background; In July 1943, the division took part in the Allied invasion of Sicily, codenamed Operation Husky. When that campaign was over, the division returned to England, arriving there on 5 November 1943  to prepare for the eventual invasion of Normandy. One regimental combat team of 1st Infantry Division and one regimental combat team from the 29th Infantry Division as well as A,B,C companies of the 2nd Rangers Battalion and the 5th Rangers Battalion comprised the first wave of troops that assaulted German Army defences on Omaha Beach on D-Day. The division then drove across France in a continuous offensive. When the German Wacht Am Rhein offensive (commonly called the Battle of the Bulge) was launched on 16 December 1944, the division was quickly moved to the Ardennes front. The division saw extensive frontline combat and ended the war in Czechoslovakia. One of the nicest U.S. jackets we've received so far. *Sold*

#SB9 M43 Field Jacket worn by Colonel James C. Frank with CBI Blood Chit
Impressive M43 field jacket worn by Colonel James C. Frank. The jacket features and embossed leather name tag above the left chest pocket, with gold infill. Inside the jacket the Colonel has hand sewn his silk China-Burma-India (CBI) blood chits numbered 22692 and 70074. This is an all original untouched example, the blood chits show genuine wear that sinks right into the jacket exactly how they should be and there is no doubt the Colonel wore this jacket on operations. *Sold*
#SB10 U.S. Army Pullover Anorak with Kiska Task Force Patch
Rare WWII U.S. Army pullover anorak jacket in olive green as found with Kiska Task Force patch. The jacket and patch are both in excellent original condition without flaw. *Sold*

USMC P41 Tunic and Cap, UNIS 5th Division Iwo Jima
Scarce U.S. Marine Corps P41 tunic and cap UNIS marked to a Marine of the 5th Division. This is a real combat worn set from Iwo Jima full of character. *Sold*

#SN6 USMC P41 "Patch Pocket" Trousers
Original WWII United States Marine Corps "patch pocket" combat trousers. This is the earliest type of USMC P41 utility trousers, with distinctive patch pockets sewn to the exterior. This style of USMC trousers appear in period photos from the earliest battles the Marines fought in during WWII. Not many of these early pairs still exist in collections today. The trousers are in worn and issued condition, there is a bit of soiling and small stains but nothing serious. The bottom of one leg has frayed, probably from rubbing against the ground or a boot in rough terrain. This pair of trousers at one point belonged to the Western Costume Company for Hollywood film use, and they have applied their studio stamp inside the waste. A very rare pair of USMC trousers ready to complete an early WWII Marine impression. *Sold*

#SB14 7th Infantry Division Combat Rucksack Group from the Aleutian Islands 
Interesting combat rucksack grouping to a soldier named 'Steele' of the 7th Infantry Division who took part in the amphibious assault on Attu Island, the western-most Japanese entrenchment.  While the initial landings were unopposed, the 7th Infantry Division fought the Japanese in an intense battle over the frozen tundra after pushing inland the day following the invasion. The group consists of the named rucksack to 'Steele' and markings 'HQ-53' over 'S' which is yet to be researched, as well his parka, balaclava, 7th Infantry Division patch, Kiska patch, two pairs of sun googles, and a captured Imperial Japanese Navy Petty Officer's cap badge. *Sold*

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