#RG13 Vietnam War 'Advisor' Tiger Stripe Jungle Fatigues

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Nice pair of original Vietnam War 'Advisor' tiger stripe jungle fatigues for ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) soldiers working with the Americans.  These uniforms were extremely popular and have a super cool camouflage pattern.  The jacket is theatre made, while the trousers are U.S. made in size 'A-S' for Asian Small.  This is a very small size uniform, a lot of these advisors were very small people and this set nowadays would probably fit a kid and not many of us would be able to fit into them!  Please beware of the small size. 

Priced as a set $725. Priced separately: Jacket $400, Trousers $325.

Private purchase Colt 1911 Sam Browne belt with holster and mag pouch. Not maker marked, perhaps as early as WWII but more likely Korea / Vietnam period. Named in the flap.  Nice set for a 1911, could even still be used for the range.  $45

#BS21 Private Purchase 1911 Sam Browne Belt / Holster

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Manual for Browning Machineguns Caliber .30 M1919A6 and M37. Printed by Headquarters, Department of the Army in July 1965.  $20

#VN008 U.S. Browning Machineguns Caliber .30 M1919A6 and M37 Manual


Unique Squadron 264 patch.  Scarce.  I have not managed to locate another example of this cool patch anywhere on the web, possibly one of a kind and appears to have been removed from an album.  $40

#VN006 Unique Squadron 264 Skull Patch

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Vintage Squadron 433 patch.  Uncommon patch featuring Walt Kelly's 'Porky Pine' carrying a rocket for re-armament. Cool patch. $40

#VN005 Squadron 433 Patch

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Mystery 'CAMERONS' printed should title.  Possibly WWII, possibly for summer dress. $20

#VN007 Mystery 'CAMERONS' Printed Shoulder Title

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Late 1940's post-WWII Canadian Airborne wings.  Excellent unused condition, these are often confused for WWII and look almost identical but a fraction of the price. $25

#VN003 Late 1940's Canadian Airborne Wings

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Original British Parachute Regiment shoulder title and wings.  These are often marketed as WWII, these are from the immediate post-war to 1950's period.  Still a very desirable and nice set of insignia. $65

#VN002 British Parachute Regiment Shoulder Title and Wings

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Original Highland Light Infantry Canada shoulder flash. Often confused for WWII, these are the final variation from the 1960's. $25

#VN001 Highland Light Infantry Canada Shoulder Flash

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Canadian Army MANUAL OF VEHICLE AND AIRCRAFT PAINTING AND MARKINGS.  Great for those interesting Canadian vehicle and aircraft paint and markings. Tough publication to find on the loose regarding a very popular subject. $40


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Uniforms and Insignia of Soviet Army and Para-Military Forces.  Published in 1955 and issued to the Canadian military. $20

#VN004 Uniforms and Insignia of Soviet Army and Para-Military Forces 1955


Vietnam 'Graffiti' M1 Helmet - An Khê 1970

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Vietnam 'Graffiti' M1 helmet.  The graffiti include reference to the famous region of An Khê in Vietnam during 1970 with tour dates, other script including 'Soul Power' (Popular slogan with black soldiers) and 'No Bic' (Perhaps because he had to use a felt tipped marker and not a pen).   I have made no attempt to take this apart, it is undisturbed and I have not even touched the helmet band which like the cover has really snugged down over time.  The interior of the helmet is salty, and it's likely a rodent did a bit of chewing on some liner components.  It has become increasingly difficult to acquire an original untouched Vietnam helmet with period writing on the cover. This iconic helmet would look great in any helmet collection. *Sold*

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1950's 101st Airborne Div shoulder patch. Korea to Vietnam War era. Mint with loose strings, never applied.  *Sold*

101st Airborne Div Shoulder Patch

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Original 503 Airborne 'The Rock' patch, early patch likely Korean war era. *Sold*

503 Airborne 'The Rock' patch

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Original Imjin Scouts patch for soldiers patrolling the DMZ in Korea.  The addition of 'DMZ' means this is a Vietnam era patch. Rare. *Sold*