#VN037 China Marine North China Pictorial & Paperwork Grouping
Original U.S. Marine grouping of S/Sgt Virgil L. Kinney who served as a "China Marine" at the end of WWII. The group includes S/Sgt Kinney's North China Pictorial U.S.M.C. that was provided to each Marine who served with the 111 Amphibious Corps in China, this is a really cool and desirable publication and important part of the Marine Corps history. The group also includes S/Sgt Kinney's "Ruler of the 180th Meridian" which was a popular souvenir for Marines who crossed the 180th Meridian. There is also an edition of The Peiping Chronicle, which has a bit more information on what it was like to serve in North China, and S/Sgt Kinney's certificate in Modern Criminal Investigation from the Marine Corps institute. Interesting group with lots of content and more research potential. $200

#EC36 U.S. Jungle Boots
Original U.S. Vietnam War era Boot, Combat, Tropical, better known as “jungle boots”. Vintage 1966 dated example in mint / unissued condition, still tied together with the original laces and the original instructions attached by a string. Size 13N. Top condition example in a big size. $95

#VN036 Army of the Republic of Vietnam Special Forces (LLDB) Patch
Original Vietnam War Army of the Republic of Vietnam Special Forces (Vietnamese: Lực Lượng Đặc Biệt Quân Lực Việt Nam Cộng Hòa or LLDB) 2nd generation pin on patch worn in some capacity by U.S. Special Forces. Nice original example period produced and sealed within a clear cellophane protective pouch. Based on our research, there may have been a pin located on the top of the patch for attaching to a uniform, but it appears have cleanly broken away. Rare piece of insignia that displays well and would be great to complete any LLDB or Vietnam War display. Cool patch. $110
#RG61 Named U.S. Army Tiger Stripe Uniform in size Large
Original U.S. Army Vietnam War tiger stripe jungle fatigue uniform set in size large lightweight material. The jacket and trousers are both ink stamped "L" for size large. The set is named to "W. MEDDINGS" of "U.S. ARMY" and the consignor reports the set was purchased by a collector directly from the veteran. We were not provided any further details about Mr. Meddings. Desirable set. $1200

#VN029 U.S. Special Forces Green Beret
Original Vietnam war US Contract Green Beret. This beret was manufactured specifically for US Special Forces Training Facilities and Groups beginning in 1965. This example is code dated 1969 and has a proper period (late 60's early 70's) 5th Special Forces Group Beret flash. Shortly after the 5th Group was formed in 1961 they adopted a beret flash of  black with a thin white border. However, after they began to be deployed as advisors to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) in 1964, they included the colours of the flag of the R of Vietnam within the group flash.  Pinned through the flash is the US Special Forces Distinctive Insignia with De Oppresso Liber  motto. It is the example made by Demark Military Equipment Corporation of Astoria, New York having their raised D-22 mark on the reverse. This example began production over the 1965-66 period. Also included is an early example of bullion 5th Group blazer jacket patch circa 1970's that came with the beret. $450 
#RG61 Vietnam War "Advisor" Tiger Stripe Fatigue Coat
Original Vietnam War tiger stripe jungle fatigue coat for ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) soldiers working with the Americans. These uniforms were extremely popular due to their cool camouflage pattern, and not only worn by ARVN but also US soldiers. The jacket is stamped in the collar "A-M" for Asian Medium. Excellent lightly worn condition. $475

#RG13 Vietnam War 'Advisor' Tiger Stripe Jungle Fatigues
Nice pair of original Vietnam War 'Advisor' tiger stripe jungle fatigues for ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) soldiers working with the Americans. These uniforms were extremely popular due to their cool camouflage pattern. The jacket is theatre made, while the trousers are U.S. made in size 'A-S' for Asian Small. This is a small size uniform, a lot of these advisors were very small people and this set nowadays would probably fit a kid instead of an adult. 
Priced as a set $725. Priced separately: Jacket $400, Trousers $325.

#RG91 US Army Fatigue Jacket
Original US Army Vietnam War era fatigue jacket made of rip-stop material. Lightly used condition, with a couple very small snags. Size medium-regular. $40
#RG60 Named USMC P41 Utility Coat
Original Korean War era USMC P41 utility coat named to Cpl J.F. Whalen Jr. 1151154. The base tunic is Korean war period production based on the slightly rounded bottom of the chest pocket. Salty field used example with name stamps applied using the issue stamping kit, Corporal rank stencils on the sleeve, and name stencils on the reverse. This would be the perfect tunic to accurately combine with USMC helmet with no-slit helmet cover for a Korean war impression or mannequin. $275

#VN027 USMC Korean War Cap and Collar EGA's
Original set of Korean War era Eagle Globe Anchor (EGA) cap badge and collar badges of the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Background: The present EGA design was based on that established between 10 November 1775 and the date that the Marines were revised in 1798. In those days the buttons they wore had 13 stars around the top and an eagle with partially outstretched wings clutching an ardent fouled anchor.  It was not until 13 November 1868 that the globe, inspired by the British Royal Marines, was added. The eagle then clutched the globe which was centralized over the ardent fouled anchor and chain.  Since 1868 designs existed for officers dress uniforms in silver and gold, NCO’s and EM dress uniforms in brass and for other uniforms a black example. The officer’s examples tend to have a loose or separate piece of rope fouled in the anchor while that found on enlisted examples is part of the die of the entire badge.  In addition to the cap badge, a pair of collar badges were worn made in right and left facing designs. During WWII examples of the EGA were made in economy plastic and continued to be made in the US after the war.  There are many different varieties of designs worn between the 19th and 20th Century. They can be differentiated by details of the eagle, positioning of head, wings and style of globe and anchor. They were mostly supplied with screw back fasteners. This is a nice set of Korean War era EGA's for any collection. $25
#VN026 USMC Crossed Cavalry Swords EGA Pin
Original USMC crossed cavalry swords EGA pin in brass from either WWII or Korea. This is a really cool looking USMC pin for your collection. $15
#VN008 U.S. Browning Machineguns Caliber .30 M1919A6 and M37 Manual
Manual for Browning Machineguns Caliber .30 M1919A6 and M37. Printed by Headquarters, Department of the Army in July 1965. $20


#BS176 Rocket Cutaway
Original British WWII / Korea period sectionalized rocket motor and tail fin assembly. Believed to be underwing rockets on aircraft such as the Hawker Typhoon. Cool cutaway. $75
#VN033 Airborne Social Club Wooden Token
Original Canadian Airborne Regiment Social Club wooden canteen coin / token. We purchased this vintage wooden token directly from an Airborne Regiment veteran who had two of them in his collection and we are offering one for sale. $40
#CD372 Pace Stick
Original English made pace stick for measuring the distance from A to B. These pace sticks saw a lot of use with the Canadian Army from WWII to present day. The consignor reports this pace stick came from a WWII veteran, although we are unsure how to date it. Our research suggest while some were used in WWII, they became more popular in the 1950's and were likely all acquired from the same source in England. So this could be WWII production but we're unsure and have placed it here to air on the side of caution. This is a nice antique pace stick. $100
#VN007 UN Flag from the Golan Heights
Original United Nations (UN) flag from a Canadian soldier who served in the Golan Heights. Nice example, small size commonly seen in use by UN soldiers. $25
#VN030 2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery "Gunner's Roar" Germany
Original 2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery "Gunner's Roar" event pin while the unit was in Germany. 6cm diameter. Cool pin. $35
#BS162 Highland Light Infantry Battle Dress Tunic
Original 1950's Highland Light Infantry Battle Dress tunic. The base tunic is 1952 dated, it features original period applied Canadian Airborne qualification jump wings that were manufactured in the late 1940's, surplus WWII era Canadian made Highland Light Infantry shoulder titles, and surplus WWII era Corporal rank chevrons. The tunic is in nice condition in a normal medium size.  This is a nice representative Battle Dress from the Canadian Highland Light Infantry during the Korea / Cold War era. $145
#VN028 1946 Canadian Army Beret with RCR Cap Badge Included
Original 1946 Canadian Army beret with Royal Canadian Regiment cap badge included. This would be a nice beret set representing the RCR in Korea if you choose to mount the cap badge. The beret is a Canadian maker and nicely marked, the cap badge is also a nicely marked Skully example. $65
#VN025 Korean War Battle Dress Grouping
Original Korean War Battle Dress grouping from a member of The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR). Grouping includes the soldiers original badged Battle Dress tunic, MKII helmet, and beret with cap badge. The Battle Dress tunic is a standard Canadian example with rare Japanese made Commonwealth and Canada sleeve patches, Canadian Airborne wings, and standard Canadian ribbon bar for service in Korea. The MKII helmet is a standard WWII Canadian Lamp Company (C.L./C.) 1942 produced example from lot 74, with period upgraded MKIII chinstrap and original helmet net. The beret is a Canadian Army standard issue example with original RCR cap badge. This is a textbook Korean War grouping which is significantly more difficult to find compared to WWII Battle Dress groups, only 26,000 Canadians served in Korea compared to over one million Canadians who served in WWII. A fantastic textbook Korea grouping ready for display in your collection!  $575

#VN012 RCEME flashed MKII Helmet
Original RCEMEM flashed MKII helmet. The helmet is CL/C (Canadian Lamp Company) 1942, lot number 86. The exterior of the helmet has received an arsenal re-paint and the waterslide RCEME decal is genuine but the type used by RCEME in the post-WWII period. Has some pencil markings applied inside the rim. Excellent condition RCEME MKII helmet that likely saw use in WWII and well into the post-war period with really nice decal and paint. $225

#DC1 British 1953 Ammo Boots
Original 1953 dated British ammo boots. Used condition, missing the laces which can be easily replaced. These would be useful for a Korean war display, or WWII mannequin since they look very close to the WWII boots and are much less expensive. $50

#VN024 Canadian Army Emergency Ration
Original sealed Canadian Army emergency ration with contents. Good condition, still sealed contents likely still intact inside.  These are sometimes identified as WWII but we feel they are more likely from the Korean war era. This is a nice rare Canadian ration item for your collection. $125

#VN021 Korean War era Japanese Made Bullion Canadian Parachute Wings
Korean War era Japanese made bullion Canadian Parachute wing badge. These were acquired by parachute qualified Canadians passing through Japan to or from Korea or while there on leave. Rarely encountered wings. $175

RCAF 426 Squadron Decal
Original Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) 426 Squadron pilot's helmet decal. Manufactured by Decalcomania of Toronto who were supplying the Canadian military with decals since WWII. This is a vintage squadron decal, but we can't confirm the exact date of manufacture, we do know the Queens crown places it post-1953. Mint condition and never applied. Carrier paper measures 7cm by 11cm. This decal would look good displayed with other squadron insignia or in a small frame. $50

1950's Battle Dress Trousers
Original post-war 1950's Battle Dress trousers. All are in lightly worn condition but overall very nice. These can be used for reenacting or an affordable option for WWII mannequins that look the exact same as WWII dated examples. 
 #DW30 Size 34-36" waste, for approx. height 5'8" $50
 #DW31 Size 34-36" waste, for approx. height 5'8" $50
 #DW32 Size 30-31" waste, for approx. height 5'8" $50

#BS108 Wessex Brigade Plaques
Original Wessex Brigade plaques from 1948 to 1968. These look really cool and will display well in your collection. $75

#BS98 Canadian Army Garrison Jacket
Original Canadian Army "Garrison" Jacket. Nice example with Corporal rank machine stitched to the sleeve and Canada titles hand applied to the shoulder. Insignia appears to be original period applied by the soldier who wore it. This is a nice example without any issues, good colours, and original tag just lightly worn. Nice coat, a classic piece of Canadian Army camouflage, which was ironically intended only for garrison and unpopular with the troops, but often used in the field by OPFOR (Opposing Force) as seen in some period photos. $45

#VN014 British Parachute Regiment Shoulder Title
Original British Parachute Regiment shoulder title. These are often marketed as WWII, these are from the immediate post-war to 1950's period, it's hard to put an exact date on these variations but we know they are post-WWII. Still a very desirable and nice title. $25
#VN013 British Parachute Regiment Shoulder Title
Original British Parachute Regiment shoulder title. These are often marketed as WWII, these are from the immediate post-war to 1950's period, it's hard to put an exact date on these variations but we know they are post-WWII. Still a very desirable and nice title. $25
#VN010 Late 1940's Canadian Airborne Wings
Late 1940's post-WWII Canadian Airborne wings. Excellent unused condition, these are often confused for WWII and look almost identical but a fraction of the price and still nice original wings. $30

#VN005 Squadron 433 Patch
Vintage Squadron 433 patch. Uncommon patch featuring Walt Kelly's 'Porky Pine' carrying a rocket for re-armament. $40
#VN009 Canadian Manual of Vehicle and Aircraft Painting and Markings
Canadian Army MANUAL OF VEHICLE AND AIRCRAFT PAINTING AND MARKINGS. Great for those interesting Canadian vehicle and aircraft paint and markings. Tough publication to find on the loose regarding a popular subject. $40

1975 British Browning Pistol Manual
1975 British 9mm Browning Pistol (Inglis Hi-Power) infantry training manual. $20


#RG73 Belgian Parachutists Pullover Smock
Original Belgian parachutist pullover smock. This smock saw foreign service with the French in Indochina, as well as in the Rhodesian Bush War. Rare smock. Good used condition with working zipper. Maker marked and dated 1954 on the tag. $600


#SB7 Vietnam 'Graffiti' M1 Helmet - An Khê 1970
Original Vietnam War U.S. Army M1 'Graffiti' helmet. The graffiti include reference to the famous region of An Khê in Vietnam during 1970 with tour dates, other script including 'Soul Power' (Popular slogan with black soldiers) and 'No Bic' (Perhaps because he had to use a felt tipped marker and not a pen). We have made no attempt to take this apart, it is undisturbed and we have not even touched the helmet band which like the cover has really snugged down over time. The interior of the helmet is salty, and it's likely a rodent did a bit of chewing on some liner components. It has become increasingly difficult to acquire an original untouched Vietnam helmet with period writing on the cover. This iconic helmet would look great in any helmet collection. *Sold*

#RG62 USMC Vietnam Tiger Stripe Fatigue Coat
Original Vietnam War USMC tiger stripe tunic named to "Peter Sheridan" "Marines". The name and service branch have been applied in country with red thread likely by a local tailor. We haven't attempted to do any research on the name. Appealing Marine tiger stripe tunic that would look great in any collection. *Sold*

#RG99 Vietnam War Tiger Stripe Theatre Made Camouflage Baseball Cap
Original Vietnam War theatre made cap in Tiger Stripe camouflage material. Nice example in lightly used condition. Very desirable. *Sold*
#RG97 USMC / USN Theatre Made Cap in Vietnamese Camouflage
Original Vietnam War U.S Marine Corps or U.S. Navy style theatre made cap in Vietnamese camouflage material. Nice example in lightly used condition. *Sold*
#BG7 Canadian Airborne / Parachutist Smock
Original mint condition Canadian Airborne / Parachutist smock. Manufactured by Ambridge & Thompson (1987) Inc. and this example came off the assembly line in August 1989. This example is a fairly large size 7 and these were designed to be worn over the standard combat uniform. Mint / unissued example with bright unwashed colours, would be nearly impossible to upgrade. *Sold*

#VN016 SAS Beret Badge
Original Special Air Service (SAS) beret badge that likely dates to the 1950's. Lightly worn beret removed example with loose threads still present from when it was taken off. Cool patch. *Sold*
#VN023 Japanese Made Commonwealth and Canada Patches

Original British 1st Commonwealth Division patch and Canada identification patch from the Korean War. These bullion examples were acquired by soldiers passing through Japan to or from Korea or while on leave. *Sold*

#VN020 Korean War era Japanese Made Bullion Canadian Parachute Wings
Original Korean War era Japanese made bullion Canadian Parachute wing badge.  These were acquired by parachute qualified Canadians passing through Japan to or from Korea or while on leave. Rarely encountered wings. *Sold*

1946 British Inglis Hi-Power Manual
Original 1946 British manual for the Inglis Hi-Power.  This what they issued immediately after WWII. Very hard to find on the loose. An identical example is published in Clive Law's book Inglis Diamond. *Sold*
#VN019 1st LT BTY (PARA)
The First Light Battery Parachute was a very small and short lived unit created to provide direct artillery support for the parachute companies/battalions of the PPCLI, R22R, RCR that made up the Mobile Striking Force (1948-1955). The shoulder loop was authorized in 1951 and samples were submitted to the government the following year. Many members of the unit fought in Korea with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Due to the short duration of wear for this title, it is a very scarce badge to find on the loose. *Sold*

#VN035 1957 Map of Hanoi, Vietnam, with ICC Provenance BGen Webber
Original 1957 map of Hanoi, located in the northern region of Vietnam, situated in Vietnam's Red River delta.  This map was brought back to Canada by BGen Michael Henry Fairfax WEBBER (RC Sigs) who served in Vietnam in 1957-1958 with the International Control Commission (ICC). BGen Webber’s obituary can viewed online at this link: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/theglobeandmail/obituary.aspx?n=michael-henry-fairfax-webber&pid=190005273.
This map was purchased by Combat-Relics Inc. directly from BGen Fairfax’s estate in Ottawa shortly after his passing, it was the only souvenir he kept from the region. Interesting map from the early days of conflict in Vietnam. *Sold*