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We're a distributor of Service Publications and CEF Books, if there's a title you need please enquire. All new publication books are in mint / unread condition direct from the supplier.

Service Publications, Without Warning, Canadian Sniper Equipment of the 20th Century by Clive Law $22
Service Publications, Dressed to Kill by Michael Dorosh $22
Service Publications, 37' Web, Equipping the Canadian Soldier by Ed Storey $22
Service Publications, Distinguishing Patches by Clive Law $22
Service Publications, Tin Lids, Canadian Combat Helmets by Roger V. Lucy  $22

Service Publications, Assault Vests by Ed Storey $22
Service Publications, Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army 1936-1950 by Clive Law $14
Service Publications, A Source of Pride, badges of the CEF 1914-1919 by J.H. Harper $35
Service Publications, Jump Wings, History of Canadian Airborne Qualification Badges by Ken Joyce $30
Service Publications, Defending the Dominion, Canadian Military Rifles by David W. Edgecomb $25

Service Publications, From Scarlet to Khaki by Clive M. Law $46.50
Service Publications, The Canadian Military Motorcycle by Clive M. Law $22.50
Service Publications, The Canadian Field Service Cap by James J. Boulton and Clive M. Law $46.50
Service Publications, Fuss & Fashion by Clive M. Law $55
Service Publications, Canadian Vehicles in Korea by Don Dingwall $46.50

CEF Books, D-Day, The Canadians and the Normandy Landings $10
CEF Books, Hard-Won Victory, The Canadians at Ortona, December 1943 $10
CEF Books, Deadly Mission, Canadian Airmen over Nuremberg, March 1944 $10
CEF Books, Winning The Ridge, The Canadians at Vimy Ridge, 1917 $10
CEF Books, Gas Attack, The Canadians at Ypres, 1915 $10

CEF Books, The Battle of the Atlantic, The Royal Canadian Navy's Greatest Campaign 1939-1945 $10
CEF Books, Futility & Sacrifice, The Canadians on the Somme, 1916 $10



These are mostly second hand books, we're not currently a distributor of new publications except for Service Publications. Some of these books have been read, and gently used, while other used books are mint and never opened. Many are long out of print and some are even antiques. They are free of significant damage unless noted.

The Pistols of Germany and it's Allied in Two World Wars, by Jan Still $50
German Army Uniforms and Insignia 1939-1945, by Brian L. Davis $25
All three volumes of Walther Models PP and PPK by James L. Rankin. All volumes are in excellent condition, with protective sleeves in place (Can be easily removed without damage). Rare set containing a lot of valuable information. $150
Vis Radom, A Study of Poland's Finest Pistol, by William J. York $80
Colt's .38 Automatic Pistols, by Douglas G. Sheldon $65
Data Book of Wheeled Vehicles, Army Transport 1939-1945, HMSO Books $10

WHEN DRAGONS FLEW, An illustrated history of The 1st Battalion The Border Regiment 1939-45, by Stuart Eastwood, Charles Gray, and Alan Green $20
WAFFEN-SS by Brian L. Davis $10
Alpine Elite, German Mountain Troops of World War II, by James Lucas $10
Ticket to Hell via Dieppe From a Prisoners Wartime Log 1942-1945, by A. Robert Prouse $10
The Thompson Submachine Gun by  Roger A. Cox, with 1986 Supplement $125

Herbie! by Bing! Coughlin, Text by J.D.M. reprinted in 1959 $10
AFV Recognition Tank Translator by The War Office, 1962 $10

D-Day, A People's History, by Dan Van Der Vat $5
The D-Day Companion by Jane Penrose $5
#RG93 Combat Helmets of the Third Reich, a study in photographs by Tom Kibler $45
Insignia of the Republic of Vietnam Army Airborne Division by  Harry Pugh $40
US Military Medals 1939 to Present by Col. Frank Foster and Mr. Lawrence Borts $20
Canada's War at Sea $10
#RG85 SS Helmets, by Michael D. Beaver and Kelly Hicks $110
#RG87 German Military Motorcycles by Horst Hinrichsen $40
#RG88 Wehrmacht Combat Helmets 1933-45 by Brian C. Bell $20
Anzac Elite, The Airborne & Special Forces Insignia of Australia and New Zealand by Cliff Lord & Julian Tennant $25

The WWII Tommy by Martin Brayley & Richard Ingram $40
Normandy 1944, Allied Landings and Breakout, Osprey Campaign Series by Stephen Badsey $10
US Infantryman in World War II (3) Osprey Warrior by Robert S. Rush $10
The US Army in World War II (3) Osprey Men-at-Arms by Mark Henry $10
Der Landser Sammelband Nr.234 $10
The Colt U.S. General Officers Pistol by Horace Greeley IV $40

British Paratroops in Action by Squadron / Signal $10
British Commandos in Action by Squadron / Signal  $10
Men-at-Arms Series Foreign Volunteers of the Allied Forces 1939-45 by Nigel Thomas & Simon McCouaig $10
German Combat Uniforms of World War Two Volume II by Brian L. Davis $10
Ardennes 1944: Peiper and Skorzeny by Jean-Paul Pallud $10
British Parachute Forces 1940-45 by Howard P. Davies & Brian L. Davis $10
U.S. Airborne Forces Europe 1942-42 by Brian L. Davis $10
German Airborne Troops 1939-45 by Bruce Quarrie & Mike Chappell $10
German Mountain Troops by Bruce Quarrie $10
German Army Uniforms and Insignia 1933-1945 by Brian L. Davis $40
Orders, Decorations, Medals and Badges of the Third Reich by David Littlejohn and Col. C.M. Dodkins $20
German Combat Uniforms of World War Two Volume I by Brian L. Davis $10
Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen-SS A Photographic Reference by Michael D. Beaver with J.F. Borsarello $75
Panzers in Normandy Then and Now by Eric Lefévre $40
RCAF Squadron and Aircraft by S. Kostenuk and J. Griffin (National Museum of Man, National Museums of Canada) $20
Ballentine Illustrated "Nazi Regalia" and "Hitler" volumes. $20
Astra Automatic Pistols by Leonardo M. Antaris $50
The Hand Cannons of Imperial Japan by Harry Derby $40
The Korea Veterans Association of Canada Memorial Book $25

#DW18 Third Reich Literature, Rare books published in Hitler-Germany 1933-1945, by Andreas Gronemann $35
System Mauser A Pictorial History of the Model 1896 Self-Loading Pistol by John W. Breathed and Joseph J. Schroeder $40
The Spirit of the Regiment, An Account of the 48th Highlanders from 1956 to 1991, by Jack Batten $10
The Royal Canadian School of Infantry, History of Customs and Dress $10

The German Rifle, A comprehensive illustrated history of the standard bolt-action designs, 1871-1945, by John Walter $10
Military Rifle & Machine Gun Cartridges, by Jean Huon $20
Soviet Russian Tokarev 'TT' Pistols and Cartridges 1929-1953, by Fred A. Datig $40
WAFFENGESCHICHTE, Das Deutsche Sturmgewehr 44 und seine Entwicklung (M.P. 43/44, M.K.B. 42 [H], St.G. 44) by Von Armin Shecker $20
The History and Development of Imperial and Soviet Russian Military Small Arms and Ammunition 1700-1986 by Fred A. Datig $40
The German Bayonet by John Walter $40
A Thousand Young Men, The Colonial Volunteer Militia of Prince Edward Island 1775-1874 by David Webber $10
Know your Czech Pistols by R.J. Berger, Blacksmith Publishers Corporation. $40
Guerilla Warfare Weapons, The Modern Underground Fighters' Armoury, by Terry Gander $20
Remington Rolling Block Pistols, by Jerry Landskon, 1 of 500 copies $50
Production Statistics: U.S. Arms Makers $20
World of Lugers, Serial Numbers of Lugers Issued to German Agents in The United States 1913-1916 $25
Small-Caliber Ammunition Identification Guide Volume 1 Small Arms Cartridges Up To 15mm, prepared by U.S. Army  $20
Reichswehr and Wehrmacht Bayonets 1920-1945, by Mike Welser $40
Badges of the Empire's Waggoners by Michael McHenry & David Kellock $40
Military Uniforms, by David Ross $10
Uniforms of the Foot Guards from 1661 to the present day, by Bryan Fosten and William Y. Carman $10
Head Dress of the British Lancers 1816 - to the present, by David JJ Rowe and William Y. Carman $25
Flying Headgear of the World 1934-1945 by Jim Weld $20
Heraldry in War, Formation Badges 1939-1945, by Lt Col Howard N. Cole $20
Uniforms of The Royal Marines, from 1664 to the present day, by Charles C. Stadden and George & Christopher Newark $20
Wound Medals, Insignia And Next-Of-Kin Awards of The Great War by Arthur H. Houston and Vicken Koundakjian $25
Operational Flying Squadron Lineages and Insignia, A Canadian Forces Heritage Publication $20
A History of Dress of the British Soldier $10
Canada In World War II Post-War Possibilities $10

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