#US2014 82nd Airborne Division Two Piece Embroidered Sleeve Insignia
Classic original WWII 82nd Airborne Division two piece embroidered sleeve insignia.  This is example has a good amount of 'snow' white thread to the bobbin embroidery on the reverse.  Excellent condition and does not appear to have ever been applied to a uniform. From the estate of Pfc W.A. Fraser, Battery E, 805 Airborne A.A. Bn. 82nd Airborne Division.  $80
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#US2015 Bullion Embroidered South East Asia Command Patch and U.S. Flying Tigers Patch
Original WWII bullion embroidered South East Asia (SEA) Command Patch as worn by Headquarters (HQ) staff and those operating under this HQ who were part of Special Operations Executive Force 136 based in India and Ceylon. This is a high quality example
complete with snaps on the back to remove it from the uniform to prevent it being damaged during washing. Also included with the SEA Command Patch is an original wartime U.S. Flying Tigers patch, to complete the display.  A really nice set for your collection with emphasis on value in the beautiful and rare SEA Command bullion patch.  $185


U.S. Airborne Wings manufactured by J.R. GAUNT of London
Original WWII U.S. Airborne wings manufactured by J.R. Gaunt of London.  Originals of these British made wings are very scare and desirable.  Marked behind the pin and a bit faint in the photos is 'J.R. GAUNT' over 'LONDON'.  The original pin is the correct type and one of the identifying factors of a good original. *Sold*

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#US2026 U.S. Army Paratroops, Fort Benning, GA.
Original WWII U.S. Army pillow case souvenir sold at the PX for U.S. Army Paratroops training at Fort Benning.  This could have also been initially purchased by a members of 1 Can Para sent to Fort Benning for training, this example surfaced in Canada.   Good condition overally with some staining shown in photos and a big yellowing.  Perfect for a Paratrooper display. *Sold*