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Germany WWII: Waffen-SS camouflage smock, M36 Heer tunic for an enlisted member of Infanterie-Regiment 19, M43 Heer tunic for an enlisted member of the Artillery, Heer infantry officer's tunic, Luftwaffe M35 "double decal" combat helmet, ordnance tan camouflaged MG34 (MG42) belt drum, Heer tropical M40 cap, Kriegsmarine NCO tropical shirt and shorts, large Kriegsmarine war flag for a battle ship with provenance, Luftwaffe cap eagle with cockade, Luftwaffe EM / NCO chest eagle, Wehrmacht issue transit case containing 4x Stück Druck-Zünder 35, matching Eickhorn 1943 K98k bayonet with frog, early Luftwaffe K98k bayonet front, boot knife with scabbard, unit marked leather combat belt, Iron Cross Second Class by Wächtler & Lange, Panzer Assault Badge, Infantry Assault Badge, Silver Wound Badge, DRL German sports awards in gold and silver, war merit with issue envelope and ribbon bar, and a large assortment of carefully selected photographs and death notices.

German Gun Parts & Accessories: Kriegsmarine Nord Sea fleet marked K98k muzzle cover.

Germany WWI: M1917 German combat helmet with 2. Machine Gun Kompanie markings, LP.08 Artillery Luger holster rig, Prussian M1915 Pickelhaube, Prussian M1915 Erzats Pickelhaube, M1907 Pioneer Feldmutze, Pickaxe and carrier (Beilpicke 12), M1898 entrenching tool, Iron Cross Second Class maker “W”, brass Pickelhaube / M16 / M17 helmet leather strap keepers, an assortment of EM and NCO belt buckles, M1909 ammunition pouch, and Gewehr 98 / Gewehr 88 leather sling steel keeper.

Canada WWII: First pattern Denison smock, insignia grouping Gunner James G. Auld of No. 2 Forward Observer Unit, insignia grouping Gunner C.K. “Chuck” Bradley of No. 2 Forward Observer Unit, pair of 1st Armoured Carrier Regiment Canada theatre made shoulder titles, early Royal Winnipeg Rifles shoulder badge, "Ammo" ankle boots, Battle Dress jacket, Calgary Highlanders Glengarry, early MKII combat helmet, MKIII prismatic marching compass set, 9 pocket leather ammunition bandolier, Lee Enfield slings, and Canadian issue of KAPUT published by The Maple Leaf for Canadian Forces in Action.

United States WWII: USMC DQP pre-war canteen set, German occupation period 82nd Airborne Division shoulder badge, 82nd Airborne Division “Greenback” shoulder badge, 541 PIR oval in twill, 517 PIR & 325 GIR oval in twill, 505 PIR oval in twill, English made 505 PIR oval, English made 502 PIR oval, and 517th PIR / 325th GIR oval in twill.  

United States WWI: M1902 campaign hat. 

United States Vietnam War: Purple Heart for Specialist 4 Alberto A. Lucero of the 101st Airborne Division, killed in action on 4 March 1966 during a battle in the Phú Yên province of South Vietnam, and M16 or M14 "seatbelt sling" for jungle use.

Imperial Japan: Incredible Naval Aviator Rising Sun good luck flag with full translation.

France: WWI trench knife with scabbard.  

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         Dealer of iconic military antiquities for historians, museums, collectors, and enthusiasts. We specialize in the front line uniforms, helmets, field gear, personal items, and captured battle souvenirs taken by Allied soldiers from vanquished enemies and defunct governments. These items are made available for educational and historical purposes only. We focus on the Second World War, and also offer select items from other major military conflicts, including the First World War and earlier. View our inventory to see our showcase of original historical artifacts available for purchase, backed by a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. We are actively buying high-end military collections and offer consignment services.

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27 April 2024 • The Ottawa Military Show • Nepean Sportsplex, Ottawa, ON

14 September 2024 • The Toronto Military Show • Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto, ON

19-21 September 2024 • The MAX Show • York Expo Center, York, PA

TBC - February 2024 • The Show of Shows • Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY

*This list will be updated when new show dates are confirmed. 

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