24 May 2022 *NEW ARRIVALS*

WWII Canada /Commonwealth: Régiment de la Chaudière beret, Le Régiment de Maisonneuve beret, 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars armoured beret, R22R canvas shoulder title, 48th Highlanders canvas shoulder title, Carleton & York canvas shoulder title, Canada canvas shoulder title, 79th Armoured Division canvas formation patches, First Canadian Army 8RCA Battle Dress tunic, Canadian Battle Dress trousers, Canadian MKII "Brodie" combat helmet with original netting and field dressing, Canadian D-Day style respirator (Anti-gas, light) and MKII lightweight carrier, P37 e-tool and carrier, Air Ministry P37 "pig sticker" bayonet, 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade Sicilian Campaign sports booklet, Canadian P37 ankle gaiters, Canadian MKIII field dressing, and British field dressing.

WWI Canada / Commonwealth: Small box respirator and haversack (Anti-gas). 

WWII Germany: Me109 G/K vertical stabilizer cutout, M35 Luftwaffe "Normandy" camouflage helmet, early war Wehrmacht bread bag, 1939 Heer belt buckle with tab, Hitlerjugend clothing diamond, Hitlerjugend armband, Kriegsmarine sports shirt eagle, NSDAP armband, 1937 G. Appel RG34 K98k cleaning kit, MG34 sling, an assortment of Zeltbahn's, and an assortment of German helmet chinstraps. 

WWI Germany: M17 camouflage combat helmet.

WWII United States: U.S. Marine Corps P41 fatigue jacket, U.S. Army standard wool trousers.

WWII Japan: Japanese national flag, and Japanese national flag with Kanji. 

Vietnam War: U.S. Vietnam War 'Advisor' tiger stripe jungle fatigue jacket, and early flak vest.

Books: Out of print Collector Grade Publications; Death from Above, The German FG42 Paratroop Rifle, The Devil's Paintbrush, Sir Hiram Maxim's Gun, MG34-MG42 German Universal Machineguns, and The German Assault Rifle 1935-1945.

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24 September 2022 • The Toronto Military Show • Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto, ON

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22-26 February 2023 • The Show of Shows • Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY

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