17 November 2021 NEW ARRIVALS

WWII Germany: Heer M36 tunic by Hugo Boss, M35 ex-camo re-issue combat helmet, Silver Wound Badge, Black Wound Badge, SS soldier's field gear grouping with gas can and zeltbahn, cool field made camouflaged rucksack, combat Y straps, late war rucksack, Heer belt buckle with tab, 1945 MG34/42 gunner's belt pouch, matching 1937 K98k bayonet set, tropical K98k frog, several Infantry Assault Badges, FAD NCO belt buckle, K98k bayonet frog, complete combat gas mask set, gas mask filter storage cover, MN45 mess tin, late war canteen, standard K98k bayonet, K98k ammunition pouch, DAF bowl and forks. 

*SPECIAL CATEGORY* WWII Germany Soldbuch & Wehrpass: We've just finished listing the entire collection of Soldbuch's and other documents from the Hermann G​öring division, as well as some Fallshirmjäger Soldbuch's! This update includes four more impressive groupings from soldiers named Kurt Damerau, Max Neumann, Max Zwickl, and Wünsche Siegmuna. Please visit the special category for full details. All documents from this collection are now listed.

WWI Germany: Assortment of Iron Cross 2nd Class, and "dog tag" identification disc.

WWII Commonwealth: 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion Battle Dress jacket, RAF 1941 pattern flying boots, P37 STEN pouches, RAF survival water ration, standard Canadian Army Battle Dress suspenders, P37 canteen with black felt cover, Canadian Army gas mask, Canadian Army socks, and a wide assortment of new Canadian insignia including English and Canadian made examples for Canadian Princess Louise IV Dragoon Guards, British Columbia Regiment, Governor General's Foot Guards, The Lake Superior Regiment, 48th Highlanders, The Royal Regiment of Canada, Calgary Highlanders, 6 RCA, 8 RCA, South Alberta Regiment, Canadian Grenadier Guards, Lorne Scots of Canada, and Governor General's Horse Guards.

WWI Commonwealth: Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Medical Corps MKI Brodie helmet.

WWII United States: 9th Armoured Division shoulder title. 

WWI United States: 3rd U.S. Army "Doughboy" camouflage painted helmet.

WWII Russia: Lambs fur "Ushanka" winter hat with early two piece insignia. 

Global War on Terror: Danish M84 "rip stop" utility uniform set, and Latvian interior ministry utility uniform set. 

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