14 November 2022 *NEW ARRIVALS*

WWII Canada / Commonwealth: 3rd Canadian Division 14 RCA Battle Dress jacket, 1944 windproof brush camouflage smock, Canadian V-Packette prophylactic unit, SDG's glengarry bonnet, 1944 RCAMC beret, RCA field service cap, period camouflaged P37 pistol rig, R22R canvas shoulder title, Royal Canadian Dragoons canvas shoulder title, The Royal Canadian Regiment shoulder title, 48th Highlanders canvas shoulder title, Lincoln and Welland Regt. canvas shoulder title, The Lake Superior Regt. canvas shoulder title, West Nova Scotia Regt. canvas shoulder title, Lorne Scots Canada canvas shoulder title, pair of RCAMC uniform removed canvas shoulder titles, and huge re-stock on wartime training pamphlets. 

WWI Canada / Commonwealth: Very historic grouping of Private Gerald Skinner, 78th Battalion, killed in action during the Battle of Vimy Ridge on 9 April 1917, and Royal Canadian Dragoons forage cap.

Allied Guns / Parts / Mags: .30-Cal canvas machine gun belt, and 30-Cal. rifle/machine gun ruptured cartridge case extractor.

WWII Germany: Early war Heer combat belt and buckle set, General Assault Badge, War Merit Cross with Swords in 1st Class, Silver Wound Badge, Black Wound Badge, printed style NSDAP armband, M43 cap late war embroidered cap badges, steel machine gun belt, and Huber Jordan tri-color shield Wehrmacht combat helmet decals.

WWI Germany: Camouflage M16 combat helmet, and Austrian M17 combat helmet.

USA Vietnam War: Special Forces insignia grouping with SCU and LLDB Hangers.

Other News: Large price reductions on Hermann Göring, Fallschirmjäger, SS Soldbuch's and Documents.

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         Dealer of iconic military antiquities for historians, museums, collectors, and enthusiasts.  We focus on the front line uniforms, helmets, field gear, personal items, and captured battle souvenirs taken from vanquished enemies by Allied soldiers. These items are made available for the historical record only, we do not support the views of defeated and defunct governments in any way. We focus on the Second World War, and also offer select items from other major military conflicts, including the First World War and earlier. View our inventory to see our showcase of original historical artifacts available for purchase, backed by a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. We are actively buying high-end military collections and offer consignment services.

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10 December 2022 • The Toronto Military Show • Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto, ON

22-26 February 2023 • The Show of Shows • Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY

*This list will be updated when new show dates are confirmed.