WWII Germany: Mint condition Polizei NCO belt and buckle set, 1935 S/185G K98k bayonet with tropical frog, K98k bayonet frog for mounted personal, Iron Cross 2nd Class "55", DAF lapel pin, two variants of RDB pins, Luftwaffe flak personnel trade badge, Gerbirgsjager cap emblem, and 25 years of faithful service medal.

WWI Germany: Iron Cross 2nd Class "LW".

WWII Commonwealth: 3rd Canadian Division patches, wool gloves, wool trigger gloves, P37 webbing set, rain poncho, wool blanket, book of Army girls and gags, duffel bag, winter brill cap, red signal flare container, and 1927 P08 large pack.

WWI Commonwealth: Canadian War Medal to a Canadian Railway Troops officer with file, and Canadian War Medal to an infantry soldier of the 42nd Battalion killed in action with file.

WWII United States: USMC P41 utility jacket named and stencilled, USMC P42 utility trousers in frog camo, early contract USMC rain poncho, M1 Garand 10" bayonet manufactured by Union Fork and Hoe, USMC DQP lower pack UNIS marked with provenance, USMC DQP upper and lower pack set, USMC P2 canteen set, USMC 30-06 cartridge belt, USMC leggings, and USGI shovel including carrier.

Allied Gun Parts: Early M1 Garand gas plug

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