20 July 2022 *NEW ARRIVALS*

WWII Canada /Commonwealth: Canadian MKII combat helmet with scrim netting, Canadian Parachute Training Centre insignia and photo grouping, RCAF pilot's insignia grouping, 6 Royal Hussars canvas shoulder title, Lord Strathcona's Horse starch back shoulder title, detonator tin for No. 36 "Mills bomb" grenades, uniform removed Canadian rifle company Sergeant chevrons, complete "housewife" sewing kit, and MKII helmet liner.

WWI Canada / Commonwealth: An assortment of Royal Flying Corps pilot wings. 

WWII Germany: Heer M35 combat helmet, Waffen-SS "Totenkopf" collar tab set, Soldbuch to a late war Heer infantryman of Grenadier Battalion 358, leather field map case, War Merit Cross with Swords "87", War Merit Cross with Swords "31", late war NSDAP membership badge, an assortment of Heer belt buckles, an assortment of RAD belt buckles, general purpose goggles with original pouch, canteen cup "MN39", and assortment of RG34 weapon cleaning kits, and soldier's identification disc. 

WWII Japan: Selection of Japanese national flags with original Kanji writing, sash from the Greater Japan National Defence Women’s Association, and Imperial Military Reservist Association / Veteran's pin with box of issue. 

WWII United States: Assortment of nice sterling airborne jump wings, 48 star American flag, and U.S. Army field leggings. 

Canada Cold War / Vietnam: Vintage tour shirts from a member of the Canadian Airborne. 

Books: Now carrying CEF books, and re-stocked on new popular Service Publications reference books.

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Fall TBD 2022 • The Ottawa Military Show • Nepean Sportsplex, Ottawa, ON

15-17 September 2022 • The MAX Show • York Expo Center, York, PA

24 September 2022 • The Toronto Military Show • Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto, ON

10 December 2022 • The Toronto Military Show • Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto, ON

22-26 February 2023 • The Show of Shows • Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY

*This list will be updated when new show dates are confirmed.