14 April 2022 *NEW ARRIVALS*

WWII Germany: Luftwaffe M43 field cap, MP38/40 pouch, Iron Cross 1st Class, Silver Wound Badge, Black Wound Badge, Waffen-SS Zeltbahn, standard Wehrmacht Zeltbahn, early S code matching K98k bayonet, early 1939 matching K98k bayonet, DAK / tropical 1L variant water bottle, DAK / tropical "coconut" water bottle, late war water bottle, late war Waffen-SS Zeltbahn, Heer overseas cap cutoff, Luftwaffe tunic cutoff, Heer DAK / tropical belt and buckle set, wool winter neck gaiter, War Merit with Swords and issue envelope, Deutsches Reichsbahn Imperial Transportation Directorate Kiev sleeve eagle, Wehrmacht vehicle license plate, and German Army soldier's field manual.

WWII Commonwealth: First Special Service Force special insignia collection, Canadian / British paratrooper combat helmet with camouflage net, Canadian paratrooper's maroon beret with original Canadian Parachute Corps brass cap badge, Dutch made 1st Armoured Carrier Regiment of Canada shoulder title, Canadian Parachute Corps collar badges, identification discs with string for a Hebrew Canadian soldier, canvas "CANADA" shoulder titles, and M9 spare barrel cover with C broad arrow.

WWII United States: USMC Thompson SMG triple mag pouch, interwar US Army Viven-Bessieres rifle-grenade launcher case, US Army M1 spare parts envelope, US Army M1910 intrenching pick-mattocks carrier, "Big Red One" 1st Division shoulder patch, parachute camouflage material scarf, and WW2 US Navy N-1 winter hood.

Japan: 1937-1945 China Incident War Medal.

Books: Re-stock on popular Service Publications titles.

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23 April 2022 • The Ottawa Military Show • Nepean Sportsplex, Ottawa, ON

15-17 September 2022 • The MAX Show • York Expo Center, York, PA

22-26 February 2023 • The Show of Shows • Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY

*This list will be updated when new show dates are confirmed.