1 January 2022 NEW ARRIVALS

WWII Germany: Luftwaffe M40 "Normandy" camouflage combat helmet, Heer / SS M42 combat helmet with original camouflage net wire hook, 80 x 135 Reich war flag, Heer M35 double-decal combat helmet, Waffen-SS enlisted soldier's belt buckle, Luftwaffe M43 field cap, Heer Panzertruppe marksmanship lanyard 1st-4th Class badge, Iron Cross 2nd Class award document, a variety of K98k bayonet frogs, Heer belt buckle with tab, Luftwaffe belt buckle with tab, Gebirgsjäger Mountain Troop Snow Goggles in Case, and an assortment of combat helmet parts including chinstraps and liners.

*SPECIAL CATEGORY* WWII Germany Soldbuch & Wehrpass: We've finished listing the entire collection of Soldbuch's and other documents from the Hermann G​öring division, as well as a couple Fallshirmjäger Soldbuch's! 

WWI Germany: Camouflage M16 combat helmet, Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class grouping with photo and shrapnel, and pair of spare lens for the standard gas mask. 

WWII Japan: Japanese Army type 90 combat helmet, and soldiers pay book.

WWII Commonwealth: Aertex shirt, cap badges from SDG, CH of O, The New Brunswick Rangers, Canadian Army field dressing, blank RCAF ID discs with cord, MKII helmet liner, British P37 "small" pouches, and a wide assortment of new Canadian canvas insignia including; Lincoln & Welland, British Columbia Regiment, 8 New Brunswick Hussars, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, 17th Duke of York's, The Perth Regiment, West Nova Scotia Regt, Hastings & Prince Edward Regt, 49th Loyal Edmonton Regiment, 7/XI Hussars, CAC, Royal 22nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Regiment, Highland Light Infantry, Royal Canadian Dragoons, 48th Highlanders, Toronto Scottish, The Royal Regiment, Carleton & York, 12 CTR (Three Rivers), South Saskatchewan, and 6 Royal Hussars.

WWII United States: M1 fixed bale helmet with interesting Navy markings, Aleutian Islands patch, Kiska patch, 3rd Ranger Battalion patch, Ulster pocket knife with lanyard, US Army winter cap, US Army airborne infantry glider qualification badge wings, jungle first aid kit, M13 gun cover, wire cutter pouch, M1 cleaning rod set, and USMC used M1911 double magazine pouch.

Canada Korea / Cold War: Canadian Airborne Regiment (CAR) static line hook.

Global War on Terror: Danish M84 utility uniform set.

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