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WWII Canada / UK: 1944 Parachute Regiment officer's beret with top quality maker marked cap badge, named 1944 RASC Parachute beret with bullion cap badge and diary grouping, private purchase medical Parachute beret with bullion cap badge, Queen's Own Rifles of Canada Battle Dress jacket, Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Battle Dress jacket, British General's dress tunic with pants to a WWI Military Cross Winner & MiD, named Pilot officer medal group to Lunn, Dieppe medal group, named Queen's Own Rifles medal group (WIA) to Arezzo, named Queen's Own medal group to Hawkins, MKIII combat helmet with scrim net, MKIII combat helmet with two-tone net, Canadian two-tone helmet net, leather jerkin, and an assortment of canvas 1st Canadian Army badges unworn and uniform removed.

WWII Germany: Waffen-SS zeltbahn, Italian-German Africa campaign medal, gas mask repair kit, field dressings, black bakelite butter dish, small bakelite cup for a water bottle, a variety of "Esbit" field cookers, gas mask cleaning cloth with special soap, death notices, veteran souvenir NSDAP banner cutout, and an assortment of frontline photographs.

WWI Germany: Imperial German Army Artillery enlisted personnel dress sword.

WWII United States: U.S. Marine Corps combat helmet cover with slits, U.S. Army enlisted flannel shirt, and U.S. Marine Corp M1 / M1911A1 mag pouch.

WWI United States: U.S. Army M1903 2nd pattern cartridge belt.

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         Dealer of iconic military antiquities for historians, museums, collectors, and enthusiasts. We focus on the front line uniforms, helmets, field gear, personal items, and captured battle souvenirs taken by Allied soldiers from vanquished enemies and defunct governments. These items are made available for educational and historical purposes only. We focus on the Second World War, and also offer select items from other major military conflicts, including the First World War and earlier. View our inventory to see our showcase of original historical artifacts available for purchase, backed by a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. We are actively buying high-end military collections and offer consignment services.

Sincerely, Steve Turner (Founder / Owner)




14-17 September 2023 • The MAX Show • York Expo Center, York, PA

16 September 2023 • The Toronto Military Show • Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto, ON

*Due to the MAX show we will regrettably be MIA for this Toronto Military Show

28 October 2023 • The Ottawa Militaria Show • Nepean Sportsplex, Ottawa, ON

4 November 2023 • The Toronto Military Show • General Sikorski Hall, Oshawa, Toronto, ON

21-25 February 2024 • The Show of Shows • Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY

*This list will be updated when new show dates are confirmed. 

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