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Germany WWII: Luftwaffe flieger blouse for a Fallschirmjäger or Flight Obergefreiter, combat Police M35 double decal helmet, Heer M34 Infantry overseas cap, Fallschirm-Division cuff title, Afrikakorps cuff title, Gebirgsjäger ski boots, early Heer enlisted Infantry shoulder straps, combat helmet liner string, combat helmet chinstrap, Zeltbahn tent poles, Zeltbahn tent pegs, Luftwaffe Air Gunner and Flight Engineer badge, Radio Operator and Air Gunner badge, RG34 cleaning kit oiler, rubber muzzle covers, Heer soldiers photo album, and a small assortment of death notices and frontline photographs. 

Imperial Germany: Imperial German Kolonial Schutztruppe Gewehr 98 muzzle cover, field worn and uniform removed Infantry and Artillery Regiment shoulder straps, and pair of P08 Luger magazines.

Imperial Japan: Two I.D. discs with the original neck cords.

Canada WWII: Italy camouflage MKII combat helmet, second pattern Denison smock, Canadian Parachute Corps Bakelite cap badge, very early lot number one Canadian MKII helmet, Parachute qualification jump wings, Airborne Pegasus, Airborne Canada shoulder badges, and RCAF Navigator's wings.

United States WWII: Heavy duty military issue climbing rope, 82nd Airborne "All Americans" shoulder badge variants, 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" shoulder badge variants, Airborne overseas cap with Italian made parachute badge, United State Glidertroops pocket patch, 9th Air Force badge with postcard grouping, and First Special Service Force war history 1942-1944. 

United States Vietnam War: Two heavily field used M1 helmets, and private purchase crushable "boonie" hat. 

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         Dealer of iconic military antiquities for historians, museums, collectors, and enthusiasts. We specialize in the front line uniforms, helmets, field gear, personal items, and captured battle souvenirs taken by Allied soldiers from vanquished enemies and defunct governments. These items are made available for educational and historical purposes only. We focus on the Second World War, and also offer select items from other major military conflicts, including the First World War and earlier. View our inventory to see our showcase of original historical artifacts available for purchase, backed by a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. We are actively buying high-end military collections and offer consignment services.

Sincerely, Steve Turner (Founder / Owner)




14 September 2024 • The Toronto Military Show • Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto, ON

19-21 September 2024 • The MAX Show • York Expo Center, York, PA

26 October 2024 • The Ottawa Military Show • Nepean Sportsplex, Ottawa, ON

20-22 February 2025 • The Show of Shows • Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY

*This list will be updated when new show dates are confirmed. 

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