WWII Germany: Heer M43 field cap, privately tailored panzer shoulder straps for an NCO, combat used MP40 pouch, 1938 Luftwaffe navigational map covering Norway and Finland, Luftwaffe Air Gunner / Flight Engineer award, 1933 Police P08 Luger holster, 1938 Luftwaffe zeltbahn, 1941 zeltbahn, Luftwaffe breadbag strap, a variety of Heer visor cap insignia, and Kriegsmarine officer’s pin on breast eagle.

WWI Germany: Bullet struck “Ersatz” combat bayonet, top condition "Ersatz" combat bayonet, and S14 “Saw back” Combat Bayonet.

WWII Commonwealth: 2nd Armoured Brigade RSCASC Battle Dress tunic, uncut Canada titles, RCASC photo lot including interesting recruiting photo, and multi-tool with checkered grips and Marlin spike.

WWII United States: Deactivated "cock and click" FP-45 Liberator Pistol, mint condition USMC P1941 jacket, USMC P1944 reversible camouflage trousers in mint and used condition, Sterling Airborne jump wings, pin-back officer's insignia lot, USMC M1941 flat buckle combat suspenders, and stencilled USMC P1944 jacket.

WWI United States: USMC eagle snap M1910 canteen set.

Allied Gun Parts: M1 Garand gas cylinder with stacking swivel and front site.

WWII Japan: An assortment of Imperial Japanese Military Sake cups.

Korea / Cold War / Vietnam: 2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery "Gunners Roar" Germany pin.

Global War on Terror: Motorcycle license plates from Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Books: A variety of military collecting books including some rare out of print titles.

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