WWII Germany: AC43 flare pistol rig, pair of period framed studio portraits featuring Heer officers, Complete Wehrmacht gas mask set, mid war bread bag, combat worn Heer belt and buckle set, Iron Cross 1st Class, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Panzer Regiment '100' slip ons, Panzer Regiment "26" officer slip on shoulder boards, RAD belt and buckle set, Luftwaffe leg gaiters, Black Wound Badge, General Assault Badge, first type Black Wound Badge for Spanish Civil War, a variety of Heer rank chevrons, Jäger's sleeve badge, Georgian volunteers shield, officers hand embroidered breast insignia, officer's M43 flat wire cap insignia, late war EM/NCO M44 breast insignia, late war EM/NCO M44 cap insignia, and Wehrmacht issue winter boots.

WWII Commonwealth: Two Canadian MKII helmets, MKIII helmet with yellow flash, MKII helmet liner, Lord Strathcona's Horse starch back title, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps canvas title, 1st Canadian Division RCCS flash, 3rd Canadian Division canvas shoulder flash, Regina Rifle Regiment starch back title, Dispatch Signaller arm band, New Zealand Army camouflage burlap / hessian helmet cover in green, and mess tin set. 

WWI Commonwealth: British Durham Light Infantry flashed MKI "Brodie" helmet, Royal Artillery flashed MKI "Brodie" helmet, and small but nice Royal Flying Corps grouping.

WWII United States: M3 fighting knife with scabbard, Menu #5 cardboard ration box from the 10-in-1 ration, 538th Fighter Squadron painted leather jacket patch, USMC 1930's EGA cap badges, OD3 M1 Garand web sling, U.S. Army M1928 Haversack with meat can pouch, U.S. Army M1943 intrenching tool carrier, D-Day style life preserver, a wide assortment of China-Burma-India (CBI) shoulder sleeve insignia, U.S. 14th and 10th Air Force grouping, and standard U.S. field dressing.

WWI Unites States: USMC enlisted collar droop wing EGA.

France: WWI 2-litre M1877 canteen set.

Korea / Cold War / Vietnam: British 1953 dated ammo boos, USMC enlisted EGA set, and USMC Cavalry Swords pin with EGA. 

Books: An assortment of collecting and WWII history related books.

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