WWII Germany: M42 Ex-wire camouflaged helmet, M35 Ex-DAK green tropical camouflaged helmet, massive 3.x5 meter Kriegsmarine battle flag, Karl Dönitz autographed letter, Karl Dönitz autographed photograph, cloth German Cross in Gold 1941, Silver Wound Badge "65", Black Wound Badge, "Blue Division" commemorative decoration, West Wall Medal, Kriegsmarine insignia lot, late war / last ditch gas mask canister, mint Luftwaffe M1922 pistol holster, armband for non-members of the armed forces, U-Boat Ace Erich Topp autographed photograph, Erich Topp hand tracing and signature, NSDAP political belt, and DRK personnels duty armband.

WWI Germany: 1916 P08 Luger holster.

WWII Commonwealth: Map of Arnhem / Nijmegen, Canadian MKII helmet, Navy MKII helmet, No. 36 Mills Bomb, REL 7x50 No 5 CDN Mk 2/4 binoculars in great condition, P37 water bottle, pair of full length 106" riding putties, RAF or RCAF money belt, Raid Spotter's note book, small personal accessories including boot brushes, short cigarette holder, and Gillette razor set.

WWI Commonwealth: 38th Battalion Officer's visor cap, CEF Major's P1912 tunic, and officer's field fork and knife set.

Korea / Cold War / Vietnam: Wooden coin from the Airborne Social Club, pace stick, Vietnam era U.S. Army hot weather baseball cap, Vietnam era U.S. Army Boonie Cap, Special Air Service cloth cap badge and jump wings.

Books: A variety of military collecting books including some rare out of print titles.

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