WWII Germany: 15th Panzer regiment NCO shoulder straps, MP40 sling, early war Heer belt and buckle set, late war Heer belt and buckle set, black leather officer's belt set, and standard canteen.

WWI Germany: M16 camouflage steel helmet with provenance, field cap with visor and provenance.

WWII Commonwealth: MKII combat helmet with net, GSW DP&H MKII helmet, two button Canadian overseas cap, Canadian Provost Corps greatcoat, Bugler cigarette tobacco with rolling papers, binoculars with P37 webbing case, early Canadian P37 canteen set, P37 webbing brace pairs in early and late style, complete WWII medal bar, rare E.M.E. instructions for the Canadian Inglis Hi-Power, tan HBT shirt worn by Canadian soldiers in Italy, pre-war small arms and infantry training manuals, and two pairs of Corporal chevrons. 

WWI Commonwealth: Large CEF combat grouping to Dvr. Lake of Newfoundland, and nice matching pair of Canadian Cavalry spurs.

WWII United States: Service used USMC M1 fixed bale combat helmet with Hawley liner and slitted USMC cover.

Italy: M33 steel helmet.

Korea / Cold War / Vietnam: U.S. Army "Football" QM2C helmet for armoured crews, Canadian Airborne DPM smock, and Canadian P51 webbing set.

Books: Several new books including Into the Maelstrom, Canadian Militia Badges pre 1914, Awards of the Heer Volume I, and Third Reich Literature.

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