WWII Germany: Heer dove head sabre manufactured by E&F Hörster, Waffen-SS zeltbahn in rare pattern number 2 overprint, Wehrmacht zeltbahn in top condition, matching early war mess tin with strap, MP38/40 magazine, individual equipment strap for mess tin, matching pair of equipment straps, and a couple more death notices. 

WWII Commonwealth: Custom Infantry Corps slip ons worn by a Chinese Canadian serving with Force 136, MKIII helmet with Canadian multi-tone helmet net, Canadian Battle Dress trousers, and mint condition Canadian Battle Dress suspenders. 

WWI Commonwealth: CEF map printed for the 1917 Calonne trench raid.

WWII United States: USMC DQP bandage pouch, USMC DQP .45 double mag pouch, USMC Boyt 1942 cartridge belt, USMC DQP lower pack with rivets, USMC DQP or rigger made equipment straps, M7 "Assault" rubberized bag / gas mask carrier, and interesting leaflet dropped over China.

WWI United States: USMC DQP leggings.

Allied Guns / Parts / Mags: Black rubber butt pad for the M1 Garand / 03 Springfield.

WWII Japan: A wide variety of wartime photographs of Japanese soldiers and their families.

Korea / Cold  War / Vietnam: China Marine North China Pictorial and paperwork grouping, US jungle boots. 

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