WWII Germany: M42 combat helmet ckl66, Iron Cross 2nd class, Luftwaffe Wireless Operator / Air Gunner award with case, pre-war 1936 RG34 cleaning kit, an assortment of M31 water bottles in excellent condition, DAF porcelain bowl, SA belt buckle, and triangular bandage with interesting printed graphics. 

*NEW CATEGORY* WWII Germany Soldbuch & Wehrpass: We've started listing an impressive collection of Soldbuch's and other documents from the Hermann G​öring division. This update has 10 different examples from this division!

WWI Germany: M16 camouflaged combat helmet, complete M1917 gas mask set, Fernglas 08 pattern officer binoculars with leather carrying case, P08 Luger holster, and deactivated M1916 egg grenade.

WWII Commonwealth: 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion D-Day POW grouping JAMES R. DILLON, Canadian 21st Army Group Provost Corps Battle Dress grouping, British dispatch rider trousers, Canadian D-Day type light anti-gas respirator and carrier, beautifully painted RCASC sign made from a captured Luftwaffe crate in Holland, British / Commonwealth anti-gas rubber boots, British Columbia Dragoons 5 Canadian Armoured Division canvas patch, Canadian MKII combat helmet, Canadian P37 leg gaiters, Canadian P37 small pack, Canadian pistol / revolver holster, Canadian pistol / revolver lanyard, No.4 MK.1* rifle cleaning wads in original box, and Canadian respirator microphone in factory box.

WWII United States: U.S. Army enlisted wool uniform shirt with gas flap, and U.S. Army individual protective cover.

WWI United States: U.S. Army Signal Corps flag kit bag. 

WWII Soviet Union: M43 Gymnasterka shirt.

WWII Japan: Japanese national flag 90 x 63 cm.

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