WWII Germany: Heer or SS M40 chunky "Normandy camouflage" helmet, Heer M35 re-issue helmet in unissued condition, Heer or SS M42 helmet "Killed by Alpin and Charles", unique personalized K98k bayonet, K98k leather rear sight cover, K98k action cover in green, Iron Cross 2nd class, Luftwaffe belt buckle with leather tab, Wound Badge Silver grade '26', Wound Badge Silver grade '65', late war gas mask canister, spare gas mask filter, autographed photograph of U-Boat ace Otto Kretschmer, and tropical LUX equipment strap.

WWII Commonwealth: Named 21st Army Group Royal Canadian Engineers Battle Dress grouping, Canadian P37 tanker drop leg holster with cleaning rod, P37 water bottle, West Nova Scotia Regt. canvas shoulder title, surgical kit with an assortment of tools, wartime photo of woman workers producing munitions, pocket map of Yorkshire England, individual MKII anti-gas eye shields, and set of wartime postcards from Antwerpen.

WWII United States: US Army pistol belt, and wartime photograph showing a Japanese submarine.

WWI United States: Lot consisting of several interesting YMCA letters from soldiers on the front lines, and a variety of unissued 1911 service pistol two cell magazine pouches.

WWII Italy: Interesting Italian POW letter.

Korea / Cold War / Vietnam: Theatre made baseball cap in Tiger Stripe camouflage, theatre made USMC / USN cap in Vietnamese camouflage, and U.S. Army non-rip fatigue jacket.

Books: A variety of military collecting books including some rare out of print titles.

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