Iwo Jima

This page is my tribute to the Marines who fought on Iwo Jima.  I collect combat related items from the battle, stuff that was actually on the island in combat or maps and equipment used for planning offshore.  I really like to find UNIS marked combat uniforms, equipment, maps, and former Paramarine stuff from guys who went to the 5th Marines. I have some interested in captured Japanese items as well, if it has a strong link to the battle. 


Landing Information Sheets

These landing information sheets were issued and filled out by Marines of 4th and 5th divisions. 

Aerial Photograph Map (Left) and Special Air and Gunnery Target Map (Right)

5th Div Uniforms

5th Division UNIS marked P41 uniform worn by ___ who was an engineer on Iwo Jima.

These Paramarine boots also belonged to Albers, the Paramarines always kept their boots and this would have been what he likely wore on Iwo Jima.

Jerry Cans

Many photos from Iwo Jima show UNIS marked jerry cans littered amongst the battlefield. Shown here are jerry cans marked to the 4th and 5th Marine Divisions.

Edged Weapons